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Ccool and unusual hotels in Cape Town

South Africa Travel Guide – what to do and how to get there

With the Kalahari Desert located in the north of South Africa where you can sight black-maned lions in the wild, all the way down to the Indian Ocean in the south where you can go whale watching, South Africa’s diverse landscape offers travellers numerous possibilities for adventure. The iconic Table Mountain of Cape Town is one of the top major sights and the perfect challenge for avid hikers, while wildlife safaris entice animal lovers to witness some of the world’s fiercest and most fascinating animals.

There will soon be an electronic visa available for South Africa, which will mean that applicants won’t have to worry about visiting an embassy or queuing to get a visa for there trip. Instead, those planning to travel to South Africa will be able to fill out a form online and submit their application for a South Africa visa without leaving the house! The primary form of contact for the application will be the email address provided on the application form. This is also where the final approved electronic visa will be sent, or any updates or notifications on the progress of the South Africa visa application. If you’re planning to visit South Africa soon, read up on the best time to visit South Africa, the type of things you can do and the best way to travel South Africa.

When to visit South Africa

For a warm holiday where you can enjoy mile after mile of coastline lapped by the aquamarine sea, visit South Africa between November and March. Although if you plan on visiting Durban, the subtropical coast is very welcoming between April and October.

Note: South Africa’s coast is where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet, so bear this in mind if planning a beach holiday, as the water temperatures and the environment will differ. The best time to go on a wildlife safari in South Africa is during the dry winter safari season (late May to August) but you can also consider visiting in the spring months from June to October. Choosing the best time of year to visit South Africa can be tricky, but it’s usually best to look up the particular area you wish to visit, as the climate varies within different parts of the country throughout the year.

What to do in South Africa

Planning a travel itinerary for South Africa depends entirely on where you plan on going and what you would like to do the most. For some, combining a luxurious beach holiday with an adventurous safari could be enough, while others might prefer to spend more time in the wild and get a real feel for South Africa.

The top cities to visit are Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria. However, there are lots of other cities that might take your fancy while on your trip to South Africa. Cities such as Bloemfontein or Port Elizabeth. Knysna is also a popular coastal destination surrounded by impressive mountains and a luscious forest. The East Coast is an exciting area of South Africa and further north from Durban along the coast, areas such as Richard’s Bay and St. Lucia are perfect for those who wish to combine an exotic beach holiday with days spent on safari, turtle watching or even river cruising and kayaking with crocodiles for the brave!

Travelling to South Africa

South Africa is a large country so you won’t be surprised to find out that it has more than one international airport. You can fly to Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg from international locations, but you can also get internal flights to other places in South Africa if you wish to start your trip somewhere else. Seeing as South Africa is so large, you won’t be surprised to read that taking buses is extremely time-consuming unless it is just a short trip. Book internal flights prior to your trip or think about renting a car if you want to go at your own pace and see South Africa little by little.

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  • Leticia Alleyne

    19 August, 2020 at 4:38 pm

    I truly loved visiting South Africa. It’s my favorite country I have been to thus far. To date I have been to 36 countries. I visited these cities: Cape Town, Durban, Soweto and Johannesburg. Cape Town definitely has the one of the best views in the world on top of Table Mountain. The highlight of my trip was however my first safari in Kruger Park. Seeing animals in their natural habitat was such an incredible experience. Definitely it was one of those crossed off on my bucket list!


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