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10 of the most beautiful islands to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is the home to some of the most amazing paradise-esque islands you will ever visit. Some of these are pretty well known but there are still many beautiful under-the-radar gems just waiting to be discovered. Sprinkled like cut diamonds on a counter our guest blogger Ryan Smith a full-time traveller and founder of MrAbroad.com, chooses his favourite 10 beautiful Vietnam islands you should aim to visit just once in your lifetime…

Phu Quoc Island

Among the most beautiful islands in Vietnam is Phu Quoc, people can’t forget this place after even a single visit. The island offers fresh air, cool breeze and spacious, peaceful atmosphere making it a perfect escape from the hustles of daily life. Around the island is white sand, crystal-clear waters, green coconut trees, and beautiful sunshine for the most memorable experience.

Nam Du Island

This place gives the promise of an exceptionally attractive destination during summer. This is due to the sandy shores, shady coconut trees, and the clear blue waters. If you visit it from Ho Chi Minh City, your entire trip will cost only about 2 million VND (about $100). You can start early in the morning and hire a driven motorbike and make the trip to the lighthouse from where you can admire all that Nam Du has to offer.

Cat Ba Island

This dazzling Vietnam island comprises 367 islands spread to the south of Ha Long Bay, off Hai Phong City coast. This place has a cool climate making it suitable for resort tourism. The most common activity that brings visitors here is to swim. Cat Ba has two spacious beaches, the Cat Co 1 and 2 with flat sandy beaches. You can even hire a boat to explore Lan Ha Bay to experience more sandy beaches with clear waters and no crowds. Enjoy the fresh seafoods and exquisite cuisine in the restaurants around Cat Ba market with clearly marked prices. This island has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celcius, combined with the pristine forests and sandy beaches make it an amazing location to relax and explore. If you don’t fancy exploring independently check out some of the awesome Vietnam tours on offer.

Con Dao

Located about 179km from Vung Tau and some 230km from the city of Ho Chi Minh, this island boasts of exquisite beauty with its white beaches and the green mountains making it very serene. Enjoy a relaxing environment away from work and long travel.

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba is definitely among the most gorgeous islands to visit in Vietnam. In the recent past, Binh Ba has become a hot name on the lips of tourists. Other than its breathtaking landscape, the island has a culinary richness to captivate every visitor’s, heart. With many popular beaches, only one is reachable by motorbike. For example, the Nom Beach is very wide with reefs at times. Most locals and tourists prefer swimming here due to the cleanliness of the water. And the only beach from which you can see the sunset is Chuong Beach located some 30 minutes from the wharf. If you want another clean beach, go to Nha Cu though sea urchins may stab you. Apart from the clear waters and romantic scenery, Binh Ba has distinct cuisine for those who love food. You will never forget your visit to this marvellous island.

Binh Hung Island

This pretty Vietnam island is located close to Binh Ba and is very popular with trekkers. In around 5 minutes, you will have made it from the wharf to the island. Binh Hung has, however, not been developed for tourism so it’s relatively empty. This very attractive exotic island also has the Stone Eggs Beach, Hon Chut lighthouse among other tourist attractions. The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches are some of its fascinating features. At Nuoc Ngot Beach you will enjoy the serenity with freshwater flowing from the island into the sea. You can enjoy the sandy beaches, and since it has not been tapped for tourism, it has retained its natural wild features.

Hang Rai

Situated south of Vinh Hy Bay and some 35km from Phan Rang, Hang Rai includes sea caves, coral reefs, and beaches. Although Hang Rai isn’t an island (OK, I’ve cheated here), but it has a natural unspoiled beauty that will astonish you. It’s nature waiting to be discovered and awed at. It gracefully leans on the mountainside and faces the large sea providing a rare wonder of nature. Get the feeling of being lost in a fairy tale land due to its almost perfect beauty. With its featured pile of multi-shaped stones, there are both small and large magnificent caves. The water colour at Hang Rai changes according to the sun and provides an awesome opportunity to the lovers of art to take in the amazing scenery.

Ly Son Island

This is among the best islands to visit in Vietnam. Ly Son is more of a wonderland in real life. Its beaches have emerald waters and unending white waves and flickering lighthouse flashes. The place is marvellous, to say the least. You can watch the sun rise atop Thoi Loi mountain and take some memorable pictures.

Cu Lao Cham

This is a collection of 8 different islands located about 15km from Cua Dai beach in Hoi An. Cu Lao Cham has continued to win the hearts of visitors regarding sea travel. You can manage to admire the entire island in a 15 minutes canoe ride from Cua Dai Beach. The island features a cool climate, lush forests, vast sandy beaches, and wide beaches. With breathing tubes, you will enjoy diving in these waters with a group of friends or family. Enjoy jungle picnics in the greenery and capture moments that you will never forget.

Co To Island

This is an archipelago with more than 50 large and small islands, this one is the best island resort for travellers. This place was just recently developed for tourism, so it does not have the high-end hotel and luxury eating and entertainment services. Co To, however, continues to attract tourist in their thousands making among the best islands to visit in Vietnam. Its wild nature, local friendliness, and the irresistible fresh seafood makes this island a charm among its peers.

10 of the most mesmerizingly beautiful islands to visit in Vietnam was written by our guest blogger Ryan Smith. Ryan is a full-time traveller and founder of MrAbroad.com, where he turns his passion into interesting information for travel lovers. MrAbroad focuses on travel destinations, helpful tips and tricks. It is built to inspire you to live a life full of adventure, joy and experience. Follow Ryan on Twitter


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