Top 15 of the Best Bars in Portland, Oregon

Portlanders are well known for their love of a good night out and in this cool Oregon city, you’ll find a very diverse range of places to drink.

From industrial chic hipster-friendly hangouts to down-to-earth old-school-style watering holes…and everything in-between, here are some of the best bars in Portland, Oregon…

1. Paydirt Bar – a laid back hipster-friendly bar which serves craft beers, whiskeys and creative aperitifs

Paydirt Bar Portland Oregon

Behind an unassuming industrial exterior lies Paydirt Bar, a bar with one of the best selections of liquor and beers even by the standards of this booze-obsessed city.

Like most of Portland’s best bars, Paydirt has an extensive selection of craft beers, but it really stands out thanks to its liquor selection. The many whiskeys available as well as the rare aperitifs are hard to resist.

If you’re someone who suffers from decision paralysis, ask one of the friendly bartenders and they’ll help you pick out a whiskey that you’ll love.

  • Address: 2724 Northeast Pacific Street, Portland, OR 97232
  • Paydirt Bar

2. Vintage Cocktail Lounge – a cozy laid back bar which offers a range of classic and contemporary cocktails Vintage Cocktail Lounge Portland

For an elegant night out that is still unpretentious, you can’t go wrong with Vintage Cocktail Lounge.

The mixologists here take their drinks seriously and serve a combination of classic cocktails and innovative mixes that push the boundaries of the art. Their extensive cocktail list includes whiskey, sugar cane, gin, agave, and vodka-based cocktails.

If you can’t find anything on the list that you like (which is unlikely because the offerings are extensive), order a custom cocktail and let the friendly bartenders come up with one tailored to your likes. Enjoy your drinks in a cozy setting.

3. Deadshot – creative cocktails and small-batch beers served up in a sleek, wood-accented bar

Deadshot Bar In Portland

Even in a scene as crowded as Portland’s, Deadshot stands out as a sleek cocktail bar to remember. Every item on the menu is curated with care.

Deadshot serves up creative cocktails, usually in combinations that you can’t find anywhere else. If you are not a cocktail person, the bar also has a curated selection of craft beers that shows a similar dedication to detail.

Round out your Deadshot experience by tasting the innovative Filipino-inspired bar snacks. From the moment you step into the modern space, you’ll know that this is a bar like no other.

  • Address: 2133 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
  • Deadshot Bar

4. Ambonnay – an intimate champagne bar set in a romantic industrial space

Ambonnay Bar Portland Oregon

Ambonnay is the place to go in Portland for an elegant, elevated night out. The industrial façade hides a cozy wine and champagne bar that rivals the best of what France has to offer.

The experienced people behind Ambonnay present a selective list of champagnes and sparkling wines for tasting.

Ambonnay is a wine bar for wine nerds. The bar is committed to highlighting smaller producers that are expanding what the Champagne region has to offer.

Each wine is presented with its story, covering the story of the region, the land, and the producers behind it. To learn more about wine and taste the best that champagne has to offer, you must visit Ambonnay.

  • Address: 107 SE Washington St #167, Portland, OR 97214
  • Ambonnay Bar

5. Rum Club – a relaxed compact lounge that specializes in tropical cocktails

Rum Club Portland Oregon

True to its name, the Rum Club specializes in rum. Their extensive menu covers a variety of rum-based cocktails, including daiquiris. They also offer other cocktails for those who are not fans of rum.

While you’re there, check out the extensive food menu, which is all made on the premises and inspired by tropical flavors.

Besides the extensive drinks list, the Rum Club is a must-visit thanks to its party-loving atmosphere. The deliberately strange décor evokes a traditional West Coast dive joint and tiki bar somehow works.

Whether you are a rum devotee inspired by Hemingway or just looking for a fun night out, the Rum Club is the place to go.

  • Address:  720 SE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
  • Rum Club

6. Kelly’s Olympian – one of the oldest bars in Portland with live music and a full bar 

Coolest bars in Portland Oregon

Kelly’s Olympian is a slice of history right in downtown. Established in 1902 and still locally-owned, the bar and live music venue has been one of Portland’s favorite destinations for a night out for over a century.

The décor reflects the funky history of Portland, with highlights such as motorcycles hanging from the rafters.

That does not mean that the bar has not kept up with the present day. Although the new clientele may not be the longshoremen that helped build Kelly’s, they enjoy the comforting food, extensive beverage selection, and regular shows all the same.

7. Cerulean Wine – a cool, industrial-chic wine bar and restaurant with patio seating

Cerulean Wine Portland

Cerulean Wine is one of Portland’s premium wine tasting bars. This bar gets its wine from Cerulean Winery, a family-owned establishment in the nearby Columbia River Gorge.

No matter which wine you order, you know that you’ll be getting some of Oregon’s finest vintages. You can make the trek out to Hood River, where you can visit the winery and tasting room, or check out their Portland outpost.

Besides wine, Cerulean’s space in the Pearl also serves snacks and charcuterie that the owners source from the nearby Farmer’s Market. As you wine and dine, check out some of the art in the in-house modern art gallery.

8. Kells Brewery – a casual Irish bar that serves house-brewed beers and traditional bar food

Kells Brewery Portland Oregon

Kells Brewery is one of Portland’s best Irish bars for a laid-back night out. This is Portland, so you won’t just find your traditional Guinness on tap here.

Instead, Kells brews their own Irish-style beer in-house. They also have an extensive whiskey and bourbon list, including cocktails.

Kells Brewery is a go-to spot for a day and night out. Besides drinks, they serve Irish Traditional fare with a twist, including for weekend brunch. Come and check out sports matches on their TV setup or just hang out with your friends in a laid-back atmosphere with décor mimicking a traditional pub.

9. Bar Botellon – a rustic design bar which offers homemade tapas washed down with plenty of sangria

Bar Botellon Portland

For a touch of Spain in Portland, there’s no better place to go than Bar Botellon. This Spanish-inspired tapas bar is a great spot to have a few drinks at your leisure while catching up with friends.

The bar is most famous for its house-made sangria, but you can also order off of their extensive wine menu or small but mighty selection of craft beers.

If you get hungry while you drink, then you must come to Bar Botellon. Their tapas and small sandwich menu is unrivaled in town.

  • Address: 606 NE Davis St, Portland, OR 97232,
  • Bar Botellon

10. Bridge City Taproom – a spacious down-to-earth bar and grill with sports screens, pub grub and drinks

Old School bar in Portland Oregon

Bridge City Taproom is a casual institution that caters to everyone, including families.

Whether you want to take the kids to a fun sports-loving environment or are meeting up with your buddies to watch some football, Bridge City, with its many TVs, is the go-to place for many lovers of sports (or just the sports atmosphere) in Portland.

However, Bridge City Taproom takes its booze as seriously as it takes its sports. Order from a selection of 18 local beers. Their menu also contains delicious updates to classic American comfort food—and this is not the kind of place where you skip dessert.

11. Alberta Street Public House – an old-school watering hole with live music, a covered patio and comfort food

Alberta Street Public House

Alberta Street Public House is a no-fuss watering hole that brings the best of American dive bar culture to Portland. The unassuming façade hides a bar that can hold its own on the competitive Portland scene thanks to an extensive selection of beer on tap.

The food is comforting American-style bar food, but made with organic ingredients (this is Portland, after all).

Alberta Street Pub is also an attractive place to go thanks to the regular live music performances. Whether you just come for drinks or have a hearty lunch or dinner, be sure to check out the patio.

12. The Eastburn – a public house voted one of Portland’s best bars which serves craft beer and upscale comfort food

The Eastburn Bar Portland

The Eastburn Public House has consistently been voted one of Portland’s best bars for a reason. This stylish place elevates traditional American bars to a new level with craft brews and a menu dedicated to comfort foods with a twist.

While the bar is an excellent place to go for a night out, sometimes it’s worth getting up early—it serves brunch seven days a week.

  • Address: 1800 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214
  • The Eastburn

13. Muse Wine Bar – a relaxed intimate bar that serves wine, craft beer, and charcuterie

Muse Wine Bar Portland

If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere for your night out where you can still enjoy top-notch food and drink, Muse Wine Bar is the place to go.

Like any self-respecting wine bar, Muse has an extensive selection of European and local wines. If you’re having trouble deciding, the knowledgeable servers are always happy to help.

However, Muse is more than just a wine bar. The bar also has an extensive list of ciders and craft beers. Accompany your choice of beverage with one of their decadent charcuterie boards and watch the world go by from their outdoor patio.

14. Portland Sports Bar – known as being one of the best sports bars in Portland

Portland Sports Bar and Grill

True to its name, the Portland Sports Bar & Grill is one of the best bars in Portland, Oregon to catch any type of sports game. The bar has TVs spread throughout the interior and patio, showing a variety of top games.

Even non-sports fans will enjoy a trip to this bar thanks to its no-frills beer list and excellent menu.

Although the menu serving American bar food may not seem special at first, every item is prepared with care and many visitors have said it has some of the best burgers in town.

15. Barlow – a jazz age-inspired lounge which serves up creative cocktails

Barlow Bar Portland

Barlow is an elegant craft cocktail bar and lounge located right by the Portland Art Museum. If you are looking for a classy night out, you can’t go wrong with this Jazz Age-inspired, sophisticated bar, complete with stills from classic movies on the walls.

The cocktail menu, which highlights cocktails from the Golden Age of Hollywood made with modern bartending techniques, is definitely a highlight, but Barlow also offers a small selection of local craft beers on tap.

You can also order from the small plates menu.

  • Address: 737 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205
  • Barlow

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