Top 15 Best Craft Distilleries in or near Portland

Not only has Portland got a great craft beer scene, but it also has a pretty special craft distillery scene too. From the famous Aria Portland Dry Gin at Martin Ryan Distilling Co to the Oregon Single Malt Whiskey at Bull Run Distillery, there is an artisanal spirit for everyone!

Here are our top 15 best craft distilleries in or nearby Portland (in no particular order)

1. The Aimsir Distilling Company – one of the best craft distilleries to visit in Portland

The Aimsir Distilling CompanyAimsir’s Distilling Company’s motto is “exceptional spirits for extraordinary moments”. Aimsir Bourbon was the first spirit that they distilled and is reminiscent of the silky alcohol tastes of southern America.

If you want to know what it tastes like before purchasing it from their Kerns district distillery, you can try their samples. 

Aitil House Gin and cold brew bourbon are amongst the other selections that you can try. Aitil House Gin is named after the Gaelic term for juniper and blends this along with warm spices and delicious-smelling fruits. 

Address: 2117 NE Oregon St, Ste 202, Portland, OR 97232

2. New Deal Distillery and Bottle Shop – makes high quality, craft-distilled spirits, inspired by the DIY spirit of Portland

New Deal Distillery and Bottle Shop

New Deal Distillery and Bottle Shop originated in 2004 and was one of the smallest craft distilleries in the United States. 18 years later, the company has grown substantially in its local and national industry selling spirits such as Old Tom Gin, New Deal Pear Brandy, and Portland Dry Gin 33.

They are available for shipping in the United States if you are not in town to purchase them. 

Located in the Buckman District, this distillery and liquor store offers craft cocktails made in-house by cocktail artists and specialists. Try the Choco Pineapple Cocktail, Elderflower Martini, and Pear French 75. Check their cocktail recipes page for more information. 

Address: 900 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR 97214

3. Distillery Row – a must-see place for spirit enthusiasts

Distillery Row Portland Craft Distilleries

Distillery Row is a group of distilleries in the Portland area such as Aimsir, New Deal, Freeland, Shine, and more. Enjoy vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, and so much more at any of the 13 distilleries in Distillery Row. 

You can go on a Distillery Row tour via a PDX Pedicab so that you can get the best experience of the local spirits, cocktails, wines, and alcohol-infused treats throughout Portland.

Each distillery has its specialty cocktail and/or spirit to choose from with a wide selection that you can purchase and take back to your hotel room to enjoy.

Depending on the distillery in which you select, you can have the company send you a bottle or two to your home with United States wide shipping options. 

Address: Multiple addresses depending on the distillery in which you are visiting. 

4. Westward Whiskey – the highest rated American single malt

Westward Whiskey Portland Oregon

If you are going home from visiting Portland or just arriving at the Portland airport from your flight, you can visit Westward Whiskey.

Located in Southeast Portland, you will enjoy Westward Whiskey, which is the first alcoholic beverage that they distilled using only local and fresh Oregon ingredients. Christensen Farm in Oregon is the source of House Spirits Distillery’s ingredient of barley utilized for their Westward Whiskey. 

Choose from whiskey flavors such as Westward American Malt, Westward American Single Malt Stout Cask, Westward American Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask, and more. 

Address: Portland International Airport, 7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218 

5. Martin Ryan Distilling Co. – a gin distilled in the heart of Northwest Portland’s scenic and historic Nob Hill Neighborhood

Martin Ryan Distilling Co. 

Martin Ryan Distilling Co’s specialty is the Aria Portland Dry Gin, which is the reason for them being one of the best craft distilleries in Portland. It’s created as an English-style gin that is classic in taste. 

This distillery is located in Portland’s Northwest District. If you want to taste Martin Ryan’s Aria Portland Dry Gin, go to one of the upscale restaurants in Portland, Ashland, Astoria, Albany, Beaverton, Bend, and other cities throughout Oregon. Check out their “Find Aria Gin” page for more information on the specific restaurants that serve Aria Portland Dry Gin. 

Address: 2304 NW Savier St, Portland, OR 97210

6. Pilot House Distilling – a craft distillery offering bottle sales and canned cocktails

Pilot House Distilling Portland

Pilot House Distilling has a tasting room and bottle shop where consumers can sample wine, gin, and beer during tasting events or purchase some to take home. 

Their Portland location is situated in the Boise District with another branch conveniently located nearby in Astoria. 

Choose from a wide array of high-scale spirits such as coffee liqueurs, vodkas, whiskies, mini bottles, canned cocktails, gins, and agave spirits. For those that do not like alcoholic beverages, there are non-alcoholic beverage selections available to fit everyone’s tastes. 

Address: 4214 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217

7. Wild Roots Spirits – a craft distillery tasting room offering a full line of in-house vodkas, with bottles for purchase

Wild Roots Spirits Portland Oregon

Wild Roots Spirits, a distillery in the Kerns District of Portland, offers vodka, gin, and vodka mixed with soda products. 

Wild Roots Spirits offers the best hard seltzers in Portland which are their canned cocktails that mix vodka and soda for a distinct and delicious taste unlike any other. Choose from flavors such as raspberry, peach, blackberry, or lemon. 

Each can have its signature fruit pictured on a white background that makes it enticing to pick up, crack open, and drink to your heart’s content. All of their canned cocktails are 100 calories per can, low carb, and 4% alcohol by volume for those that want to enjoy a special drink without going overboard. 

Address: 77 NE Grand Ave Suite F, Portland, OR 97232

8. Bull Run Distillery – a popular place which crafts whiskey and speciality vodka

Bull Run Distillery Portland

Established in 2013, Bull Run Distillery’s specialty is the Oregon Single Malt Whiskey because it is the taste of Portland’s overall vision and history and is aged for 5 years in New American charred oak. 

Visit Bull Run Distillery at their Northwest District location. They have other spirits available to taste and purchase such as Medoyeff Vodka, Medoyeff Starka, Barrel Strength American Whiskey, Pinot Noir Finished American Whiskey, and so much more!

Address: 2259 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97210

9. Shine Distillery & Grill – a trendy restaurant, bar, and distillery in the Boise neighborhood

Shine Distillery & Grill Portland

Shine Distillery & Grill operates in the heart of the Boise District of Portland and offers 750 ml bottles of shine spirits for purchase such as Pink Hibiscus Gin, One Batch Gin, Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Cascadian Blue Agave Spirit, and others. 

Stay awhile and bask in one of Shine Distillery & Grill’s dinner specials updated every week. Fridays and Saturdays usually feature a late-night happy hour from 9 pm to 10 pm. On Sundays, you can enjoy their Boozy Brunch special. Earlier in the week, you have the chance to sample a steak night dinner special if it is on for that week. 

Address: 4232 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97217

10. Dogwood Distilling – Franklin Vodka, Union Gin, Haint Absinthe and Branch Raw Honey Rye all handcrafted in Forest Grove

Dogwood Distilling Portland

Dogwood Distilling is only about a half-hour away from Portland traveling US-26 W. Their specialty is the D.L. Franklin Vodka which was the first gin distilled by the company. It is made with 100% American grains and is an American-style vodka. 

You will love their Union Gin because it is a London-Style distilled gin that includes 11 botanicals and has 100% American grains. It was the second gin that was distilled by Dogwood Distilling and was created in 2012 as a complement to the first made gin.

Address: 1835 19th Ave, Forest Grove, OR 97116

Distance from Portland — 35 minutes

11. Eastside Distilling – Oregon’s premiere producer of premium crafted, small-batch spirits 

Eastside Distilling Portland

When you are in the Buckman District, stop by Eastside Distilling. Tequila, bourbon, mule, and whiskey are the products that Eastside Distilling creates and sells to locals and are available for shipping in the United States. 

Choose from Oregon Marionberry Whiskey, Azuñia Reposado Tequila, Portland Mule, Azunia Blanco Tequila, Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye, Burnside Westend Blend Bourbon, and others. 

Before you choose one of their products for purchase, if you need cocktail ideas, check out their recipes page so that you know what type of alcoholic beverage you need to make the cocktail. 

Address: 1001 SE Water Ave # 390, Portland, OR 97214

12. Stone Barn Brandyworks – a craft producer of seasonal fruit brandies and rye whiskey

Stone Barn Brandyworks

Stone Barn Brandyworks operates out of the Brooklyn Action District in Portland. 

This distillery offers tastings on Fridays through Mondays, which makes them amongst the best craft tastings in Portland because of how frequent they offer these events. 

Their specialties are rye whiskey and fruit brandies that have seasonal takes on them. Try rye whiskeys such as Straight Rye Cherry Adam, Dark Roast Rye Barrel #80, and Tsipouro Barrel-Aged Rye. Sample their fruit brandies such as Distillers’ Reserve Pear Brandy, Petit Verdot Grappa, and Cherry Matsutake. 

Address: 3315 SE 19th Ave B, Portland, OR 97202

13. Multnomah Whiskey Library – offers the most robust selection of whiskeys in the state

Multnomah Whiskey Library Portland

Although not an actual distillery, in the heart of Downtown Portland, Multnomah Whiskey Library serves over 1,500 spirits and small plates to pair with the spirits to enjoy them even more. 

What makes Multnomah Whiskey Library unique from other local bars is that you must be a member to indulge in these spirits and small plates. If you are not a member, you can purchase a Hall Pass for access into the establishment to see if you love the experience enough to eventually become a paid member. 

If you donate a specific monetary amount to the Oregon Food Bank, you will move to the top of the waiting list, which is already backed up by 2-3 years. 

Address: 1124 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205

14. 503 Distilling – a cool craft distillery that specializes in canned cocktails 

503 Distilling Portland

503 Distilling offers canned cocktails and spirits and even the chill environment of their cocktail lounge. 

Try their canned cocktails such as The Blood Orange Greyhound, Five-o-Tea, La Vida Mocha, The Wicked Mule, I’m Your Huckleberry Lemonade, and Mt. Hood Old Fashioned Aged Cocktail. 

Vodka, whiskey, brandy, and rum are amongst the list of spirits that they offer. Try all of these and more when you visit the 503 Distilling cocktail lounge in their Brooklyn Action Corps District location. 

Address: 4784 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

15. Freeland Spirits – a woman owned Whiskey and Gin Craft Distillery

Freeland Spirits Portland

Freeland Spirits are the best women-owned distillery in Portland, serving locals and tourists out of their Northwest District location. Jill Kuehler is the owner and operator of Freeland Spirits named the distillery after her Meemaw in Texas named Freeland. 

Gin & Rose Tonic and French 75 are their specialty spirits available for sale. 

The tasting room is open every day from 12 pm to 6 pm for you to sample their spirits in stock, ask about cocktail classes, and sign up for upcoming events. 

If you want to order their spirits, you can benefit from the Booze Thru that allows you to get your order via curbside pickup. Freeland Spirits ships within Oregon, but they have business partners that ship their spirits outside of Oregon. 

Address: 2671 NW Vaughn St, Portland, OR 97210


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