Top 15 of the Best Dog Parks in Portland

The city of Portland in Oregon regularly ranks among the most dog-friendly cities in the US and is a leading city in dog park per capita ratio stakes!

Head out to one of the many dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, patios or microbreweries, and then play catch the ball in one of the city’s awesome green spaces. Here are the Top 15 best dog parks in and near Portland, Oregon…

1. Lynchwood Park – said to be one of Portland’s most popular dog area

best dog parks in Portland

Lynchwood Park is one of Portland’s most popular dog parks, so your dog will make plenty of friends with other dogs here.

The dog park area covers one acre, making it smaller than some of the other ones on this list, but that’s still plenty of space for your pooch to run around and blow off some energy.

While your dog is playing, you can sit at the benches and picnic tables to socialize with other owners or just relax. The spirit of community that surrounds this park is what makes it a great destination for dog owners.

2. Tabor Off-Leash Dog Park – a small pristine forest perfect for dog walkers

Tabor Off-Leash Dog Park - Portland - Oregon

Mt. Tabor Park, located near Warner Pacific University, sprawls over 200 acres of trails. However, dogs will want to make a beeline for the four-acre dog park where they can frolic without a leash.

Unlike many dog parks that can be boring, Mt. Tabor park sprawls over rolling hills and a fun forested area. This is a great place for your dog to meet other dogs and explore a wooded landscape.

While Mt. Tabor Off-Leash Dog Park provides fresh running water for dogs, one thing that it lacks is adequate fencing. Some areas of the park are not fenced off at all or are only surrounded by a very low fence, so keep an eye on your dog if it is prone to wandering.

3. Willamette Park Dog Park – a stunning natural area with play area for all dogs

Willamette Park Dog Park - Portland

The off-leash area of Willamette Park is one of the best dog parks in Portland, Oregon. The dog park is conveniently located near the park’s north entrance so you can immediately make a beeline for the dog park with your pooch.

The park is not fenced off so your dog will not feel limited at all (although you may want to keep a closer eye if your dog is prone to running off).

The one thing to keep in mind when visiting this dog park is to bring your own water because there is no running water here.

4. Laurelhurst Park – great greenery spot for dog lovers

Laurelhurst Dog Park - Portland

Laurelhurst Park has been providing a beautiful oasis for Portland’s residents and visitors for over a century. The park was designed following the City Beautiful principles, which emphasizes beautification in public places for all to enjoy.

While you take in the gorgeous vistas and gently rolling trees and ponds, your dog’s favorite part of the park will be the off-leash area.

The off-leash area is right across from the pond, offering dog owners beautiful views while the pets play.

5. Fernhill Park Dog Off-Leash Area – advertised in the local area as a top dog park 

Fernhill Park Dog Off-Leash Area - Portland

Fernhill Park is a small but beautiful park in Northeast Portland. The park has a four-acre dog park, which is a sizable section of its total surface area.

The off-leash area is not fenced in to give dogs maximum amounts of freedom.

While your dog is exploring the area or playing with other pooches, you can relax on the benches. Afterwards, if your dog is still tired, explore some of the paved paths or watch the locals play on the baseball field.

6. Council Crest Park – the best dog park that overlooks Portland’s surrounding mountains

Council Crest Park - Portland - Oregon

For a dog park with a view, check out Council Crest Park on Portland’s highest point. Human visitors can enjoy the many paths, public parks, and viewpoints offering spectacular views of Portland. However, dogs will probably want to go straight to the off-leash area.

The Council Crest Park’s dog park spans two acres, which is more than enough space for dogs of all sizes and energy levels to exercise.

However, dog owners should bring their own water supply and poop bags because the park does not have any.

7. Chimney Park – one of favorite’s dog places in Portland

Chimney Park - Portland - Oregon

Chimney Park is proof that even a former industrial site can become a beautiful community space. The park is located on a lot that used to house the city incinerator, which is how it got its name.

Amenities include plenty of trails for walking as well as a dog park.

The Chimney Park dog park is completely fenced in, making a good choice if you want to let your dog off-leash but are worried about it running away. It has plenty of space for dogs to run around and make friends as they frolic among the trees.

8. Brentwood Park – serene urban park with dog zone

Brentwood Park - Portland - Oregon

Brentwood Park is conveniently located in Portland’s Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood. It features plenty of wide-open spaces, including a dog park.

While other dog parks in the city have plenty of trees and shade, Brentwood Park is the place to go if you want to spend some time in the sun.

The off-leash area is covered in wood chips instead of grass like some other dog parks and completely fenced in. Park authorities put lots of effort into maintaining this area where dogs can run around and make friends.

9. Luuwit View Dog Park – one of the nicest’s parks for dogs

Luuwit View best Dog Park - Portland - Oregon

Luuwit View Park is a community park with amenities that include creative playgrounds, game spaces, a half-pipe for skaters, and a giant off-leash dog park. It stands out thanks to the attention to design throughout the park.

Even as you’re walking to the off-leash area, you can take in some of the unique structures and public art.

The dog park covers a large open area, making it easy for you to keep an eye on your pet as it frolics around the space.

10. Normandale Park – a small park with lots of facilities for the whole family

Normandale Park - Portland - Oregon

Normandale Park is a fun little community park with activities for visitors of all ages and species. Bring the whole family on an excursion! The adults can walk around the wooded paths, children can enjoy the playground, and your four-legged friend will love the off-leash area.

The Normandale Park dog park is comparatively small, at only 1.5 acres, but that is still plenty of space for dogs to play and get to know each other. The park provides fresh water for pets, but be sure to clean up after your pooch.

If you have a small dog that gets nervous around bigger animals, the fenced-off small dog area is a great option.

11. Sellwood Riverfront Park – large park that offers picnic tables and a dog off-leash area

Sellwood Riverfront Park - Portland - Oregon

Sellwood Riverfront Park is a slice of the waterfront that dogs get to enjoy. The park encompasses grass-covered fields, trails, and a section of the Willamette River that is open for swimming and other enjoyment.

The large off-leash area includes a section of the waterfront, so your dog can enjoy the water and play on the sandy beach.

Although leashes are required on the trails, there is still plenty of space for your dog to run around and even swim.

12. Wallace Dog Park – a great public dog play haven

Wallace Dog Park - Portland - Oregon

Wallace Dog Park is most well-known for its playground, but it also has a small fenced-in dog park for four-legged visitors to frolic and let off some energy.

The dog park is fairly large for one in a small community park.

The off-leash area is conveniently located near the baseball diamond and other play areas, so you can bring your dog here while other family members play.

13. East Holladay Park and Dog Park – a stunning location for small and large dogs

East Holladay Park and Dog Park - Portland - Oregon

East Holladay Park in northern Portland is technically owned by General Electric but it is open to the public. A good section of the park is dedicated to the off-leash dog area, although you will need to leash your dog along the trails.

The dog park covers a flat area with plenty of space for pets to run around. The park’s designers kept the well-being of human companions in mind with benches and trees along the perimeter to provide shade (and shelter from Portland’s ever-present rain).

14. Gabriel Dog Park—Summer – a charming park not only for dogs but for family and friends

Gabriel Dog Park - Summer - Portland - Oregon

During the dog days of summer, the dogs of Portland flock to Gabriel Park. Gabriel Park only opens this dog park during the summer because during colder months, the ground is too water-logged for use.

Even though the dog park is only seasonally available, that makes it a special treat for your dog in the warm weather.

The dog park covers a very large area so your dog will have plenty of space to run around while you can sit at some of the provided benches and picnic tables.

One feature that your dog will certainly notice is the constant supply of tennis balls flying over from the tennis courts nearby. You may not need to bring toys but bring poop bags.

15. Sandy River Delta – a popular site for a dog-friendly hike

Sandy River Delta Park - Portland - Oregon

Sandy River Delta is a 20-minute drive away from Portland, but this scenic recreational area is worth the drive for human and animal companions. Sandy River Delta covers 1,000 acres of forests, grasslands, and a beach area along the Sandy River.

Dogs are allowed off-leash in almost all areas of the park except for the Confluence Trail and the parking lot.

This is the perfect spot to let your dog run free and explore nature, particularly since there are few dangerous areas.

If you have a water-loving dog but don’t want to deal with crowded ocean beaches, this is the place to go.

Sandy River Delta is sometimes known as Thousand Acres Park.

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