Top 12 Best Food Tours in Portland, Oregon

It’s not a huge secret but Portland is one of the best cities for foodies in the US, from vegan food to Asian and literally, everything in between the Oregan gem has it all. So unsurprisingly it’s also a truly awesome place to try a food tour, you can find food tours for both locals and tourists and it’s a great way to try new dishes, local restaurants, diners, carts, bakeries, and other foodie havens in the city. Here are some of the best food tours in Portland, Oregon (in no particular order)...

1. Portland: Underground Donut Tour – has quickly become one of Portland’s top food tours in a very short time frame

Underground Donut Tour Portland

The Underground Donut Tour exposes you to 4 of the top donut destinations throughout Portland. See the sights in Downtown Portland, the Portland State University campus, Chinatown, and Pioneer Square as you sample the city’s best donuts. 

As tour guests, you will get to skip the line when you visit Voodoo Donuts. Some people wait upwards of a half-hour to taste these popular delectable treats. 

It will be more than just indulging in donuts as you learn cool facts and the unique history behind each location you visit. 

Meeting Point: Different meeting points depending on the day of the week you go. 

2. Portland: Food Carts of the Eastside Bike Tour – eat and drink through the origins and evolution of the unique food cart scene

Portland: Food Carts of the Eastside Bike Tour

Get ready to have endless choices for dinner when you visit the 60 food cart pods on this 8 to 12-mile bike tour excursion in the Eastside neighborhood. First, you will visit the first food truck pod that originated in Portland. Then you will visit a few others. 

Each stop will involve pre-selected samples that your tour guide will share with you and the rest of the group attending the bike tour. Grab a coffee and delicious treat from a cafe food truck before you end your bike tour. 

Meeting Point: 833 SE Main St #121, Portland, OR 97214

3. Portland: Food Carts, Pods, & Patios Tour – a cool off-the-beaten-path food tour

Portland: Food Carts, Pods, & Patios Tour

Depending on your trip’s itinerary, you will try out 5 to 7 different food carts and even 1 brewery on the Food Carts, Pods, & Patios Tour

Go on a food and beer tasting adventure throughout the top food carts in Portland. With over 700 food trucks to choose from, it can be difficult to choose where to go. Instead, enjoy this tour and get a taste of Portland’s favorite food trucks while relaxing on decorative patios. 

Meeting Point: 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

4. Portland Downtown Coffee & Donut Tour – discover why Portland is the coffee and doughnut capital of the world!

Portland Downtown Coffee & Donut Tour

The Portland Downtown Coffee & Donut Tour pairs your favorite beverage and sweet treat into one immersive foodie tour. 

Sample 3 famous Portland coffees and 4 to 5 donut shops locals love throughout Downtown Portland. The most famous donut shop in Portland has a 3-day process for making its delectable sweet treats. 

A local barista will also tell the tour group how to brew a high-quality cup of coffee. Please note that donut shops including Blue Star Donuts and Voodoo Donuts are not on this tour’s itinerary as other unique donut shops will be explored instead. 

Meeting Point: 824 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

5. Portland Vegan Food Tour – a must-do tour as Portland is often rated the number 1 vegan-friendly destination in the country!

Portland Vegan Food Tour

Vegans assemble! This 2-mile vegan food tour will take you through Portland’s popular destinations for a dairy-free and meat-free experience. 

Learn about 4 to 5 entirely herbivore destinations depending on the trip’s itinerary that you book. Sample food from each one and purchase what you want to take home with you to enjoy after the tour. The tour guide notes to bring water and to dress comfortably because the tour will happen whether it is rain or shine. 

Meeting Point: The Herbivore Clothing Company, 1211 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214

6. Eat Adventures Food Tours Portland – wine, and beer tours combine sightseeing with mouth-watering culinary experiences

Eat Adventures Food Tour

Indulge in a foodie extravaganza with Eat Adventures Food Tours Portland. 

Go on Tastes of Downtown to experience the top restaurants in Downtown Portland. You may stop at the Pine Street Market, Jack Rabbit, Oregon Wines on Broadway, Grilled Cheese Grill, and so many other restaurant options. 

If you’re a food cart junkie, the Food Carts & Halls Tour will be the right fit for you! The 6 most popular food cart pods will be visited and sampled. 

The Downtown Brunch Walk will be your destination for trying different donuts, french toast, egg dishes, and other delicious brunch options. Primarily Pearl District brunch spots will be highlighted as you will also receive a historical outlook on how this has become Portland’s food hub. 

Meeting Point: Depends on the food tour you book. 

7. Lost Plate Portland Food Tours – Portland’s Only Evening Food Tour! 

Lost Plates Food Tour Portland

Lost Plate is the host behind the Food Carts, Pods, & Patios tour as well as the Downtown Donuts & Coffee Tour highlighted in this lineup. 

They are also the host of the Hop-On Hop-Off Willamette Valley Wine Tour. You will go on a tour of 7 to 10 local wineries throughout this area. Choose your top 3 favorite wineries and then the tour guides will put together an itinerary highlighting your favorites while exposing you to new ones. 

Meeting Point: Depends on the tour booked. 

8. Forktown Food Tours – a guided culinary walking tour in downtown and in Portland’s most delicious neighborhoods

Forktown Food Tours Portland

Forktown Food Tours is curated via food lovers to serve other foodie locals in Portland and even the tourists that visit the area. 

Their top tours are in Downtown Portland, Mississippi Avenue, and Division Street. Check out their special edition tours by visiting their tour list on their website. Small group tours are available at this time for 2 to 6 people per tour. 

The Downtown Portland Tour has 4 stops. The Division Street Tour may stop at Ruthie’s Wood Fired Food Cart, Lauretta Jean’s, Bollywood Theater, Someday Wine Bar, and other destinations. 

Meeting Point: Book your desired tour to discover the meeting point. 

9. Zesty PDX, Portland Food Tours – cut the line at the top restaurants on Portland’s original foodie tour

Hawthorne Asylum Food Pod

TripAdvisor reviewers rave about the ZestyPDX Food Tours. 

With knowledgeable tour guides and an overall review of Portland’s popular food scene, you are sure to learn something new that you didn’t know about where you can dine throughout the City of Roses. 

The tour guide will pick menu items from each restaurant visited based on what customers love to eat and request the most. Tour participants say they loved the food the tour guide picked while learning about Portland’s local and food history. 

You will even see murals along with NE Alberta along the way. 

Meeting Point: Depends on the tour you book. 

10. Portland Pizza Tour – discover some of Portland’s hidden pizza gems

Boxcar Pizza Portland Oregon

The Portland Pizza Tour takes you on a journey of the City of Roses’ go-to destinations to get a high-quality pizza. Rather than give tours of popular restaurants in general, the Portland Pizza Tour has a niche discussion topic for their tours. 

Take a two-mile walk with a small group of people to explore 4 top pizzerias stationed in Portland’s Northwest District. You will learn about how each pizza shop came into existence and get to sample the top pizzas that have made them famous today. 

Meeting Point: The Star Portland, 1309 NW Hoyt St, Portland, OR 97209, USA

11. The Big Foody PDX Food Tours – fun-packed and delicious food tours

The Big Foody PDX Food Tours

The Big Foody PDX Food Tours is temporarily closed, but you can check back on their website to find out when they will reopen. They offer daily walking tours as well as corporate and private tours. 

One private tour they usually offer is the Portland Truffle Foray where two tour guides and their dogs take you on a foraging tour in the local area. 

Portland Distilled is their daily tour to learn about the wine culture with a tour of Cargo’s Giraffe Goods. Bond with your co-workers outside of the office by considering a corporate foody tour to have laughs and conversation outside of working hours. 

12. Portland: 2.5 Hour Dinner Cruise Through Downtown

Portland: 2.5 Hour Dinner Cruise Through Downtown

The Portland Spirits Cruises and Events tour agency hosts the 2.5 Hour Dinner Cruise Through Downtown. 

This is one of the best food tours in Portland suited for married or dating couples and large groups going out together. 

Get a scenic view of Downtown Portland from the cruise side view. Learn more about the Willamette River and enjoy the sparkling river views during the cruise. The best part is the Northwestern-inspired meal in which you will partake between your tour. 

Meeting Point: 110 SE Caruthers St, Portland, OR 97214


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