Top 10 Best Hot Springs near Portland

Hot springs aren’t just photogenic and a relaxing way to spend a morning or afternoon, they’re also great for your body and mind too.

From mineral-rich waters which have been channeled into chic man-made spas to locations that have been left in their more natural form, here are 10 of the best hot springs located near Portland, Oregon…

1. Knot Springs – a high-end health club which boasts a healing pool

Knot Springs near Portland Oregon

Knot Springs is your destination for relaxation and personal transformation. Located in Port Multnomah, it’s worth a visit to Knot Springs because it’s more than just a hot springs destination with more activities you can do during your visit.

You can also take yoga classes, exercise in their fitness center, and get one-on-one training with a personal trainer. 

For the hot springs, you can choose from day spa packages for a low price or a monthly spa deal if you regularly visit.

  • Address: 33 NE 3rd Ave Suite 365, Portland, OR 97232
  • Phone Number: (503) 222-5668
  • Knot Springs Website

Located in Portland

2. Crystal Crane Hot Springs – offers day-use soaking in our hot spring pond with a variety of rustic overnight accommodations 

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs is in a rural setting surrounded by mountains for a more rustic and nature-like experience.

Located in Harney County, Oregon on Highway 78, it’s worth a visit to Crystal Crane Hot Springs because you can vary how you want to enjoy the hot spring experience.

If you stay the night, you can have your backyard hot spring to enjoy stargazing at night. If you are staying only for the day, you can relax in the bathhouse.

While you visit Burns, Oregon, you can enjoy the nearby bird watching and see the wild horses, too. 

  • Address: 59315 OR-78, Burns, OR 97720
  • Phone Number: (541)-493-2312
  • Website

Located a 5-hour 20 minute drive from Portland, Oregon

3. Belknap Springs – one of the most popular hot springs resorts located near Portland

Belknap Hot Springs Portland Oregon

One of the best hot spring resorts near Portland, Belknap Springs gives you a mix of vacation with relaxation. It is worth a visit to this hot springs destination because you can camp in an RV, tent, or cabin, and enjoy their hot spring pools, too. 

If you want to do just a day trip, you can use their hot springs facilities for a low price.

Those visiting during the day are limited to one hour of soak time and the facilities are open for them until 6 pm. Overnight guests can enjoy the hot springs until 9 pm for as long as they desire. 

  • Address: Mckenzie, Oregon right near the McKenzie River. 
  • Phone Number: 541-822-3961
  • Website

Located a 2 hour 15-minute drive from Portland, Oregon

4. Common Ground Wellness Cooperative – a place near Portland to enjoy a lovely outdoor hot spa

Common Ground Wellness Cooperative

Visit Common Grounds Wellness Cooperative for the healing experience of a lifetime. Located in the Concordia neighborhood, it is worth a visit to this hot spring destination because it is a wellness and healing center that will illuminate your senses when you visit their hot springs. 

Equipped with a lavish outdoor courtyard, you can enjoy a saltwater hot spring soak when you visit Common Grounds Wellness Cooperative.

Besides the hot springs, there are also acupuncture, naturotherapy, skincare, nutrition, and chiropractic services. 

  • Address: 5010 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211
  • Phone Number: (503) 238-1065
  • Website

Located in Portland

5. Breitenbush Hot Springs – a holistic retreat center and outdoor hot springs retreat

Breitenbush Hot Springs near Portland

Brietenbush Hot Springs is your outdoor hot springs retreat.

Located in Detroit, OR, it is worth a visit to this destination because you can enjoy seeing various wildlife in their outdoor hot springs lounges such as squirrels, dragonflies, owls, and more. Hence, you get a more naturalistic experience as you relax in the hot springs. 

The unique feature of Brietenbush Hot Springs is that you can stay overnight to plan your personal relaxation experience as a vacation rather than just visiting during the day. 

  • Address: 53000 Breitenbush Rd SE, Detroit, OR 97342
  • Phone Number: (503) 854-3320
  • Website

Located a 2-hour 30-minute drive from Portland, Oregon

6. Bagby Hot Springs – a natural hot springs resort located in the Mount Hood National Forest 

Bagby Hot Springs Oregon

Head east from Portland to arrive at Bagby Hot Springs located in Mt. Hood National Forest in Sandy, OR. It’s worth a visit to Bagby Hot Springs because you can take a walk through nature and reflect on life and your desired relaxation experience before you arrive at the hot springs.

You must walk a 1.4 mile-long trail through the national forest to access the area. 

If you go to the Bagby Campground, stop by the Bagby Hot Springs for a refreshing experience during your camping trip. It allows you to disconnect from technology as there is no cell phone reception in the area.

Easily some of the best natural hot springs near Portland! 

  • Address: Sandy, OR 97055
  • Phone Number: (503) 668-1700
  • Bagby Hot Springs

Located a 40-minute drive from Portland, Oregon

6. Wilhoit Mineral Springs – a country park home to a soda spring where the water bubbles out of the ground

Wilhoit Mineral Springs

Switch up your hot spring experience with two different types of hot springs at Wilhoit Mineral Springs Located in Clackamas County.

There’s a soda spring that bubbles up and contains various natural compounds such as carbonic acid, calcium carbonate, and others.

The other is a sulfurous spring where the water is on the heavier side and not as effervescent as the soda spring. 

  • Address: 150 Beavercreek Road Oregon City, OR 97045
  • Phone Number: 503-742-4414
  • Website

Located a 1-hour drive from Portland, Oregon

8. Umpqua Hot Springs – gorgeous natural geothermal springs offering beautiful views

Umpqua Hot Springs Oregon

These truly spectacular hot springs are worth the long drive from Portland (approximately 4 hours) especially if you make some scenic spots on the way.

Located in the heart of the Umpqua National Forest, these springs are both beautiful and popular and are one of Southern Oregon’s main natural attractions. 

You’ll find the hot springs along the 79 mile North Umpqua Trail which can you hike or mountain bike along. The views and photogenic scenery once here will be definitely worth it. 

  • Address: Umpqua National ForestIdleyld Park, OR 97447, USA
  • Website

Located a 4-hour drive from Portland, Oregon

9. Austin Hot Springs – a series of natural hot springs, heated by volcanic activity

Popular Hot springs near Portland Oregon

Austin Hot Springs is located directly in nature and if you are traveling from Portland, Oregon, it’s a 60-mile drive to these hot springs. However, you do need to ask permission to enter and use the hot springs. 

Located nearby the Clackamas River, it is worth a visit to Austin Hot Springs because even if you do not get in to soak, the rocky and sandy terrain is breathtaking to view.

While the water in the springs is all-natural, be careful of the temperatures ranging from 115 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which could cause burns if soaking too long. 

  • Address: Ripplebrooke, Oregon

Located a 3-hour drive from Portland, Oregon

10. Hillockburn Spring – a natural spring which is a welcome stop on a long hiking trail

Hillockburn Spring Oregon

Hilllockburn Spring is located right next to the Clackamas River on the Hillockburn Trail in Mt. Hood National Forest.

Be sure to grab a wilderness permit to be able to access this trail and spring, which can be picked up at any of the trailheads. 

It is worth a visit this spring because while you cannot soak in the spring much like a normal hot spring, you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature in Clackamas County while you navigate the Hillockburn Trail. 

  • Address: Sandy, OR 97055
  • Phone Number: (503)-668-1700

Located a 1-hour drive from Portland, Oregon

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