Top 16 Best Places For Desserts in Portland

Craving something sweet in the City of Roses? There are plenty of awesome choices from delicious doughnuts and cookies to gourmet pastries from French patisseries, here are the best desserts in Portland, Oregon…

1. Petunia’s Pies & Pastries – a lovely spot to enjoy entirely gluten-free and vegan bakery desserts

Petunia's Pies & Pastries - Portland

610 SW 12th Ave

The first entirely gluten-free and vegan bakery in Portland, Petunia’s desserts are designed with allergy safety and top-quality taste in mind.

Craving cookies? Check out their Chocolate Chipper and Whoa-reo sandwiches, packed with confetti, chocolate bourbon, and cookie dough buttercream.

Desiring donuts? They only appear on weekends, but the freshly-made goodness is worth the wait! If cake is what you’re chasing, Petunia’s stocks a range of layer, cheese, and cupcakes, crafted with a range of classic and unique flavors.

2. Papa Haydn – serving yummy desserts in Portland since 1978 with gluten-free options

Papa Haydn - Portland

701 NW 23rd Ave; 5829 SE Milwaukie Ave

“Part of the Portland fabric since 1978”, Papa Haydn offers delightful, Viennese-inspired desserts across two locations.

Classics go decadent with the red-wine-poached pear gelee beside panna cotta, coconut and pineapple baked into carrot cake, and graham cracker crust on their malted milkshake New York cheesecake.

There are also creative cake options, including Maple Gingerbread (gingerbread, maple mascarpone, and spiced cream cheese), Mint Tuxedo (buttermilk chocolate cake with peppermint ganache), and Cranberry Walnut Tart (cranberries, walnuts, and currants with orange-currant glaze and Viennese buttercream)!

Several of Papa Haydn’s desserts are gluten-free.

3. Piece of Cake Bakery – vegan and gluten-free dessert bakery known for its offbeat vibe

Piece of Cake Bakery - Portland

8306 SE 17th Ave

This quirky little bakery has received numerous awards, including the winning prize on Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown. Many of the cakes at Piece of Cake Bakery are available in vegan, gluten-free, and other allergen-safe versions, so no one has to miss out on the hype!

Offering some of the best desserts in Portland, their Fantasy Cake – decadent chocolate cake layered on creamy cheesecake, and covered in cream cheese frosting – is, by far, their most famous (and delicious!) invention.

Consider, also, grabbing a slice of their signature-recipe Chantilly, dubbed “the ultimate chocolate cake.”

Bundts and mini loaves are available, too, if you fancy something a little different or sharing the love with friends!

4. Jinju Patisserie – one of the best dessert places in Portland that uses fresh and natural ingredients

Jinju Patisserie - Portland

4063 N Williams Ave, in the Silica Building

Want some super-unique twists on pastries, cakes, and chocolates? Look no further than Jinju: an amazing little patisserie that prioritises novel flavors and all-natural ingredients.

Enjoy flaky cinnamon orange croissants, and terrific tarts featuring zesty lime mingled with sweet strawberry, and zingy lemon shot through with sharp raspberry.

However, it’s in the chocolate department where the Jinju duo’s creativity shines. Delight in such concoctions as figs and red wine, yuzu lime, lavender, and berry cheesecake!

5. The Cookie Dough Cafe – funky cookie dough cafe that one must try

The Cookie Dough Cafe - Portland

120 NW 13th Av

Large tubs of colorful cookie dough greet you as you step through the doors of this bright, glass-fronted store. With vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options – and all their products free of eggs – there’s something to scoop for everyone at The Cookie Dough Café.

Championing the classics? Pick up chocolate chip or peanut butter. Fancy something more “out there”? Try taming the aptly-named Monster: packed with peanut butter, oats, choc chips, and M&M candy pieces.

Prefer something plainer, or want to build your own bowl? Grab some of their Naked Dough and go wild!

6. Salt & Straw – great dessert spot that uses local ingredients

Salt & Straw - Portland

Various locations

A chain of ice-cream stores selling wonderfully inventive, “chef-driven” sweet treats, Salt & Straw is a real breath of fresh air in the dessert arena.

Double Fold Vanilla and Chocolate Gooey Brownies are all well and good; but why not step outside your comfort zone to the sweet, floral tones of Honey Lavender or Hibiscus and Coconut, or contrasting notes of maple and bacon or pear and blue cheese?

If you’re in the holiday mood, you’ll adore their limited-edition “Friendsgiving” series, featuring Candied Walnut Cheesecake, Pumpkin and Gingersnap Pie, and Parker House Rolls with Salted Buttercream.

7. Pip’s Original – a popular cafe that specializes in fried-to-order mini donuts

Pip's Original - Portland

4759 NE Fremont St

An iconic food truck specializing in house-made donuts and innovative chai teas, Pip’s makes all its fantastic treats to order.

Don’t be fooled by Pip’s limited menu –  their sweet treats may start out simple, with their take on cinnamon and sugar, and ramp up to true dessert glory with the honey, Nutella, and sea salt-smothered Reggie Lee.

Feeling fancy? Go for gold with coconut, turmeric, clove, and cardamom in a blend of black and green teas. Their vibrant, floral Emmylou is highly recommended, should you need or desire a caffeine-free blend.

8. The Waffle Window – named one of Portland’s top five breakfast and brunch places

The Waffle Window - Portland

3610 SE Hawthorne

Serving up unique Portland-style waffles in a mind-blowing variety of topping combinations, you’ll be in sweet-and-savory paradise at The Waffle Window.

Their current seasonal specials include the Pumpkin Pie (topped with homemade pumpkin filling and caramel, and whipped cream) and Year of the Ox (grilled veggie frittata, bacon, and cheese with chili and soy sauce).

If those haven’t quite tickled your tastebuds, consider the Rise and Shine: an ultimate breakfast waffle loaded with chicken apple sausage, cheddar, fried egg, and your choice of gravy or maple syrup.

Other fantastic flavors include tomato and basil, fruit and granola, and plain ol’ chocolate dip!

9. Saint Cupcake Bakery – a cupcake haven which serves food made from scratch

Saint Cupcake Bakery - Portland

1138 SW Morrison St

As the name might imply, Saint Cupcake is truly a blessing upon Portland’s dessert scene. Whilst they sell a stellar range of cakes, cookies, pies, and pastries, we know you’re really here to find out about their namesake.

All of them are available in “dot” or regular sizes; and there are vegan versions of their classic vanilla, choco, and red velvet flavors.

Some of their most exciting offerings include crunchy Toasted Coconut Cream and the caramel-loaded Salty Captain; and their current seasonal specials are Pumpkin Spice, with cream cheese icing and nutmeg dusting, and Lemon Sparkle, with Swiss buttercream and lemon curd.

10. Blue Star Donuts – a mouth-watering spot where you will find the best donuts

Blue Star Donuts - Portland

Various locations

Expertly crafting donuts with a fun vibe and the highest-quality ingredients, Blue Star uses ingredients geared towards more grown-up palates.

Exclusive to its Portland stores are such delights as Apple Butter, Carrot Za’atar Fritter, and Gingerbread Buttermilk Old-Fashioned (made with chef’s special gingerbread spice, yuzu, and ginger liqueur).

Their most popular choices, meanwhile, include the comforting Orxata Glaze; the French-inspired Chocolate Buttermilk Old-Fashioned; and the glossy-red Blueberry Bourbon Basil.

Don’t miss the sweet and spicy Orange Olive Oil donut – an enduring staff favorite!

11. Fifty Licks Ice Cream – exquisite ice cream shop that also offers non-dairy/vegan ice creams

Fifty Licks Ice Cream - Portland

Various locations

Fifty Lick’s confections are defined by the distinctly experimental spirit that goes into their creation. Most popular among their patrons is the brilliant Cornbread Honey Butter: a self-explanatory name for a scoop featuring chunks of crumbly cornbread and a drizzle of delectable honey butter.

Classic Thai desserts are also honored in two flavors with a jasmine rice base, infused with fragrant pandan leaf or sweet mango.

Prefer vegan treats? Their Golden Milk ice cream is perfect for fall, with turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon; and their Bananas Foster brings the sunshine with ripe, brown-sugar roasted banana, spiced rum, and coconut.

12. Voodoo Doughnut – home to the most delicious donuts in town 

Voodoo Doughnut - Portland

22 SW 3rd Avenue; 1501 NE Davis Street

In spite of its spooky name, there’s nothing sweeter for donut lovers than a trip to one of Voodoo’s Portland stores.

Classic glazed rings, whole filled cakes, maple bacon and buttermilk bars, and even cannolos inspired by hot peppermint cocoa – Voodoo has it all.

For the indulgent (and the adventurous), there’s the Ring of Fire: devil’s food cake dusted with cinnamon and cayenne, completed by the daring addition of a dried chili pepper.

Or, pick up one of their oddly adorable Voodoo Dolls. Each one is unique, and comes filled with raspberry jelly, topped with chocolate frosting, and finished off with a pretzel stick!

13. Crumbl Cookies – gourmet cookie shop that serves in a rotation selection

Crumbl Cookies - Portland

8946 SE Sunnyside Rd

Crumbl serves a rotating selection of four or five fantastic flavors each week; so, unless you’ve already visited their site and given yourself some sugary spoilers, you’ll always be in for a surprise!

One of the best places for a sweet cookie dessert in town, Crumbl are channelling the end-of-fall vibes, with a three-layer cookie topped with cheesecake frosting and a dollop of salted caramel; a vanilla sugar cookie transformed into a buttery, perfectly-spiced cinnamon roll; and a pie-crust-style bake filled with creamy pumpkin goodness.

But don’t fret if you favor the simpler side of things – their classic milk choc chip cookie is a constant companion to their seasonal items!

14. The Pie Spot – amazing pies that are sold in two great locations

The Pie Spot - Portland

Nicknamed “the cupcake of pies”, this fun food-truck-turned-café was founded on the principles of eco-conscious economy and using only the best ingredients.

Both sweet and savory items are available, and there’s always one type of gluten-free pie on sale. Bask in the sweet crunch of Brown Butter Pecan; savor those childhood camping memories with S’more; mix it up with fruity Marionberry. Not feeling the sweet stuff?

Why not chow down on a classic chicken pot pie, a quiche made from house-made sausage, cheddar, potatoes, and eggs, marvel at their Mushroom Gruyere Pot Pie (with a wonderfully-herby shallot-thyme sauce), or get there early and break your fast with a tasty breakfast sandwich on house-made English muffin and a full coffee bar.

15. Pix Patisserie/Bar Vivant – a chic patisserie that was awarded the world’s best champagne and sparkling wine list

Pix Patisserie - Bar Vivant - Portland

2225 E Burnside St

Step into an authentic taste of France at Pix Patisserie. All their stunning cakes and bakes are imbued with the “culture, flavors, and techniques” of the masters, thanks to founder Cheryl’s frequent studies of French and Mediterranean cuisine.

The spectacular designs of Pix’s desserts are enough to catch the eye; but it’s the tastes that truly seal the deal. Their traditional St Honoré tantalises with delicate puff pastry, caramelized cream puffs, and Chantilly cream topping.

And, for the festive season, there are three types of Bûche de Noël, with hazelnut or fleur de sel caramel cream, chocolate mousse and port-soaked figs, or canoli filling and kirsch depending on your tastes.

La Provence and Petite Provence – a French boulangerie where appetizing European style pastries are found

La Provence and Petite Provence - Portland

Various locations

Equal parts bakery, boulangerie, and bistro, La Provence is famed for its delicious desserts.

While their new “Artisserie” line is only available at certain locations, these croissant-based delicacies are well worth seeking out! Mascarpone, raspberry cream, and fresh fruit completes the Fruit Basket; and their bicolor bakes are filled with pistachio cremeux, chocolate, or raspberry ganache.

Individual desserts include a mini St Honoré (this time with hazelnut cream), as well as instant classics in the indulgent Napoleon and Versailles.

The former consists of layered, caramelized puff pastry and vanilla cream, and the latter is crafted with moist chocolate sponge and mousse, vanilla, and coffee.

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