Top 10 Best Souvenir Shops in Portland

Keep the memories of your trip to Portland alive by bringing home a souvenir or two. From scented candles, magnets, mailing cards, and clothes to kitchen recipe books, the beauty of this city reflects in its creativity. If you are searching for locally produced gifts to keep your travel memories alive, here are the best souvenir shops in Portland, Oregon…

1. Hello From Portland – a curated selection of Souvenirs and Gifts showcasing the colorful elements of Portland

Hello From Portland Oregon

Hello From Portland is located in Northwest Portland and is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking for unique souvenirs.

Offering a veritable Portland experience to tourists in the form of a vast range of souvenirs and gifts, the store represents the artistry of locals. 

The variety of souvenirs here includes t-shirts, postcards, mugs, storybooks, pens, snow globes, and more. Buying with them will not only add value to your memories but will also make local entrepreneurs rejoice too! 

Address: 120 NW 10TH Ave, Portland, OR 97209

2. Presents of Mind – unique items and gifts from local designers

Presents of Mind Portland

Presents of Mind can be found on Hawthorne Boulevard in the Southeast region of Portland.

Serving Portland’s tourists and artists since 1989, the store offers an exceptional collection of gifts and souvenirs from vintage to up-to-date.

By taking local Portland artists onboard, the store is also selling its eco-friendly products online. Their souvenir products are specialized in face masks, stickers, candles, and jewelry items in the form of necklaces and earrings.

You can buy top-notch economical products while simply passing by the store or a bus can take you to the spot.

Address: 3633 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

3. Crafty Wonderland – carefully selected handmade goods from the best and brightest in Portland

Crafty Wonderland Portland

Centrally located in the district of Alberta and in the Downtown area of Portland as well lies a store that has been promoting the crafts by more than 200 local designers since 2006.

When it comes to buying souvenirs and gifts Crafty Wonderland offers a unique collection of handmade crafts both at local stores and online.

The wide range of Portland’s handmade crafts includes greeting cards, embroidery, stitch kits, ornaments, sweatshirts, and much more.

Address: 808 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

4. Made in Oregon – fashionable products entirely designed and handcrafted locally in Portland

Made in Oregon

With multiple stores in Portland including a pioneer gift store at Portland International Airport, Made in Oregon promoted the concept of state-based products in the market.

Since 1975 the stores have been providing the locals and tourists with value in the form of apparel, accessories, food products, blankets, and gift boxes.

You can add locally designed crafts of Oregon to your souvenir collection in the form of
exclusive chocolate and sweet boxes, jewelry, salmon, pottery, and wine. All these products are available in vast economical ranges.

Address: 13625 NE Jarrett Street, Portland, OR 97230

5. MadeHere – a shop dedicated to showcasing Portland and PNW-based makers

MadeHere Portland

Located in Portland Oregon, MadeHere is obsessed with the latest trends in fashion and therefore produces locally made quality handmade crafts.

Established in 2014, the gift store has over 8,500 items of various categories onboard which are crafted by a dedicated team of 200 artists.

Such a vast variety of products at a store always captivates tourists and native residents to associate the beauty of Portland with them. Here you can buy souvenirs from collections of soaps, Portland’s salt, gift cards, and boxes, from apothecary to apparel, and even from cutlery items to pet treats, they have it all.

Address: 40 NW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

6. Memento PDX – a Portland-owned shop with a fun mix of cute, classic and curious merchandise

Memento PDX

Memento PDX is there to bring an aesthetic touch to your souvenir collection. The store is located at Hawthorne Boulevard in the Southeast area of Portland, Oregon.

Previously known as “Greg’s”, Memento PDX has offered ornamental products since 1994 that can relate your material memories with alluring Portland.

The welcoming store specializes in locally designed purses, bags, vintage pieces of art, photographs, scented candles, and made-in Portland jewelry.

Address: 3707 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

7. Gone West PDX – locally made bath, beauty, and skincare, kitchen, and homeware

Gone West PDX

With the objective to integrate passion into souvenir products, Gone West PDX is located in the Southeast Division of Portland.

While promoting women artists, the gift store offers extravagance in beautifully crafted little goodies. Anyone would be tempted to buy the unique stuff at Gone West PDX.

The diverse range of goods here includes skincare products, sanitizers, soaps, plants, and gift bundles. The addition of the cozy souvenir products from the store would make you cherish it for a lifetime.

Address: 3302 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

8. Woonwinkel – a curated selection of home goods, jewelry, toys and gifts

Woonwinkel Portland

Claiming to produce souvenirs and gifts that outshine, Woonwinkel is found in the Southwestern region of Washington Street, in Portland Oregon.

Showcasing inspiration in the form of colors for 25 years, Woonwinkel carries products from across the globe. It is also supporting artists and has provided its platform to smaller brands as well.

Sounds like a wonderful place to buy a collection of souvenirs. The amazingly crafted categories of products include paper products, books, greeting cards, games for kids, and different accessories. The most special feature of shopping here is that you can even buy from the category of many colors.

Address: 935 SW Washington St, Portland, OR 97205

9. McMenamins Edgefield Gift Shop & Espresso Bar – one of the best gift shops in Portland

McMenamins Edgefield Gift Shop & Espresso Bar
Find the perfect souvenir to cherish for a lifetime by shopping from McMenamins Edgefield Gift Shop located in Portland Oregon, while sipping beverages from its Espresso Bar.

Searching out for the best souvenir in Portland was never this fascinating. McMenamins is specialized in locally crafted handmade jewelry, skincare products in the form of soaps and lotions, candles, tickets for upcoming events, and fresh beverages.

You will be astonished to experience this level of comfort while looking for your memento in the Edgefield gift shop.

Address: 2126 SW Halsey St, Portland, OR 97060 

10. CC Oregon Made – some of the best products made in Oregon

CC Oregon Made Souvenir Shop
Promising tasty to cheerful products, CC Oregon Made is located in the city of roses at Southwest Oak Street, Oregon.

Highlighting the tasty delights of Portland, CC Oregon Made also promotes souvenir products and crafts made by local artists. You have a diversified range of choices to buy like salmon, vinegar and oils, coffee beans, sea salt and honey. 

However, you can also look for mementoes to add up to your souvenir collection in Portland. These products include wood articles, aesthetic magnets, skincare products, and candles.

Address: 323 SW Oak St, Portland, OR 97204 


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