Top 15 of the Best Places to Eat Tacos in Portland

Versatile, tasty and budget-friendly everyone loves a taco! If you live in Portland or just passing through the Oregon foodie city has plenty to go around.

From hip joints offering 100% plant-based to more formal 0sit-down eateries, here are the best Taco-serving restaurants in Portland, Oregon…

1. Robo Taco – a lovely restaurant that offers awesome Mexican food including a vegan and vegetarian menu

Robo Taco Portland

607 SE Morrison St

This epic micro-eatery showcases vegetarian and vegan options of many of their favorites, like Faux Pork and Vegan Faux Pork burritos (made with marinated soy curls instead of spit-roasted pork),  and spicy soy sausage that’s just as good as the original chorizo.

Their tacos – along with the usual options – include fun fillings like beer-battered cod, beef tongue, and mushroom.

Just can’t get enough? Snag one of their giant soft tacos – an eight-inch tortilla packed with your choice of protein, jack cheese, pico de gallo, crema, and romaine lettuce – and some Jarritos soda, available in exciting, fruity flavors such as pineapple, guava, and mandarin.

2. La Taquiza Vegana – a popular food cart that serves vegan Mexican street food including awesome tacos 

La Taquiza Vegana Portland

2216 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97215, USA

Head down to Rose City Food Park to find this colourful and creative all-vegan/plant-based Mexican street food truck. This new place is already creating quite a buzz and offers a scratch based kitchen and only use high-quality ingredients to offer the best taste.

Promoting, love, compassion and kindness the company has an ethos of being 100% sustainable and as locally sourced as possible. La Taquiza Vegana is 0pen Thu-Sat 12:00pm-8:00pm, Sun 11:00am-3:00pm and is closed Mon-Wed.

3. Taqueria Portland – funky tacos eatery where you can find delicious street food and familiar plates

Taqueria - best taco restaurants inPortland

820 SE 8th Ave

Want classic Mexican fare complemented by a funky, relaxed vibe? Look no further than the aptly-named Taqueria Portland! They have a terrific range of tacos, including meat, fish, and veggie (and breakfast tacos!), as well as some truly brilliant burritos.

Try their Burrito California with spicy salsa, guac, and Cotija cheese, or Burrito Mojado Chile Relleno (based on a Chilean dish of the same name, featuring pepper stuffed with minced meat and coated in egg).

With quesadillas, chimichangas, and a ton of super sides on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

4. Chilango PDX – a popular vegan-friendly food truck offering very tasty tacos

Best vegan tacos in Portland

2223 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 9721

This is a much-raved about 100% vegan/plant-based taco offering spicy Mexican street food at its finest.

It’s a Mexican Woman-owned Street Food cart offering a wide range of food including tacos de guisado as well as quesadillas, Esquites, and rotating specials like tacos de mole and tamales.

The Tacos at Chilango PDX are much raved about by both vegans and those still following meat diets. 

5. ¿Por Qué No? – as the name says why not? try this amazing tacos spot

Por Qué No - Portland - Oregon

4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd

You’re sure to ask yourself “why not?” when you see the menu of this fabulous little taqueria. Stylized as ¿Por Qué No?, they pride themselves on making mighty Mexican street food with seasonal, sustainable ingredients.

Aside from their small but immensely strong selection of tacos, they sell awesome antojitos (snacks), including filled tortillas and spicy sliced cucumber.

If you’re looking for a meal, their Bryan’s Bowl and Por Que Plate are must-tries: meat or veggie choices are available for both, and each comes with beans, rice, salsa, and other tasty toppings.

Want an alcoholic accompaniment? Check out their house cocktails: twists on margaritas and Bloody Marias, and a vegan Horchata Burracha with Barbancourt rum.

6. Tacos El Patron – home to the best tacos truck in Portland

Tacos El Patron - Portland - Oregon

21070 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy

Enjoy classic tacos at their best from this fantastic food truck! Carnivores will relish their slow-smoked meats, while fish fanatics are bound to fall for their spectacular shrimp tacos. And, if you’re devoted to dairy delights, take a chance on the super-cheesy quesabirria!

El Patron also have some of the best-loaded fries around, piled high with seared steak, cheese, and guacamole or avocado crema.

For some real indulgence, pair them with a vampiro – a uniquely-named mini-feast originating from Mexico’s Sinaloa region, boasting a crunchy taco shell, carne asada, and melted jack cheese, finished off with cabbage and red onion.

7. Tacos at Uno Mas – a must-try for the most traditional and delicious tacos you’ll find

Tacos at Uno Mas - Portland - Oregon

2337 NE Glisan St. and 1914 W. Burnside St.

Uno Mas Taquiza has two locations in the Portland area, so you’re never too far from their tasty fare!

Stop for breakfast at their Burnside restaurant, where you’ll find stuffed peppers; guacamole and eggs; and spinach and mushrooms with red onion, avocado, Chile de Arbol, and Queso Fresco.

If you’re taking a lunch break, or perhaps out for dinner, you simply have to try their steamed tacos. How about a potato- or Mexican-cheese-stuffed chile, black beans and cotijo cheese, or chicken in mole sauce?

Tailor your taco feast with sides like fried serrano peppers, pico de gallo, roasted onions, and mixed garnishes.

8. Taco Del Sol – perfect place to try the most authentic tacos in town

Taco Del Sol Portland Oregon

13165 SW Pacific Hwy

While Taco Del Sol takes pride in selling authentic, fresh Mexican food, they don’t limit themselves to just that.

Alongside their incredibly popular beef, pork, and chicken burritos and tacos, they offer a range of classic hamburgers, sweet pancakes, and omelettes.

Check out their beef cheek, pollo deshebrado (shredded chicken), and borracho tacos – the latter is stuffed with steak, chorizo salsa, cilantro, and cactus!

Feeling more fishy? Sample their wide range of seafood, including shrimp done at least five ways, and caldo filete do pescado, a type of spicy white-fish broth packed with veggies.

9. Tienda Santa Cruz – beautiful tacos place with great decor located in a Mexican market

Tienda Santa Cruz - Portland - Oregon

8630 N Lombard St

It’s impossible to miss this bustling eatery; it’s set just off a local Mexican market, and the bright-red storefront is accentuated by a colorful landscape mural.

Inside, you’ll find a small, specialist menu featuring breakfast dishes (including burritos and platters of egg, rice, and beans), and a wide range of meats that you can pop into quesadillas, sandwiches, and, of course, tacos!

If you can bear to, hold off visiting until the weekend, when Tienda brings out their three spectacular specials.

Choose from menudo (a stew with pork, sliced liver, tripe, and red chili sauce); shrimp broth; and a selection of five tacos served with a lamb broth.

10. Javier’s Tacos – 24/7 Mexican restaurant perfect for all tastes

Javier's Tacos - Portland - Oregon

121 N Lombard St

There must be something about the North Lombard area. Javier’s is another neighbourhood taco joint, with a vivid storefront bursting with red, green, and yellow hues.

No doubt this reflects the exciting fare that awaits inside – which, as the owners say, “tastes like it is straight out of Mexico.”

Their menu is packed with burritos, tacos, and more, as well as plate combos if you want to make a tasty saving and still get your foodie fix!

Javiers also boasts an extensive dessert list, with Mexican classics like churros, bolis de rompope (eggnog popsicles), and tres leches cake (made with three types of milk for a truly sweet indulgence!).

11. Taqueria Nueve – cheerful Mexican taqueria in the heart of Portland

Taqueria Nueve - Portland - Oregon

727 SE Washington St

This upbeat Mexican joint is famed far and wide for its crispy wild boar carnitas. According to, the dish is so popular that, when Taqueria Nueve closed for a spell in 2008, locals waited for six whole years in the hopes it’d reopen.

Taqueria Nueve came back with a bang, with their food as fresh and fabulous as ever.

Shrimp sauteed in red chile sauce, and calabacitas (roasted spaghetti squash with avocado, pickled red onion, and pepitas), sit comfortably beside your usual list of meats on the taco menu, whilst enchiladas, tamales, empanadas, and other Mexican masterpieces tempt those looking for something a little different.

12. Tito’s Taquitos – one of Portland’s top five tacos place

Tito’s Taquitos Portland

4616 S Vermont St

Fried potato taquitos topped with avocado crema? Tacos full of birria, chicken, shrimp, and veggies? Three types of salsa to give your snacks a spicy kick? You’d better get there quickly: Tito’s fresh fare is almost guaranteed to sell out!

Served from a cool little cart in a church parking lot, Tito’s colorful, eye-catching dishes are bound to make your mouth water.

While their selections can and do change, some of their creations include braised hibiscus, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash, and chickpeas marinated in pineapple.

NB: Tito’s are temporarily closed as they search for a new pitch, but they hope to reopen soon!

13. Tight Tacos Authentic Street Taquero – a cool place serving street tacos that uses handmade tortillas

Tight Tacos Authentic Street Taquero

3060 SE Division St and 2707 NE Sandy Blvd

Tight Tacos base their cooking on tried and tested family recipes. Their gluten-free tortillas are hand-pressed, fresh for each and every order, and they have a range of meat, veggie, and vegan options to suit all dietary needs!

Check out their picadillo (ground beef, onions, and garlic), Forever Veg, and Impastor (cauliflower with their special Pastor marinade) tacos.

Their California-style “hellarito”, with nacho cheese, cream, onions, cilantro, and a choice of meat or veggie/vegan alternative – and house-cut fries! – is also not to be missed!

Fancy a cool beverage to follow up? Treat yourself to a Fiesta Michelada, Fiesta Cerveza, or Jarritos soda.

14. El Jefe Mexican Grill – one of Portland’s favourite tacos spot 

El Jefe Mexican Grill - Portland - Oregon

12025 SW Allen Blvd

The friendly staff of the El Jefe food truck take pride in serving up truly superb street tacos. Pollo al carbon – charcoal-grilled chicken – is their most sought-after speciality; but there are plenty of other options to tempt your tastebuds.

How about quesadillas filled with meat, cheese, and spices, a pollo ranchero meal with rice, salsa, and tortilla, or an asada or birria plate?

Keep watch for their spectacular weekend specials, including succulent al pastor (spit-grilled pork)!

15. El Nutritaco – a casual Mexican restaurant with a wide variety of delightful options

El Nutritaco Portland Oregon

2124 NE Alberta St

El Nutri is a real paradise for vegetarians and vegans searching for their perfect taco fix! Their menu may be small – but that only proves their expertise and devotion to their cause.

Meat-free choices range from the basic K quesadilla, filled with cheese and served with rice; to spicy chipotle tempeh featuring grilled peppers, onions, rice, and sauces; and gigante (an awesome assortment of zucchini, carrots, corn, onions, jalapenos, rice and black beans, decked out with salsa fresca and chipotle aioli sauce).

Those in your party who prefer meat need not despair: there’s plenty of chicken and pork packed into their Simple tacos, verde chimichangas, and enchiladas.

17. Taqueria Los Gorditos – popular tacos chain perfect for meat lovers to vegan enthusiasts

Taqueria Los Gorditos Portland

The Los Gorditos chain brings brilliant Mexican food to diners across Portland. Starting life in 2006 as a humble food truck, they’ve since opened five store locations to serve up tacos, burritos, plates, and a variety of specials to meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

With such an extensive range of food on offer, you’re sure to find something you like at Los Gorditos. Classic street and quesa tacos cater to carnivores and cheese-lovers, while their soy curl, soyrizo, and tofu options are sure to satisfy those who’d rather not have meat or dairy.

Be sure to also consider their huaracha (corn masa tortilla with (vegan) protein, beans, cheese, sour cream, and veggies)!

18. Mayas Taqueria – a Tex-Mex restaurant where you can enjoy fresh food in a vibrant atmosphere

Maya's Taqueria - Portland - Oregon

1000 SW Morrison St

A bright blue-and-red-fronted restaurant with a lively atmosphere, Maya’s is a family-owned business that’s been crafting “delicious, fresh” Mexican food since 1986.

Their house specials feature the stand-out pupusas (pork- and cheese-stuffed tortillas with a side of pickled cabbage), garlicky Brazilian beef with fruit salsa and guac, and the Cameron burrito, with sauteed prawns, green onion, and mushroom.

Don’t forget to sample their taco range, which includes hard shells filled with lettuce and pico de gallo; taco pequeno; and their signature Taco #9: two large corn tortillas with beans, pico, and meat or a vegetarian alternative.

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