Top 15 Best Takeaway and Delivery Spots in Portland

Take out is the new eating out, especially in times like these. Lucikly there are plenty of seriously delicious and sometimes very innovative takeaway options choose from in the city of Portland.

From comfort and fast food to gourmet dishes and 100% plant-based here are the best takeaway or delivery spots for Portland, Oregon (in no particular order)

1. Jade Rabbit – a very popular vegan Asian restaurant offering super tasty take-outs

Jade Rabbit - Portland

A popular place that used to be called Ichiza Kitchen, named for the Zen principle of stopping to contemplate one’s path, you’re sure to spend ages poring over Ichiza’s amazing menu.

This creative, modern, and cozy Asian restaurant offers some of the best takeaways in Portland and what’s even better is that it’s all vegan so it’s guilt-free too!

They specialize in vegan dim sum handmade daily, vegan noodle dishes and small plates as well as drinks such as sake and teas. Their top take-out options include super-spicy chili oil wontons, is made fresh daily and also available deep-fried.

If you’re looking to make a meal of it, try their buldak fire chicken (a house favorite) or a big bowl of “fiery wind” noodle soup, made with rice noodles, vegan chicken, and a delicious, warming blend of thirteen herbs and spices in a slow-cooked broth.

However, it’s their adorable “Bawan” buns, made in the shape of rabbits, that are truly unmissable!

  • 1517 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, USA

2. Gumba – an Italian take out where you will find flavorsome traditional food

Gumba - Portland

1733 NE Alberta St

In keeping with the Italian theme, this “low-cost, high-end” food cart serves up some truly special examples of pappardelle and tagliatelle pasta, as well as Naples-style fried breads and a creative take on beetroot salad.

The first two are, naturally, Gumba’s claim to fame: their pappardelle comes with braised beef and toasted chillies alongside traditional garlic, tomato, and olives, while the tagliatelle is enlivened with egg yolk, candied shallots, and sesame seed bread crumbles, given a gorgeous shot of color with an edible petal garnish.

Don’t forget the cannoli for dessert!

3. Farmer and the Beast – the ideal place that is all about fresh ingredients and seasonal food, available to take out

Farmer and the Beast - Portland

1845 NW 23rd Pl

A food-truck fairy tale for both meat-eaters and vegetarians!

Farmer and the Beast’s mighty Beast Burger features two smashed beef patties, American cheese, and crunchy veg toppings, smothered in their signature (Truly) Special Sauce, while the Beast-Of-The-Sea boasts grilled albacore tuna loin and cabbage slaw with soy-ginger vinaigrette and sriracha mayo.

Veggie options include the bite-worthy Harvest Bowl (chicories, apples, nuts, and corn drizzled with Super Herby ranch sauce) and Club Med 3.0 (greens, roast squash, chickpeas, fava-sesame crunch and harissa yogurt).

Still need convincing? This weeks’ specials – or “Movable Beasts” – are honey-glazed pork chop with parched wheat, kale, and salsa verde, and warm cups of Mom’s Cider.

4. McMenamins Grand Lodge – a perfect place to order a delicious take out 

McMenamins Grand Lodge - Portland

Whilst you’d be highly encouraged to visit this stunning stately home – a former Masonic property! – Grand Lodge fortunately offers takeout from its fantastic Ironworks Grill at practically any time of day.

Start the day right with hearty smoked salmon hash, or brilliant buttermilk biscuit drenched in chorizo gravy.

Lighten up your lunch breaks with a variety of burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches – or perhaps fish and chips with a buttermilk slaw.

Get the full grill experience at home with Ironworks’ dinner specialties: succulent 10oz ribeye steak cooked to your specifications, salt-and-pepper-crusted prime rib with seasonal veggies, and bacon mac and cheese with garlic-cheddar sauce.

  • 3505 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove

5. Kachka – funky spot to try a great variety of takeouts

Kachka - Portland

960 SE 11th Ave

Founded by a Russian-American who grew up surrounded by traditional cuisine, Kachka now brings these quintessentially Russian tastes to your table with their takeout options.

Starters include the inventively-named “herrings under a fur coat”, a type of salad with chopped herring, potato, onion, carrot, beetroot, and eggs.

Top main dishes, meanwhile, are classic stroganoff – made with egg noodles, maitake mushrooms, and a fancy mushroom cognac sauce – and two kinds of shashlik (skewered, grilled meat). Take your pick from sturgeon (with tartare and cabbage) or pork neck (with marinaded plums). Both are served with flatbread and dacha salad!

6. Maruti Indian Restaurant – an Indian take out that focuses on healthy vegan and vegetarian food and offers gluten-free options

Maruti Indian Restaurant - Portland

1925 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Maruti’s vibrant Indian fare caters the vegetarian, vegan, and health-conscious crowds, creating dishes that are both delicious and wholesome.

Creamy tomato sauce infused with Indian spices forms the base of their Famous Tikka Masala, while protein-packed channa masala (garbanzo beans in ginger-garlic, onion, and tomato gravy) and garlic naan with a spread of vegan butter top their delivery menu.

Brilliant biryanis, with bases like paneer cheese, mushrooms, and mixed vegetables, are all served with non-GMO basmati rice, and sprightly seasonal salads sparkle with mung sprout and mango avocado.

7. Screen Door Eastside – a must-try restaurant specializing in Southern food ideal for take-outs

Screen Door Eastside - Portland

1131 NW Couch; 2337 E Burnside St

Craving some Southern comfort? Screen Door’s delivery service is here to save you!

One of the restaurant’s most popular items is, of course, fried chicken – and their best-selling version is cooked in a buttermilk batter and served with sweet potato waffles.

It’s also available between brioche buns, spruced up with mayo, pickles, slaw, and side fries. Other Southern favorites include fresh-baked biscuits in a meaty pork sausage gravy, and cornmeal-dusted, crispy fried catfish.

Really want that laid-back, lazy-day feeling? Sip on one of Screen Door’s choice cocktails.

Classic mimosas are joined by the creative Creole Bloody Mary (with added okra pickles!) and the Morning Mule: fruity, sharp, and warming with vodka, orange juice, lime, and ginger beer.

8. Basil Vegan Kitchen – over 20 years serving one of the best Thai takeouts in Portland which is also 100% plant-based

Basil Vegan Kitchen - Portland

Another guilt-free offering, this wonderful place has been serving up food to hungry Portlanders for over 20 years, and through that time they’ve seen an increased demand for vegan and gluten-free foods, so this is what they decided to focus on! 

They specifically cater to people who want vegan and gluten-free takeout and delivery options. Their tasty options include The Garden Vegan Curry, Peanut Curry and Pumpkin Curry or try their trusty Vegan Pad Thai or Spicy Coconut Noodles. 

9. Mirisata – exotic counter-service restaurant where you will find 100% tasty vegan food of Sri Lankan origin

Mirisata - Portland

2420 SE Belmont St

While Mirisata’s name may translate loosely to “spicy curry”, not everything this Sri Lankan spot serves is searingly hot. It is, however, “bursting with flavor and unlike anything else you can find in Portland”.

All Mirisata’s dishes are vegan, and most are gluten-free. Must-try items from their takeout menu include Impossible Beef Rolls – a plant-based take on the crunchy meat rolls sold by Sri Lankan street vendors – and Parippu Vade.

The latter comes recommended by the owners as one of their favorite “short eats”, and consists of four flavorful, well-spiced pigeon-pea fritters.

There’s also a variety of roti (flatbread) offerings, either served alone with chili or “kottu” (traditional spices, and a mixture of vegetables in place of meat), or as a meal with mild potato and dahl curries.

10. Mother’s Bistro & Bar – a modern cafe where you can order home-cooked style comfort food for take-outs

Mother's Bistro & Bar - Portland

121 SW 3rd Ave

“It’s all about the love” at Mother’s – and it goes into every last bite of their cozy, homey comfort food.

Breakfast stars Belgian waffles, four types of soft bagel, and Mother’s special “scrambles”: combos of meat and cheese or tofu and veggies stirred into hot roasted potatoes, dished up with wholewheat toast.

Lunch brings such delights as chicken or tofu stir-fry, grilled lemon-herb chicken breast, and bowls of signature mac and cheese.

But it’s at the dinner table where this bistro’s homely fare truly shines, with starters and small plates of pierogi potato dumplings; pulled pork, caramelized onions, jack cheese, and chipotle sour cream wrapped up in flour tortillas; and hummus with kalmata olives, red chili paste, tomato, and cucumber, with warm pitta for dipping.

11. Elephants Delicatessen – seriously tasty gourmet food with veggie options that offers take-outs

Elephants Delicatessen - Portland

115 NW 22nd Avenue

Another location that specialises in supreme comfort food, and also has a few more inventive offerings, Elephants Delicatessen will become your new go-to for easy, tasty take-out.

Gooey grilled cheese, flavor-filled garlic fries, and light chocolate mousse are – perhaps predictably – some of their most popular items. There is, of course, a dazzling array of pizzas, soups, sandwiches, and salads; but Elephants’ “singles” were made for takeout.

Trays of mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, ant meat or veggie enchilada roja are delivered ready to heat and eat. They also come in large casserole-dish versions – perfect for feeding the whole family!

12. Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai – amazing take out where you can order fried to order mini-doughnuts and coffees

Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai - Portland

4759 NE Fremont St

“There’s simply nothing like it in Oregon!” All Pip’s mini donuts are made-to-order, and each of their five fantastic chai blends is house-crafted; so, you can be sure you’re getting the freshest sweet treats and comforting pick-me-ups.

If you’re torn between Pip’s four fabulous donut flavors, it’s worth noting that the raw honey and sea salt combo has received national awards.

Accompany these delectable little bites with a cup of Smoky Robinson, featuring notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and clove; or the caffeine-free Emmylou, which infuses a herbal masala chai base with soft floral essences and a dash of pure honey.

13. Piccone’s Corner – a blend of bar and butchery where you can either takeout or dine-in 

Piccone's Corner - Portland

3434 NE Sandy Blvd #400

“Old world heart, new school style” is Piccone’s motto, and they embody it to the full in their Italian-inspired cuisine.

Classic arancini (breadcrumbed pork shank on risotto), Caesar salad with croutons, and cherry panna cotta are made in the true spirit of Mediterranean cooking; while their super sandwiches, such as chopped cheese (with American cheese and ground beef), Merguez (slaw, aioli, and tahini), and roasted market vegetables topped with herbs, nuts, and zogghiu sauce provide a refreshing take on familiar concepts and flavors.

14. Berlu – window-service Vietnamese bakery that provides take outs on weekends only

Berlu - Portland

605 SE Belmont St

A vivacious Vietnamese joint whose sweet and savory treats are all celiac-safe and dairy-free, Berlu is – like the French term that inspired its name – “at times eccentric but always authentically so”.

Berlu’s menu changes weekly, but always consists of two noodles soups and four bakery items. When I went to order, savory choices consisted of Bún V?t (rice vermicelli noodles in roasted duck broth, with Peking duck and veggies) or Bún Chay (vegan shiitake mushroom broth packed with noodles and roasted veggies).

Honeycomb cake and waffles made with fragrant pandan leaves, cassava cake, and a delightful coconut crème caramel rounded out the offerings, ready to tempt your sweet tooth!

16. The Cazadero Steakhouse – one of the best take-outs in Portland where you can get delivery or collect your food

The Cazadero Steakhouse - Portland

352 Southeast Highway 211, Estacada

An iconic steakhouse spot, everything that comes from The Caz’s kitchens is worthy of a five-star rating. Pick up some eggs benedict, cheesy omelettes, or berry pancakes. Treat yourself to a helping of Yo Cazo chicken wings, beer-brined and smothered in ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

Lighter fare is certainly available; but folk really order from The Cazadero to taste their prime rib and awesome build-your-own burgers.

The former can be prepared in a special to-go style, with two sides and au jus, while the latter lets your creative side run wild. Choose a beef, elk, chicken, or black bean patty, and customize it to your heart’s content with a wide selection of toppings and sauces.

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