Top 15 Best Wedding Venues in Portland

Portland is one of the most romantic cities in the NorthWest and its surrounding natural scenery beautiful makes it an ideal destination for a wedding.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to tie the knot in Portland, here are the best wedding venues in Portland, Oregon…

1. The Aerie at Eagle Landing: Wedding and Event Venue – dream wedding venue that provides indoor and outdoor spaces

The Aerie at Eagle Landing - Wedding and Event Venue - Oregon

Located a short drive outside of Portland, The Aerie at Eagle Landing lives up to the promise of its location in Happy Valley with a gorgeous venue that has served as the backdrop for many memorable events, including weddings.

Located on the Eagle Landing golf course on Mt. Scott, The Aerie has excellent views of the Oregon countryside, the perfect backdrop for saying “I do.”

The architecture and interior are more than enough to compete with the breathtaking views.

There are two separate venues within the complex: The Cave, a fully outdoor venue complete with a fire pit, and The Clubhouse, which has outdoor spaces and space inside the chateau-like building.

2. Gray Gables Estate – elegant wedding venue surrounded by romantic gardens

Gray Gables Estate - Wedding & Events - Oregon

Gray Gables Estate lives up to its stately name, thanks to the elegant architecture, décor, and interior design, making it fit for a day where you want everything to be perfect.

The historic architecture of the early 20th-century Manor House or the classical gardens gives happy couples plenty of choice in terms of venues for their wedding. Indoors, the large ballroom has plenty of space for dancing.

Although Gray Gables is gorgeous, what really sets this wedding venue apart is the staff. The experienced staff help countless couples tie the knot each year and are on hand to handle any wedding emergency, from rain to dropped cake.

3. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden – an internationally recognized wedding spot in a stunning botanical garden 

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden - Oregon

For an outdoor wedding to remember, you can’t go wrong with the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

This botanical garden near Reed College is open to the public, who come to gaze at the unparalleled collection of colorful rhododendron shrubs. However, you can also rent out the garden for your own personal event, including weddings.

The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden only functions as a wedding venue between May and October, but that is when the flowers are most beautiful.

4. Ainsworth House & Gardens – gorgeous historic building turned into a wedding venue

Ainsworth House & Gardens - Oregon

Ainsworth House & Gardens is located a bit of a drive away from Portland, in Oregon City, but the gorgeous venue is worth the trip.

The full-service wedding venue offers a range of outdoor and indoor options for wedding parties of all sizes. The gorgeous grounds and collonaded house will be the perfect backdrop for your special day.

While other wedding venues split their grounds between multiple weddings on the same day, the Ainsworth hosts only one wedding a day so you have the whole venue to yourself.

The whole staff, including dedicated wedding planners, are only working towards your event.

  • Address: 19130 Lot Whitcomb Dr, Oregon City, OR 97045
  • Ainsworth House & Gardens

5. Castaway Portland – one of Portland’s most beautiful wedding spaces

Castaway Portland Wedding- Oregon

Castaway Portland is a space that found a new lease on life hosting some of the city’s most joyful moments. The space was once a yellow strand rope warehouse that fell into abandon as Portland’s industrial heritage transitioned away.

Now, the lovingly restored warehouse hosts weddings right by the Willamette River.

If you want to celebrate downtown Portland at the same time that you celebrate your union, there is no better place to do so than the Castaway. Plus, the shabby chic décor puts everyone at ease.

6. Abernethy Center – outstanding full-service wedding venue that offers a classy ballroom

Abernethy Center - Oregon

The Abernethy Center in Oregon City is one of the Portland area’s best designated event spaces. The Abernethy offers a combination of outdoor and indoor spaces that can fit wedding parties of all sizes. The two gardens, ballroom, and chapel all make for the perfect setting for your perfect day.

Besides the space, the staff help make this venue stand out. The on-site event coordinators and executive chefs make sure that every detail of your day, down to the menu, is perfect.

The Abernethy even suggests trusted vendors for you to work with on the services that they don’t provide.

7. Blockhouse – cozy venue to celebrate special moments

Blockhouse - Wedding Venue - Oregon

The Blockhouse is one of the best wedding venues in Portland for an intimate celebration of your love. The space is located in Pomarius Nursery and is surrounded by gorgeous greenery, outside and inside. Even though the venue is downtown, it truly integrates natural wonder into your wedding ceremony.

The kitchen is another thing that sets Blockhouse apart. While many catering menus for weddings are bland, the top-notch chefs behind the Blockhouse put together an excellent meal to truly celebrate your union.

Although Blockhouse cannot accommodate large wedding parties, it is a great destination for smaller ones.

  • Blockhouse
  • Address: 1988 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

8. The Victorian Belle Mansion – said to be one of Portland’s best wedding venues

The Victorian Belle Mansion - Oregon

Even the history of The Victorian Belle Mansion is romantic; the original owner built it as a wedding present for his blushing bride back in 1885.

With such an origin story, it’s no wonder that this stately Victorian mansion is now an in-demand romantic wedding venue in Portland.

The historic home has gone through a modernizing renovation that left many of the original details intact for a truly unique venue that feels like a step back in time.

However, you will not have to forego any of the conveniences of a modern wedding, thanks to a team of service professionals that includes delicious in-house catering.

9. Scholls Valley Lodge – charming lodge situated on a beautiful farm where you can enjoy breathtaking views whilst getting married

Scholls Valley Lodge - Oregon

Getting out into the Oregon countryside is one of the main appeals of Portland and planning a wedding in the city is no different.

The lodge is integrated into the surrounding community that still contains working farms, making it perfect for a quaint country wedding. The wood-paneled interiors, art pieces picked out by the Vial family, and lush guest rooms contribute to the appeal of this gorgeous venue.

However, the views are what really set Scholls Valley Lodge apart. The rolling farmland, mountain views including Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, and farm grounds are the perfect setting for unforgettable wedding photos.

10. The Leftbank Annex – a distinctive setting that blends a modern industrial design with pre-war aspects for a stunning wedding

The Leftbank Annex - Oregon

For the modern couple, the Leftbank Annex is Portland’s wedding venue of choice. The industrial space in downtown Portland hides two floors of airy, open event space besides a façade that has not changed much from the Annex’s days as a warehouse.

The massive windows and vast interiors easily transform into a wedding venue, thanks to the elegant décor and service. Furniture rentals are included in the event rental.

Plus, Leftbank Annex is committed to sustainability and offers a section on its website explaining this commitment to help eco-friendly couples make their decision.

11. McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse – winery wedding sanctuary with ample space to host a lovely wedding

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse - Oregon

In the McMenamins stable of unforgettable Portland venues is Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, an oasis of calm just outside of Portland in Oregon’s answer to Silicon Valley.

The Roadhouse complex includes a brewery, gastropub, and small bar spread out over six acres of colorful historic buildings.

You can rent the Roadhouse for your wedding, particularly in the summer when you can take advantage of the extensive outdoor seating. For a rural getaway that is still full of modern convenience, this is the perfect wedding venue.

12. The Laurelhurst Club – unique wedding venue located in one of the finest neighborhoods in Portland

The Laurelhurst Club - Oregon

The Laurelhurst Club is a quaint Craftsman-style building that is a gorgeous, spacious events space for all gatherings, including weddings.

Located in Portland’s historic Laurelhurst neighborhood, an example of the City Beautiful movement, the Club has retained many of the charms of the century-old building.

However, a recent renovation gave it a much-needed facelift and turned the interior into a spacious, light-filled event space.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is packed with history and calls to mind generations of joyful Portlanders, the Laurelhurst Club is the place to go.

13. Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel – all-inclusive wedding venue that offers a romantic decor

Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel - Oregon

There is nothing more romantic than a wedding on the water. If you’re looking for gorgeous views of the Willamette River on your wedding day, the Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel is the place to go.

The elegant, upscale hotel is located right by a park and the river, so even though you will be in downtown Portland, it will still feel as if you are in some faraway oasis of calm.

Wedding packages include a rehearsal dinner, in-house catering, condos for brides and grooms to get ready, and the assistance of an on-site wedding specialist.

14. Rossi Farms – a working farm that is the perfect idea for a wedding place

Rossi Farms - Oregon

For a rustic wedding not far from Portland, Rossi Farms is one of the best choices that you can make. Even though it is located in the city of Portland itself, the farm is still an active, family-owned, working farm that also hosts events.

The rustic wedding experience comes complete with views of Mt. Hood, outdoor spaces for dining and the ceremony itself, and the backdrop of the historic farm buildings.

Plus, wedding guests will get to play with adorable farm animals including baby goats!

  • Address: 3839 NE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97230
  • Rossi Farms

15. Portland Spirit Cruises & Events – a great place to celebrate an impeccable wedding

Portland Spirit Cruises & Events - Oregon

If a waterfront view is not enough, why not host your wedding on the water? Portland Spirit, the company offering beloved cruises to show guests and locals Portland from the water, also hosts weddings for small and large wedding parties.

The designated event planning team has experience organizing weddings and associated events, including bridal showers, elopements, rehearsal dinners, and more.

They can take care of everything from catering to décor while you focus on your union and the spectacular views that are serving as a backdrop for your special day.

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