Top 15 Best New Restaurants in Portland

Portland is full of restaurants; no matter the type of cuisine you’re looking for, this city has it. Although it’s always great to try something new, shiny and awesome, so here are a list of the best new restaurants in Portland, Oregon (in no particular order)

1. G-Love New American Kitchen – a great new spot which  Portland’s first ever ‘Reverse Steakhouse’ where vegetables take the center stage G-Love New American Kitchen In Portland

Based in northwest Portland on 21st Avenue, G-Love New American Kitchen is the best place for anyone looking to get the best new American food in Portland. The restaurant has everything from steaks to snacks and desserts, along with some great drinks.

Their Ribollita, Tagliatelle Cacio E Pepe, Fried Chicken, and Charred hanger Steak are some of the best items on their menu. If you’re in the mood for some sides, you can try the Cheesy Toast or Fingerling Potatoes. Milk Chocolate, Whip-A-Licious, and Coconut Cloud are some of the desserts available at G-Love New American Kitchen. 

The restaurant offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery and stays open from Wednesday to Sunday from 4 to 9 pm.

Address: 1615 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209, United States

2. Morchella Restaurant – a modern American restaurant dedicated to seasonal foraged and wild foodsMorchella Restaurant in Portland

Located in northeast Portland on Fremont Street, Morchella Restaurant is one of the best-rated new restaurants in Portland. 

Net Spaetzle, Venison Steak, Duck Breast, and Seared Rockfish are some of the items on their Entree menu. They also offer some great oysters. Braised Duck, Porcini Broth, Venison Tartare, and Celery Root Apple Wheel make up the appetizer menu. The dessert menu includes Hazelnut Milk and Honey Cake.

Morchella stays open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 to 10 pm.

Address: 1315 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97212, United States

3. Lovely Rita – a stylish but laid back place offering from breakfast to dinner, salads to dessertLovely Rita  Restaurant in Portland

A new restaurant in The Hoxton on 4th Avenue in northeast Portland, Lovely Rita, is a great place for every meal from breakfast to dinner. Little Rita during the day and Lovely Rita at night, the restaurant is one-of-a-kind.

Half Roasted Chicken, Steak Frites, and Parmesan Polenta, along with Roasted Steelhead, are some of their best offerings. If you want salads, you can try their salads menu, which has options like Little Gems, Caesar Salad, and Fire Roasted Beets. Their Smoked Chocolate Pot De Creme is an absolute delight and is a must-try.

Lovely Rita stays open from 4 to 11 pm all days of the week except for Monday and Tuesday. 

Address: 15 NW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, United States

4. Bluto’s – wood-fired and Greek-inspired food with awesome vegan and vegetarian optionsBluto’s restaurant in Portland

Bluto’s can be found in southeast Portland on Belmont Street inside Nodoguro. It offers a number of unique options and has some of the best food and drinks in the city.

Spiced Lamb, Wild Shrimp, Oregano Chicken, OP Loukaniko Sausage, and Root Vegetables make up their Souvlaki menu. They also have two different types of hummus, which include traditional and spiced beef. Vegetables and salads are also available for people looking for vegan options. 

Bluto’s is open throughout the week from 11 am to 10 pm.

Address: 2838 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

5. Toki – a new casual Korean eatery serving bibimbap, fried chicken, bao burgers and dumplingsToki restaurant in Portland

A Korean restaurant located in southwest Portland on 12th Avenue, Toki is a great place to enjoy amazing Korean food with exclusive cocktails. 

Their brunch menu includes breakfast Sandos, steamed bao burger, steak and eggs dolsot bibimbap, and toki breakfast, along with several other options. At dinner time, you can get bo ssam, bulgogi beef sizzler, yachae twigim bap, kalguksu, and scallop juk. Spam han’d roll, doenjang soup, bindaedduk, and banchan are some of the many snacks available at Toki.

Open through the week, Toki offers dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery. 

Address: 580 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205, United States

6. Phuket Cafe – find curry puffs, cocktails, shaved ice, brunch, and a smoking margarita at Portland’s best new bar

Phuket Cafe and restaurant In Portland

One of the best places for Asian food in Portland, Phuket Cafe, can be found on 23rd Place in northwest Portland. The restaurant offers everything from brunch to dinner and cocktails. 

Sang Kaya French toast, Khao Mok Gai, Brandt Skirt Steak, Gang Plaa, and Miang Plaa Jaramed are among their best brunch offerings. The dinner menu contains options like Curry, Brandt Dry Aged Ribeye, Thai Paella, Striped Bass, Muu Kua Grua, and Pandan Cheese Roti. Eggplant and Potato are available as sides.

Phuket Cafe operates from Wednesday to Sunday and offers dine-in services. 

Address: 1818 NW 23rd Pl, Portland, OR 97210, United States

7. Sunshine Noodles – an awesome new Cambodian American restaurant in Portland

Sunshine Noodles- Cambodian American restaurant in Portland

Sunshine Noodles, located in northwest Portland on Raleigh Street, is another restaurant that offers some great cuisines from the East. 

Their appetizers menu consists of options like Egg Roll Spring Roll, Lime Pepper WIngs, Chili Jam Prawn Cocktail, and Crunch Jicama Salad. In the entrees menu, you will find Phnom Penh Noodles, Lort Cha, Drunken Clam, Loc Lac, Holy Pesto Prawn Stir Fry, and Turmeric Cod Chowder, among other options. Sundaes like Ground Chocula and Lemon Go-Bang are also available. 

The restaurant operates all days of the week from 5 to 9 pm. 

Address: 2175 NW Raleigh St Suite 105, Portland, OR 97210, United States

8. Oma’s Hideaway – a great funky new restaurant offering playful food and drinks inspired by Southeast Asia and China Oma’s Hideaway restaurant in Portland

Oma’s Hideaway is a unique new restaurant in Rip City that is based in southeast Portland on Division Street. It offers takeout, delivery, and dine in services. 

Famous for its food, the restaurant offers some of the best Coconut Rice, Corn Fritters, Roti Canai, and Smoked Cumin Lamb Sausage. Their Sweet potato Dumplings and Oma-Zing Burger have also been recommended by people who have tried them. The Black Sticky Rice Pudding is an exclusive dessert offered by the restaurant that you will love. 

Oma’s Hideaway stays open from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Address: 3131 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202, United States

9. Gabbiano’s – for all things pasta and Italian and delicious cocktails  Gabbiano’s restaurant in Portland

If you’re looking for a new Italian-American restaurant, Gabbiano’s is the perfect place for you. Located in northeast Portland on 30th Avenue, it is a great place for pasta.

The Chitara, Girlfriend Pasta, and Sourdough Gnocchi are some of the unique pastas you can get here. Furthermore, the restaurant makes amazing Chicken Parm, Lamb Shank Osso Buco, and Calamari Fritti, along with Fried Mozzarella. 

Gabbiano’s operates from 4 to 10 pm all days of the week except for Monday and Tuesday. 

Address: 5411 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR 97211, United States

10. Paladin Pie – starting as a pop-up post-pandemic and is a now thriving joint serving new pie

Paladin Pie restaurant in Portland

A pizza place with a 5-star rating, Paladin Pie is based on Alberta Street in northeast Portland. If you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, there is no better option than this restaurant. 

Cheese Pie, Pepperoni Pie, and Birria Barbarian Whole Pie are among their best flavors. They also offer vegan options in the form of the Marinara Pie. You can also get some unique sauces to go with the pizza. 

Open from 11 am to 10 pm, the restaurant operates from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Address: 2231 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211, United States

11. Sweedeedee – a cozy cafe that offers homestyle breakfast, lunch and delicious baked goods Sweedeedee Restaurant in Portland

One of the coziest cafes in Portland, Sweedeedee offers great breakfast options, together with lunch and dinner. 

Their French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, and Breakfast Sandwich are among the top-selling breakfast items. Roasted Half Chicken and Fresh Cheese Sandwich are some great options for lunch, and the Laney Family Farms Brisket and Steamed Mussels are great for dinner. You can also get a wide range of salads at Sweedeedee.

Sweedeedee stays open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Address: 5202 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217, United States

12. Cafe Olli – offers delicious simple food from locally sourced, seasonal ingredientsCafe Olli restaurant in Portland

Cafe Olli is located in northeast Portland on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and offers dine-in and takeaway services. 

The employee-owned cafe is famous for its freshly baked bread. You can also get some great breakfast options here, including the Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and Frittata Breakfast Sandwich, among others. Market Sandwich, Pizza Alla Pala, Potato Soup, and Spring Pasta Salad are some of their lunch offerings. Metaballs and Bread Plate are some of the must-try options on the dinner menu. 

You can also get some amazing desserts at Cafe Olli.

Address: 3925 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212, United States

13. Rukdiew Cafe – a great new joint for Thai food lovers’ delight Rukdiew Cafe thai restaurant in Portland

A great option for Thai food lovers, the Rukdiew Cafe can be found on Belmont Street in southeast Portland. The cafe boasts a 5-star rating and has received loads of positive reviews. 

Crab Rangoon, Fresh Rolls Tofu, and Pot Stickers along with Coconut Prawns are great options in their starters menu. Kana Moo Grob, Ka Tian, Hot Meat Combo, and Trout Pad Thai are some of the items on the special dishes menu that are definitely worth trying. 

Rukdiew cafe operates all 7 days of the week from 11:30 am to 9 pm.

Address: 2534 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

14. Somtum Thai Kitchen – a fabulous new Thai joint with tasty dishes on offer

SomTum Thai restaurant in Portland

Another Thai restaurant with a 5-star rating, the Somtum Thai Kitchen is located in the Portland State University on Broadway Second Floor. 

Famous for its SomTum or Papaya Salad, the restaurant has numerous items to choose from. Somtum Thai KaiKem, Tum Poo Plara, and Tum Sua, together with Tum Khao Pod, are some of the best salads you’ll get there. Their Isan Chef’s Specials, which include Pa Khao Yai, Pa Khao Noi, and Tum Tad, have also been recommended by the customers. 

Somtum Thai Kitchen stays open all days of the week except for Wednesdays.

Address: 1924 SW Broadway Second Floor, Portland, OR 97201, United States


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