Top 10 Best Places To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

You only get one 21st birthday in your life. From that point forward, all future birthdays will only be anniversaries of that ceremoniously drunken rite of passage.

Basically, it’s just a sleigh ride into adulthood after the big 2-1. That said it’s absolutely imperative that you do this right, you only get one shot! Here are our Top 10 best places to celebrate your 21st birthday (in no particular order)...

1. The Summit Rooftop Louge, Austin – best for rooftop bar dancing

Summit Rooftop Lounge Austin

Attracting beautiful people by the bucketload, the Summit Rooftop Lounge combines style, dancing, cocktails and great views – so you couldn’t really ask for more for a place to party on your 21st!

Frequently topping the best bars in Austin lists, this place really makes the most of the balmy Texas evenings and has an exclusive location in Austin’s historic Warehouse District.

With gorgeous decor (including LED-lit walls) gorgeous clientele and a high-energy atmosphere that you won’t forget in a hurry! The popular venue hosts a mix of local and touring national DJs, there are also a few rooms so you’re not likely to get bored either!

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2. Omnia Nightclub, Las Vegas – best for an interactive experience on your 21st birthday

Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

Billed as an interactive experience rather than just a nightclub, this sprawling gem of a place – located at Caesar’s Palace – spans a whopping 75,000 square-foot over multiple levels and boasts the hottest talent and DJs on the famous Las Vegas strip.

This place has to be seen to be believed and is home to a seductive ‘ultra-lounge’, a high-energy main room, a mezzanine and a fabulous outdoor terrace that offers amazing views over the strip.

The decor? Think antique mirrors, and seats of rich leather and even a gigantic kinetic LED chandelier that transforms to the beat of the night – yep seriously! The place to create extraordinary 21st birthday memories!

  • Omnia Nightclub
  • 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

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3. The Woods, New York – best for hipsters turning 21

The Woods Club New York

With Brooklyn’s location and fabulously funky decor, this place caters to a cool and hip crowd. It’s a dance bar with an awesome spacious outdoor space and it attracts an upbeat, lively crowd so expect plenty of birthday dances with friendly strangers!

As well as DJ’s with great taste in party tunes, it’s also known for its great food (there’s a taco truck parked on the back patio) and inexpensive drinks so no need to break the bank. They also offer event hire so they can even cater to private people if you have enough buddies!

  •  48 S. 4th St. Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • The Woods

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4. Hyde Beach, Miami – best for a 21st birthday at a pool party

Hyde Beach Miami - best places to party when you're 21

An unashamedly brash and fun place to party at an upscale indoor/outdoor hotel lounge, this is the place to be seen in Miami especially if you’re young and love swimwear!

Located on South Beach’s swish SLS Hotel there are more than 8,000 square feet to party in which includes a swimming pool, a beach and an indoor/outdoor space.

An ideal place to celebrate your 21st the cocktails will be flowing, the sun will be shining and you’ll have a Miami-style birthday you’ll never forget! Bring some friends, check in to one of the many cool and amazing Miami hotels and make a weekend of it. 

5. Republic, New Orleans – best for varied music

Republic club New Orleans

This is a sprawling upscale dance club but one that perfectly captures the spirit of New Orleans. This large space was actually a former warehouse but now it’s been turned into a hugely popular New Orleans concert venue and club. The decor is quintessential New Orleans with wooden beams and crystal chandeliers has often be likened to A Night at the Roxbury.

One of the best things about choosing this place to party for your 21st birthday is the fantastic varied music choices – the live events here range from jazz to famous international dance DJs.

  • 828 S. Peters Street Arts/Warehouse District New Orleans,
  • Republic

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6. Wonder Bar, Boston – a high-energy college bar fantastic for parties

best places to party on your 21st birthday

It really doesn’t matter if your birthday falls on a weekend this year. Wonder Bar has things happening every single day. With two dance floors, a full kitchen, and DJs, DJs, and more DJs, you’re guaranteed a fantastic time even on a school night.

If you’re looking to go a little more upscale than a casual bar meet-up, check out their party packages, bottle service, and private rooms.

  • Wonder Bar
  • 186 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA 02134 (617) 351-2665

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7. Beaumont Bar and Grill, Chicago – best for a karaoke 21st Birthday Party

places to celebrate your 21st birthday

Looking for a place everyone will enjoy? Look no further than Beaumont Bar & Grill. Trying to please the whole group on your birthday can be a drag, so why not choose a fun place that has something for everyone.

From private parties to karaoke, you can be assured you and your friends will have a rocking time. This place has a very lively dance scene on weekends so why get dressed up to get sloppy? This place can be rockin’

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8. Kozy Kar, San Francisco – best for a fun and super kitsch night out

Kozy Kar, San Francisco

The ultimate dive bar, Kozy Kar is the perfect place for the 21-year-old with a whacky heart. The bathroom floor is covered in Playboy pictorials, and yes, there are two water beds.

Cheap beers, nice folks, and a weird-ass atmosphere will leave you questioning whether your entire birthday was a strange hallucination.

  • Kozy Kar
  • 1548 Polk St (between California St & Sacramento St), San Francisco, CA 94109, (415) 346-5699

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9. Madam’s Organ, Washington, DC – a lively blues bar perfect for a cool 21st birthday party

A lively blues bar USA

The slogan reads, “Where beautiful people go to get ugly.” If that isn’t a perfect 21st birthday party endorsement, we don’t know what is. From blues nights to karaoke, Madam’s Organ is an inebriated good time.

The free pool tables and year-round rooftop deck provide enough activities to keep both boys and girls entertained for hours on end.

  • Madam’s Organ
  • 2461 18th Street, Northwest Washington D.C., DC 20009, (202) 667-5370

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10. Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, New York – for something a little different

Mehanata Bulgarian Bar - where to party in the USA for your 21st birthday

Mehanata Bulgarian bar boasts the title, “the ultimate multi-national drunken-Balken disco dive bar extravaganza.” Um…YES, PLEASE. With DJs, performers, and events happening basically every night of the week, you can always pop in for a spontaneous celebration.

However, if you’re planning ahead, they offer “The Ice Cage” (New York’s sub-zero vodka drinking room) and party packages. If you book a VIP party with Mehanata, you get a free party bus. Just know that the bar has a four tooth minimum dress code. That’s right! If you want to make a weekend of it find one of the very cool New York City hotels, Brooklyn hotels or even rental pads in Williamsburg for a very hipster-friendly birthday break. 

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11. The Happy Ending, Los Angeles – old school fun

The Happy Ending Los Angeles - where to party in the USA for your 21st birthday

The only place you’re going to find a frat party…outside of a real frat party is at Happy Ending. Dancing, drinks, food, karaoke, beer pong, sports, and a wheel of fun.

Have your pals meet up, or book a private party in their upstairs room. Either way, you’re going to have a blast drinking the night away right on Sunset Blvd.

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  1. What!? No Austin, Vegas, OR Miami.

    You kidding. Those three have to be on there. Austin for 6th street and all the bars within close proximity. You can get free shots till you black out.

    And Vegas and Miami, if your friends have a lot of money to take you out, are great landing spots.


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