Top 20 Awesome Must Try Spas in Portland 2023

I honestly think there’s nothing quite like a bit of self-care, and whether you’re looking for holistic or something a little more medically advanced, the city of Portland has a vast range of excellent spas. From independent organic and vegan bohemian-style spas to larger modern complexes, here are my favorite spas in Portland OR to treat, pamper yourself, and switch off from all the hassles of modern life…

Top 3 Awesome Must Try Spas in Portland 2023
4 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Modern Health Club
Knot Springs Social Club
5 1 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Organic and Cruelty-Free Products
Blooming Moon Wellness Spa
6 1 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Unique Treatments
Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa
Best For Modern Health Club

Knot Springs Social Club

Knot Springs Social Club - Portland - Oregon

I love to spoil myself now and again, so when I do I head to Knot Springs. Knots Springs is a fabulous, clean, and modern high-end health club with unique architecture, trendy decor, and a great range of amenities. 

Attracting a youthful crowd, the decor is all sleek greys, punctuated with colourful Oaxaca chairs and abundant greenery dotted about the place I love. Other stand-out design features were the incredible views from the terrace, and I recommend sitting there with a refreshing peppermint tea and watching the world below. 

After taking a dip in the healing pool, enjoy a sauna and cold plunge or book a full-body massage or a customized facial. Finish your visit with their soothing foot rub for that ultimate treat.

If you want to step it up a few gears, there’s also a well-equipped modern fitness studio complete with a yoga studio. 

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Ashiatsu – a type of deep massage using the therapist’s feet.
  • CBD oil massage – a massage using custom-made organic CBD oil for all sorts of health benefits.
  • The Knot Springs Ritual – a signature ritual experience to help increase circulation, reduce pain and boost immunity. 


Ultra-modern healthcare facilities including steam room and hot tubs

Exclusive relaxing pampering sessions and treatments

Swimming pool and cold plunge

Signature Knot Springs Ritual experience


48-hour cancellation policy

Can get crowded at peak times

Best For Organic and Cruelty-Free Products

Blooming Moon Wellness Spa

Blooming Moon Wellness Spa

At Blooming Moon Wellness Spa, you can indulge in eco-friendly, award-winning personal services like a healing massage, a pedicure, or a body scrub.

Blooming Moon provides all-natural alternatives to beauty, with cruelty-free products and an organic skincare range. Are you feeling like you are being spoiled? Why not book a soothing, rejuvenating facial tailored to your unique skin care needs?

Enjoy a body treatment with a complimentary steam shower for more me-time and self-care. The spa prides itself on offering a one-of-a-kind pampering experience with the highest quality, vegan-friendly natural skincare products.

Stand out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Soak + Steam – have a private soak in the hot tub and steam in our deluxe shower for one.
  • LED FACIAL – light therapy to help boost collagen, and reduce redness, acne and inflammation.
  • Cupping – a Chinese therapy to stimulate blood flow, induce relaxation and relieve pain.


Award-winning personalized services and hot tub

Vegan-friendly organic cruelty-free products

Exclusive LED facial therapy

Great range of holistic therapies and treatments


No swimming pool

Small spa

Best For Unique Treatments

Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa Salt Caves

As a relaxation and wellness getaway, the Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa is a remarkable facility where you’ll find the only salt caves in the Pacific Northwest region.

You are pampered with the best therapeutic care and deep healing services to provide the pain and stress relief you deserve.

Experience Zama’s therapeutic halotherapy salt caves,, which harness salt’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties to promote healing.

Aesthetic services include facials, manicures, and pedicures, and choose from a range of specialist massages to nurture and invigorate you.

Zama is also known for its unique couples date nights, offering the relaxation and benefits of a 5-star spa experience for two.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Gemstone Facial – a gorgeous facial which harnesses the natural benefits of crystals.
  • Just for Him Facial – a man-tailored facial which helps repair the damage caused by daily shaving, skin sensitivity and environmental impact.
  • Salted Chocolate Massage – a fun, detoxing and relaxing treatment in one of the spa’s salt rooms.


Lots of couples treatments

Mesmerizing deep healing services

Onsite anti-bacterial halotherapy salt caves

One-of-a-kind specialized aesthetic treatments


Can get booked up at peak times

Slightly higher than average prices

Best For Ayurvedic treatments

The Dragontree

The Dragontree - Portland - Oregon

The Dragontree is a company devoted to wellness. It has been nominated as one of the best spas in the United States.

Leading practitioners, spas, and major retailers nationwide rely on their healing and lifestyle products. Dragontree aims to restore optimal peace and well-being.

The Spa is a beautiful haven where you can shed the stresses and worries affecting the quality of your life. Spend some me-time treating yourself to some of their excellent skincare and rejuvenating therapies.

Restore your inner balance and let go of the stresses and tensions holding you back from being your most vibrant, centered, and peaceful self.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • The Full Bliss Immersion – an Ayurvedic ritual which aims to maintain balance and harmony between body, mind, and spirit. 
  • Signature Foot Baths – with herbs to help circulation and relieve soreness, swelling, and pain.
  • Acupuncture – is said to help anything from depression and anxiety to neurological disorders.


Multiple awarding-winning

Renowned healing and lifestyle products including ayurvedic

Signature herbal foot baths

Rejuvenating skin-care therapies


Small spa so limited facilities

No onsite swimming pool

Best For Luxury

Spa Sasse

Spa Sasse Portland Oregon

A trendy and highly rated spa in Portland that has been going since 1982 and offers both wellness and more advanced aesthetics.

Focusing on minimally-invasive treatments, they offer services such as massages, facials, waxing, and Infrared saunas alongside more specialist treatments such as PRP platelet-rich plasma, Trigger Point Injections, dermal fillers, and IV nutrients. 

There is a focus on relaxation and unwinding in beautiful zen surroundings, and at 5000+ square feet, the spa is spacious too. They also have a high-quality team of Physicians, RNs, Advanced Aestheticians, and Licensed Massage Therapists.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Infrared Sauna – said to have all sorts of benefits from detoxification to weight loss.
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) – sometimes known as HawkGrips this is advanced form of myofascial mobilization so detects and releases scar tissue, adhesions, and fascial restrictions.
  • Platinum HydraFacial – a HydraFacial MD® which aims to deliver long-term skin health.


Both advanced aesthetics and spa treatments

Revitalizing minimally invasive treatments

Infrared sauna sessions

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapies


Can get booked up at peak times

Luxury comes with higher price tags

Best For Holistic Treatments

Silk & Stone Holistic Day Spa

Silk & Stone Holistic Day Spa

There’s a significant emphasis on the holistic world, and at this beautiful bohemian-style spa, you’ll find organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and chemical-free products and treatments.

Whether you’re looking for hair or skin services and products, you’ll find treatments such as incredible Henna Body Art, Henna Herbal Coloring, threading, waxing, and facials. 

They also offer makeup, nail services, manicures, pedicures, and microdermabrasion. It is a beautiful and unique spa that perfectly sums up the spirit of Portland! 

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Dermaplaning Facial – an exfoliating treatment in which a sterile surgical blade removes dead skin from the face.
  • Traditional Eastern Botanical Facial – a holistic facial based on ancient Indian and Pakistani traditions.
  • Henna parties – popular gatherings Inspired by the beautiful works of historic art in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures.


Traditional boho eastern vibe

Holistic healing remedies

Organic chemical-free therapies

Renowned dermaplaning facial treatments


Busy staff at times

Sometimes close on random times

Best For Day Spa

Rejuvenation Day Spa

Rejuvenation Day Spa Portland Oregon

We can all improve our health by eliminating stress from our lives. Reclaim your inner peace and harmony with the Rejuvenation Day Spa healing treatments.

In this sanctuary of tranquillity, you can rebalance yourself physically and mentally with a blissful healing and rejuvenation experience.

Treat yourself to a nourishing facial with a relaxing face, neck, and scalp massage. For beautifully smooth skin, you can book a full range of facial and body hair removal services or opt for a massage or a full-body scrub.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • The Sabai Experience – a therapy which is ‘a state of bliss’ traditional treatment from Thailand where hot herbal balls are pressed along the Sen Sib lines.
  • Oxygenating Facial – a popular oxygenating treatment designed to clear skin congestion and give you a great glow!
  • Water Renewal Wrap – a great massage and wrap experience using raindrops.


Tranquil setting with blissful surroundings

Popular oxygenating facial treatment

Onsite hair salon and beauty treatments

Traditional Sabai therapy offered


Advance bookings needed

Consultation fee

Best For Ritual Self-Care

Xenana Spa and Wellness Center

Xenana Spa and Wellness Center - Portland - Oregon

It would be best to incorporate self-care into your life routines to revitalize and rejuvenate your body and your state of mind and inner peace.

Destress and relax at Xenana Spa in the hands of the talented staff who care for your well-being. Surrender yourself to massage therapy to nurture your body, relieve tension, and restore your emotional wellness.

Xenana Spa’s deep tissue massage helps release pain and discomfort, soothes sore muscles, and improves circulation. For a special pampering, treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial to refine and repair your skin, leaving it silky, smooth, and fresh again.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Hatha Flow Yoga – a flow-based Hatha Yoga practice that centers the breath and contemplative discernment.
  • The Works Medi Facial – a corrective treatment that uses a no-needle Osmosis RevitaPen Infusion tool.
  • Clarify Back Treatments at Xenana – helps clear congestion and back breakouts.


Rejuvenating self-care rituals

Specialized deep tissue massages

Flow-based Hatha Yoga

Exclusive body nurturing procedures


Strict cancellation policy

Limited facilities (ie no swimming pool)

Best For Floatation Therapy

The Float Shoppe

The Float Shoppe - Portland - Oregon

For a memorable experience, simply climb into a pod or a water tank, let everything go, and experience the relaxing sensations of floating. Different float pods, or an open tank, exist for your ninety-minute float in Epsom salts.

The lights can be left shining in your pod to help you drift off, or they can be turned off from the start so you immediately begin experiencing nothingness.

The float experience lets you feel complete peace and tranquillity benefits. It will leave you feeling replenished and clear-headed, freed from the demands of your busy life.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • 90-minute float – peace and relaxation in 1000 pounds of Epsom salt.
  • A float and a massage – combine two treatments together.


Serene reconnecting environment

Uniquely incorporated beautiful lighting

Also offers acupuncture and massage


Limited range of treatments

Parking can be tricky (small amount of private spaces)

Best For Unique Services

Common Ground Wellness

Common Ground Wellness - Portland - Oregon

Common Ground Wellness is a healing center renowned for its soaking pool and the quality of its services for members and visitors.

The center is built around a community cooperative where the center staff pra,ctitioner, and practitionersn purchase canvidual lifetime memberships. The goal of the cooperative is to bring wellness to the community in an eco-friendly way.

The bathhouse provides a healing soak in a hot saltwater pool and a dry cedar sauna to promote healing and relaxation. Qualified practitioners provide acupuncture, naturopathy, massage therapy, and skincare services.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Structural Integration (SI) – explores the possibility of change in how you use and experience your body. 
  • Soak and Sauna at the Bathhouse – for the perfect way to relax.
  • Microneedling – stimulates collagen using a popular technique.


Eco-friendly ethos

Hot saltwater healing pool

Range of spa and massage treatments

Acupuncture clinic and sauna


No sunglasses policy

The sauna could be warmer

Best For Rejuvenation Oasis

SANTE Aesthetics & Wellness

SANTE? Aesthetics & Wellness

Portland’s SANTÉ Aesthetics & Wellness is renowned as an oasis for rejuvenation and healing, with a tranquil atmosphere and well-qualified staff. Patrons can enjoy relaxing at the spa facility while accessing a full menu of aesthetic services and the best quality holistic medical care.

The spa offers a soaking pool, steam room, excellent dip pool, a UV lightroom, massage therapy, and the truSculpt iD® body sculpting system for noninvasive fat reduction to problem areas. For wellness services, trained practitioners can provide acupuncture, naturopathy, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Nutrient IV Therapy & Nutrient Injections – a popular way to increase and maintain health.
  • Plexr Plus – an FDA Cleared Medical Plasma System to help skin indications without the need for invasive surgery.
  • The O-Shot – an infection that uses the growth factors in PRP to promote improved sexual health and wellness.


Chic surroundings with onsite plunge pool

Natural IV therapy with nutrient-rich injections

Advanced fat loss treatments

Great range of wellness and spa treatments


A little pricey

Can get booked up at peak times

Best For Massage Therapies


Breathe Spa Portland

On your next trip to the St. Johns District, go to the Breathe spa to sigh a breath of relief as you relax. The hotel is located inside Two/Thirds, which is a clothing store with styles made from recycled materials. 

Besides massages, acupuncture, LED light therapy, and other spa services, engage in restorative yoga or reiki, an energy healing technique to help you destress. For acupuncture, keep in mind that Wednesdays through Sundays are the only available days for this service. 

If you need massage therapy because of a car accident, you will not have to pay out of pocket. They will bill your insurance company. 

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Private Restorative Yoga – unique one-to-one sessions.
  • Chakra balancing hot oil wrap and scalp treatment – a balancing treatment inspired by Ayurvedic techniques.
  • CranioSacral Therapy – is said to improve whole-body health and performance. 


Private therapeutic yoga sessions

Highly professional Ayurvedic techniques

Craniosacral performance therapies

Perfect for the budget-friendly crowd

Great range of massage therapies


Sometimes slow customer service

Product upsells

Best For Holistic Treatments

Root Whole Body

Root Whole Body Portland

Root Whole Body is a holistic spa situated in the Northwest District. Enjoy Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes based on your desired way to engage in the exercise. 

When you sign up for a free whole body health account, you can get up to 30% off on services, including clinic appointments, infrared sauna, hydrotherapy, movement classes, and spa treatments.

Get 10% off teas, tonics, retail products, skincare items, and supplements. Once you sign up, deposit funds into your account each month for these discount perks. 

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Hydrotherapy – soak in minerals-rich soothing water.
  • Organic Personalized Facial – a popular facial to help all sorts of skin issues.
  • Prenatal Massage – a great choice for expectant mums.


Holistic treatments including acupuncture

Engaging Vinyasa yoga classes and pilates

Hydrotherapy and movement sessions

Exclusive discounted perks for members


One-size-fits-all robes

Supplement upsell

Best For Anti-Ageing Treatments

Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa

Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa

Multnomah District’s Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa offers anti-ageing benefits with various spa services. All products are dermatologist and FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness.

You will only receive the highest quality service because their MD physicians and Master Estheticians are continually trained to ensure they are performing treatments correctly. 

When you are not receiving spa or skin care treatments, you can purchase products to take home. Some products they offer include ZO Skin Health, Epionce, and Latisse. 

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • 3D Titan – tightens and increases collagen through heat. 
  • CoolSculpting – a treatment to get rid of stubborn fat. 
  • Laser Genesis – a non-invasive skin treatment that stimulates the production of new collagen. 


Diverse FDA-approved spa treatments

Rejuvenating anti-ageing benefits

Professional estheticians

Non-invasive laser genesis


Slightly higher than average prices

Service can be a little slow during peak hours

Best For Innovative Technology

Illume Day Spa

Illume Day Spa Portland Oregon

The Illume Day Spa promotes the rejuvenation and replenishment of your skin with therapeutic facial treatments.

Their trained staff addresses skin imbalances with deep cleansing, exfoliation, and facial massage to refine and soften your skin. Facial oxygen benefits the skin by stimulating its natural healing action.

This treatment is applied for its anti-inflammatory properties to boost collagen production and detoxify and invigorate facial skin for a radiant complexion and a lasting glow. More services include massage, body treatments, waxing, and lash tinting.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • PCA Peels – very focused and safe professional-grade peels. 
  • Full Face facial waxing – for super smooth skin.
  • Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Body Scrub – a very smoothing and hydrating treatment.


Innovative facial oxygen therapy

More advanced treatments offered

Hydrating enzyme body scrubs

Use of innovative technology


Advanced appointments needed

Limited parking

Best For Aromatherapy

KIVA: Cafe & Spa

KIVA Cafe & Spa Portland

Northwest District’s KIVA Cafe & Spa meshes relaxation with elevated light bites. You can enjoy a back massage and a fruit smoothie, all in the exact location. 

For spa specials, choose from back or foot massages, aromatherapy, hot stones, cooling eye treatments, warm oil scalp massages, and more. All their spa specials come with complimentary tea and a cookie from the cafe next door. 

Try one of their delicious acai bowls for a refreshing and nutritious meal. Choose from Revitalize, Power House, Summer Breeze, or Fall in Love. Smoothies, tea, espresso, and wine are also available to order. 

Please stop by their shop to grab all-natural candles, soaps, teas, and more. It is a 3-in-1 business that will leave you feeling refreshed every time you end your visit. 

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Astrology Massage – a unique massage based on your personal astrology birth chart.
  • Couples massage – a romantic side-by-side treatment.
  • Raindrop Reflexology – a unique watery take on the normal Reflexology treatment. 


Unique spa and cafe combination

Personalized astrology massage therapy

Deliciously nutritious acai bowls

Cool boho vibe and great aromatherapy treatments


Some food items not always available

Sometimes closes at random times

Best For Hydrafacials

Bali Spa

Bali Spa - Portland - Oregon

When you must wind down and spoil yourself with self-care, devote some special me-time to the Bali Spa.

You will be pampered with personalized holistic treatments to deliver healthy, silky skin. The Bali Spa is located near the Hawthorne district and is ideal for relaxing and re-energizing with a rejuvenating facial care program or body treatment.

The spa specializes in a comprehensive, holistic skin treatment that targets problems like wrinkles and fine lines, oily skin, uneven skin tone, sun damage, dry skin, blemishes, and rosacea.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Dr. Hauschka Facial – an organic facial using the popular brand of cruelty-free skin treatments.
  • The HydraFacial™ – for all sorts of skin problems.
  • Ace treatment – tailored treatments for congested skin.


Onsite hydrafacial experts

Personalized treatments

Dr. Hauschka skin care

Also offers acupuncture


Small spa

Limited onsite facilities

Best For Water Therapy

Kanani Pearl Spa

Kanani Pearl Spa - Portland - Oregon

The serene Kanani Pearl Spa is a harmonious, tranquil retreat for pampering weary, stressed bodies. The spa is dedicated to restoring the essential radiance from within. They offer a comprehensive service designed to relax, revitalize, and rejuvenate you so that you can reconnect with yourself.

Based on Lomilomi, the ancient Hawaiian form of healing massage, the Kanani Pearl Spa is an exotic island retreat where you can embrace the uplifting experiences of relaxation and renewal. With massage, facials, body treatments, and waxing, the spa offers a full range of beauty aesthetics and therapy.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • BEMER: Bio-Electric Magnetic, Energy Regulator – a unique treatment which enhances overall health and wellness.
  • Lomi’ili’ili (Hot Stones) – a Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage treatment.
  • Volcanic Clay Purifying Wrap – uses Chinese clay to detoxify, heal and soothe. 


Onsite bathhouse

Hawaiian-inspired healing massage

Beauty aesthetics and therapy

Purifying detoxification wraps


Clothing optional policy won’t suit everyone

Limited food options

Best For Manis and Pedis

Adore Day Spa

Adore Day Spa - Portland - Oregon

The Adore Day Spa provides all-natural manicures, pedicures, and foot treatments.

The spa offers a full-service nail treatment for pampering and improving your nails, cuticles, and skin. They aim to cater to everyone’s unique style and personality with top-quality service for total client satisfaction.

For a regular treat, enjoy a classic manicure and a luxurious addition, opt for an Adore Signature manicure to relax your hands with warm basalt stones in the massage. At the same time, make sure you don’t miss Adore’s classic spa pedicure experience.

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • BEMER: Bio-Electric Magnetic, Energy Regulator – a unique treatment which enhances overall health and wellness.
  • Lomi’ili’ili (Hot Stones) – a Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage treatment.
  • Volcanic Clay Purifying Wrap – uses Chinese clay to detoxify, heal and soothe. 


Full-service natural nail care

Luxury signature manicure treatment

Organic skin-care remedies

Massage therapies also often


Busy at peak times

Limted range of treatments

Best For Vegan Spa

Genesis Vegan Spa

Genesis Vegan Spa Portland

Gabrielle Russell-Davis, M.H. is the Master Herbalist and Trichologist who owns Genesis Vegan Spa in Beaverton, Oregon.

Whether vegan or environmentally conscious, you will enjoy Genesis Vegan Spa for its edible experience. The natural foods they use to enhance your skin are filled with antioxidants that will leave you looking and feeling great. 

When you are not relaxing at their spa, take home one of their vegan beauty products. Choose from hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, mists, styling gel, oils, and face masks. Product scents include orange, lavender, mint, grapefruit, and more. 

Distance From Portland–20 minutes

Stand Out/Unique Must-Try Treatments…

  • Vaginal Steaming – for all sorts of intimate health benefits.
  • Hair Restoration – using naturopathy. 
  • Skin Restoration – using all sorts of holistic methods.


Antioxidant-filled natural vegan products

Naturopathy hair restoration

Ultra-modern holistic treatments

Massages and non-invasive treatments

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