Top 14 Yurts to Stay in or Near Portland

Increasingly cool and sought after, Yurts offer a much more fun, comfortable and glamorous way to go camping. From private farm roundhouses to mountainside retreats, here are the top yurts to stay in or near Portland, Oregon…

1. Surf Dome at Otter Rock -a beautiful yurt in a dome shape perfect for a coastal escape

Surf Dome at Otter Rock - Oregon Surf Dome at Otter Rock1 - Oregon

The Surf Dome at Otter Rock is a jaw-dropping, serene geodesic house that is a must-visit for anyone. Whether you are a traveler, an artist, or a romantic couple, the SurfDome will win your heart and make a lasting impression on you.

The 1445 square feet house has one bedroom that can accommodate eight people, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and even a lawn. You can also rest on the patio or take a peek from the countless windows in the house. 

The excellent location also provides easy access to the Devil’s Punchbowl where you can visit the beach or watch the giant waves.

Address: Otter Rock, Oregon, United States of America

2. The Hippie Shack – a stylish yurt that provides all the essentials

The Hippie Shack - Oregon The Hippie Shack - Oregon1

The Hippie Shack is a beautiful, round yurt in the middle of a private farm. With a bright red color, the house gives a playful vibe and encourages you to let go of your worries. Since the yurt is situated on a farm you also get access to a fresh breakfast.

For an affordable price, you get a beautiful permanent camp, with its kitchen and bathroom. You also get WiFi, TV, and phone access. 

Address: Days Creek, Oregon, United States of America

3. Holiday Park Pacific City Camping Resort Yurt 12 – an affordable camping resort where you can enjoy a yurt experience

Holiday Park Pacific City Camping Resort Yurt 12 - Oregon Holiday Park Pacific City Camping Resort Yurt 12 - Oregon1

The Camping Resort Yurt 12 is your simple, affordable yurt solution. The area has a hot tub, game room, BBQ facility, and internet access. The yurt was built with the purpose to provide Americans with an easy-to-book place where they can crash whenever they want. 

Whether you are looking for serious lodgings for a few days or simply want to enjoy a peaceful experience, this yurt will fulfil all your needs and provide you with an uplifting and calm environment to escape the tiring city life.

Address: 30000 Sandlake Road – Unit 12, Cloverdale, 97112, United States of America

4. Cozy, Oceanfront, Dog-friendly Yurt with Private Hot Tub – a charming yurt that offers a serene oceanfront 

Cozy, Oceanfront, Dog-friendly Yurt with Private Hot Tub - Oregon Cozy, Oceanfront, Dog-friendly Yurt with Private Hot Tub - Oregon1

This beautiful 580 square feet house will impress you with its unique structure and insanely beautiful outdoor area. For the cost, you get one bedroom that can sleep four people, a kitchen, a bath, and a patio.

If you love the cozy and electrifying vibe a yurt offers then this dog-friendly yurt is the perfect option for you. The great outdoor area allows you to look at some of the best views in town. At night, you can look at the beautiful stars while listening to the crickets sing.

Address: Bay City, Oregon, United States of America

5. Wine Country Retreat – a two-story yurt that overlooks the stunning Willamette Valley

Wine Country Retreat - Oregon Wine Country Retreat1 - Oregon

The roundhouse is situated on the mountainside and overlooks the beautiful Willamette Valley. With a trendy and upbeat vibe, the place will uplift your tired spirits and revitalize your soul. The incredible 1200 square feet of land has everything the heart desires. 

The house has around two bedrooms that sleep four people. You also get a living room, a kitchen and a patio. 

Address: Amity, Oregon, United States of America

6. Yogi’s Den Playfully Themed Yurt – a Yogi bear-themed yurt suitable for adults and kids

Yogi's Den Playfully Themed Yurt - Oregon Yogi's Den Playfully Themed Yurt1 - Oregon

If you are bored of the traditional yurts that are dotted around Portland, then Yogi’s Den might be your savior. The unique 450 square feet of land allows you to experience the most comfortable life while still putting practicality first.

The beautiful house has the “bears” theme which distinguishes it from hundreds of other yurts that line the Oregon area. With a beautiful outside patio and a characteristic central ceiling light, the house will impress you and allow you to make unforgettable memories. 

Address: Veneta, Oregon, United States of America

7. Mystical Rose –  an esoterical yurt that provides lots of good vibes

Mystical Rose yurt - Oregon

Mystical Rose1 - Oregon

Mystical Rose is the 24-inch diameter yurt that is designed with the “whimsical flower” theme. The house is one of the three yurts available by the popular Yurtel.

The house is situated in a beautiful 450 square feet field and has a huge bedroom, kitchen, dining area, and living room.

You also get free WiFi, 40 inch TV, a heater, and a fireplace. Since the yurt is provided by a bed-and-breakfast company you also get a complimentary breakfast in the morning. 

Address: Veneta, Oregon, United States of America

8. Private Roundhouse -a circular home full of character and comfort

Private Roundhouse Yurt Private Roundhouse Yurt Oregon

Private Roundhouse is a simple, compact, and affordable solution to your temporary home needs. The circular home is set in a 200 square feet space that is full of fruit trees. You get a bedroom, electric heating, WiFi, patio, kitchen, and more in the package.

The unique aspect of the house is its floor which is made out of pennies. More than 59,000 pennies were used to line up the floor. The rest of the house is made of cedarwood and glass. 

Address: Southeast Eugene, Eugene, Oregon, United States of America

9. Garden Home Backyard Yurt Experience – a cozy-comfy yurt surrounded by majestic trees and gorgeous scenery 

Garden Home Backyard Yurt Experience - Oregon Garden Home Backyard Yurt Experience - Oregon1

This Garden Home Yurt is exactly what you would imagine a perfect yurt house to be. A beautiful garden with big trees, colorful flowers, and a clear view of the sky.

The yurt is centered within this beautiful? acre land and has everything you would need to feel comfortable.

The bedroom has 3 beds that can host five people and there is one bath available as well. After recent renovations, the house has a clean, modern look and features an in-house fireplace. You also get free Wi-Fi and parking. 

Address: Garden Home, Portland, Oregon, United States

10. Yurt Meadow Retreat – a charming yurt located in a secluded forest near Portland’s downtown

Yurt Meadow Retreat - Oregon Yurt Meadow Retreat - Oregon1

For those who hate big houses and tents, get ready cause this cozy, compact yurt will blow you away.

Situated in a calm and peaceful private farm, the yurt will provide you with the most natural experience that’s tough to compete with.

The small yurt has 1 bedroom, a mini-fridge filled with snacks, and two shared beds. The bathhouse is situated privately outside the yurt and is made from wood.

With a clear space in the ceiling, you will be able to gaze endlessly at some of the greatest nighttime views.

Address: Powellhurst Gilbert, Portland, Oregon, United States

11. The Yurt on Eagleview – a mountain yurt that offers breathtaking views

The Yurt on Eagleview - Oregon The Yurt on Eagleview - Oregon1

This mountainside yurt made of beautiful wood boasts some of the greatest views of Portland. The place is commonly known for the epic bird sightings which include Eagles and Osprey.

The house has one bedroom and a bath and is great for solo travelers or couples who want to escape city life.

You can also witness some great views of the Rogue River from the private balcony which is made out of cedarwood. Protruding right from the mountain, you have access to the great, green view down below 24/7.

Address: Gold Beach, Oregon, United States

12. Yurtel – a distinctive b&b yurt perfect for a romantic getaway

Yurtel - Oregon Yurtel - Oregon1

Yurtel is a group of three yurts in Veneta that offers one of the best bed and breakfast experiences in Oregon. Owned by Jim and Patricia Haddock, the place originally used to be a salon but was later remodeled by the owners to create something that they were truly passionate about. 

The yurts are called Mystical Rose, Yogi’s Den, and Camelot. Each yurt has its own characteristics, themes and has something unique to offer.

Needless to say, whichever yurt you choose you will get a peaceful, relaxing, and fun experience with great food.

Address: Territorial Hwy, Veneta, OR 97487, United States

13. Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, OR -one of the most stunning yurt spots in Portland

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, OR

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park is one of the most beautiful camping spots in Oregon. The area offers dozens of yurts and camps of all shapes and sizes for people with different needs.

Famous for its hiking and bike trail, the park will keep you occupied for hours.

The beautiful views of Lake Marie will melt your heart and make a lasting impression on your heart. Casual campers enjoy the park for its boating, fishing, and snorkeling facilities. We suggest spending at least one night here to experience the surreal nighttime views. 

Address: Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, Reedsport, OR 97467, United States

14. Cozy Yurt in the Private Park – Bike Trail Access – a popular place for a yurt glamping experience

Cozy Yurt in the Private Park - Bike Trail Access - Oregon Cozy Yurt in the Private Park - Bike Trail Access1 - Oregon

The beautiful, cozy yurt is the perfect, modern permanent tent you have been looking for. Many casual renters first ran into the yurt through the Banks-Vernonia State Trail and absolutely fell in love with the place. 

Aside from the beautiful spacious rooms, you also get other free amenities including WiFi, dedicated workspace, parking and more.

The little details show exactly how much the owners care about your experience and how passionate they are about yurt rentals.

Address: Vernonia, Oregon, United States

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