Why a Recreational Vehicle Makes a Great Base of Operations for Globetrotters

Imagine a life with no limits. You could be working remotely while visiting countless national parks, hiking, watching the sunset, and doing it all over again the next day. There are a lot of names for someone who chooses this lifestyle: digital nomad, globetrotter, or wanderer. No matter what you call yourself, a life like this can be a life of freedom.

If you want to be able to travel and not have to find a hotel once it gets dark, then a recreational vehicle (RV) might make a great base of operations for your traveling. You can create the full-time freedom lifestyle you have been looking for — or simply have a more solid plan for spontaneous weekend trips. 

The benefits of RV living for travelers

You might be uncertain about buying an RV. However, there are so many benefits that travel lovers can enjoy by condensing their lives into an RV or van. From saving money to simplifying your life, there are many ways that living in an RV or van can improve your life and travels.

Social media is full of #VanLife pictures that can inspire you, but what are the real-life benefits of this kind of lifestyle?

Save on expenses

One way that RV living can improve your life is by saving you money. Imagine never having to pay rent. You can utilize free or inexpensive locations like campgrounds, rest areas, or public lands as you travel across the country. You will also have less living space which means fewer unnecessary purchases.

It is important to note, however, that there are some costs associated with RV living. You should budget for gas to move from location to location, as well as the maintenance that may be required as your RV or van sees wear and tear on the road. Even with these costs, if you are looking for a lower cost of living, an RV or van may be the perfect financial choice for you.

Simplify your life

Here’s the truth: life gets a lot simpler when you have less square footage to work with. Living in an RV or van means that you will need to get rid of many of your belongings and simplify your life in the long term.

By simplifying your life, you can save money, improve your mental health, and improve your overall quality of life. You can let go of any pressure that you may feel to keep up with other people by purchasing more and more belongings. Your gift is your ability to move from place to place, not to don the latest clothes.

Be more spontaneous

If you are interested in living more spontaneously, then an RV or a van is the perfect choice for you. Many people get stuck in the 9-to-5 daily routine and never get to realize their dreams or see the magical places that exist on this planet — but you can.

By making your home mobile, you can experience places that you’ve only ever imagined and you can do it at any time. There’s something very attractive for many people about being able to pick up and move at any time or get on a plane and trade the RV for hotels and hostels while traveling abroad.

However you choose to live your life, don’t be afraid to be more spontaneous and live life to the fullest.

Live more sustainably

If you are interested in living more sustainably, then living in an RV or van may be a great option for you. RV living requires living simply and owning and buying fewer things. This means much less waste from fast fashion and unnecessary possessions.

Other benefits of living in an RV or van may include using less energy. Many people with RVs and vans choose to invest in eco-friendly purchases, such as solar panels and energy-efficient appliances.

Considerations for moving into a vehicle

While Instagram may make #VanLife look beautiful and simple, it is not always an easy process. It takes careful planning to be successful and happy while living this type of lifestyle.

However, with the proper research and preparation, you can live a happy life on the road. 

Choosing your vehicle

Your first task will be to choose between an RV and a van. Each option has a long list of benefits and downsides, including:

  • Budget: If you have a lower budget, then van life is the best choice for you. Your space will be smaller, you’ll have higher gas mileage, and you’ll have access to more low-cost and free parking options.
  • Lifestyle: The lifestyle in an RV can be different than a van. Some RVs, depending on the size, are like tiny homes. They have full kitchens, bathrooms, and private sleeping areas. A van has to be more minimal and creative in its layout. 
  • Length of trip: For many people, the amenities of an RV allow for longer, more comfortable trips. A van is often used for short trips — however, this is completely up to your preference and your desired comfort level. 

It is important for you to understand your goals and your needs before you make the decision to purchase a vehicle.

Knowing where to park

One of the more difficult aspects of a nomadic lifestyle is finding where to park at night. You can always search for a campground to park at, but if you are trying to save money there are other options. Some businesses, including Walmart and Camping World, allow for free overnight parking, especially if you go inside and purchase some snacks. 

If you are traveling alone, always be sure to lock your doors, block your windows, and minimize trips outside of your vehicle as much as possible. These simple actions can help keep you safe while traveling solo. 

Deciding what to keep 

When moving into a van or RV, you have to be very selective about what possessions you keep with you. Many people choose to get rid of many of their belongings. However, there are also storage options for keeping items that you do not want to get rid of. You can rent a storage unit or keep a box or two of your belongings with a friend or family member while you are traveling.

When choosing what to keep, you must think practically about the climate you will be encountering on your trip and your day-to-day needs. What clothes, appliances, kitchenware, and home goods will be necessary for you to live a comfortable life on the road? 

Caring for pets

While you may be worried about traveling with your furry friend, don’t worry! Many people travel with cats and dogs. However, you must keep in mind your animal’s safety, happiness, and well-being while you are traveling.

Many RV and van owners will include a dog crate in the layout of their vehicle, often under another piece of furniture, so that their dog has a safe place to sleep and relax. You will also want to train your dog so that you feel confident that they have a reliable recall if they get out of your vehicle without a leash.

If you are traveling to places with extreme weather, please install thermometers and research cooling options so that your dog or cat does not overheat when traveling to hot places during the summer months.

Where to go next 

At this point, you thought of it all except for one thing — where are you going to go next? The state fair two hours away? The national park you’ve always dreamed of visiting on the other side of the country? When you have a van or RV, you can let go of the limits and reach for new opportunities. 

RV and van life gives you the freedom to move around and travel almost anywhere on a whim. If you have a remote job and you’ve been looking for a way to bring more freedom and spontaneity into your life, then living in an RV or van may be your next great adventure.

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