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Audio-Technica ATH-ANC70 headphones

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek

Savvy travellers would never leave home without their tech essentials, especially if you’ve started a travel blog and need to keep updated. If you’re someone that needs to keep your blogs and social networks up to date at all hours, then these products could become of your essential travelling kit…

VPN for travel blogging

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek Global Grasshopper

Working on the road often means that you’re reliant on finding those ever-elusive places with WiFi. From hotel lobbies to coffee shops, once you’ve found your WiFi hotspot, and it’s fast enough to use, you could be there for some time, emailing, banking, shopping or working online. Using an unsecured WiFi hotspot means that you’re leaving your device open to attack, so protection is vital. One way to do this is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows you to encrypt your internet traffic and browse safely. You can surf the web anonymously, view websites that may be blocked by the country you’re visiting (e.g. Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, BBC), and add an extra layer of protection to your device. Check out Hotspot Shield for their free and paid VPN services, for Mac, Windows and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

Noise cancelling headphones

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek Global Grasshopper

Noise cancelling headphones are definitely worth the extra money. They use active noise control engineering to reduce unwanted background noise and isolate you from the rest of the world. Bose are one of the brand leaders (although they don’t come cheap) and make for more pleasant air travel. These headphones are battery operated, so you could also take along a spare pair of in-ear ‘phones just in case.

Mobile battery packs

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek Global Grasshopper

When you’re out and about, keeping your devices powered up can often be tricky – smartphones may be useful, but their battery life leaves a lot to be desired. Mobile battery packs can be worth their weight in gold when saving your phone from dying, or keeping your tablet alive for an extra few hours. There are plenty of options out there – some will charge all kinds of USB devices, such as tablets, phones and cameras, while others will also recharge laptops. A pocket-sized 3000mAh battery pack can give you a few full phone recharges before you have to charge it back up, while large capacity 10000mAh batteries will easily juice an iPad. A small battery pack paired with a USB cable is a must-have piece of travel tech.

Rugged external hard drive

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek Global Grasshopper

Backup if you’re blogging on the road is essential, you definitely don’t want to risk a hard disk crash or some accidentally erased files when you’ve just written the article of your life. A ruggedised hard disk might just be the answers to all your prays. Designed in a similar way to the black boxes which survive airplane crashes, the hard drives are built to last through all sorts of extreme hardships. A blaze with temperatures up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit? Submerged in up to 10 feet of water for 72 hours? Drop protection up to 20 feet, and crush protection up to 2,500 pounds? All no problem at all!

Ultra tough laptop case

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek Global Grasshopper

A laptop is a travel blogger’s most precious position and keeping it safe from harm while on the road sadly isn’t that easy. Luckily you can get some help – there are some excellent ultra tough laptop cases on the market. Depending on which product you opt for, the case can protect your laptop from many different elements. For example a Duragadget Ultra Tough case features water resistant neoprene cushions which are designed to absorb shock energy. Another design – a tardis-like bag – is built from tough water resistant ballistic nylon. The laptop compartment is densely padded to ensure your prized possession is kept safe from bumps and knocks whilst on the road.

Comfi Calling Cards

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek Global Grasshopper

Travelling abroad means that your usual routines change too, and you get not only fantastic sights, soft sunsets or delicious food but also jetlag and some communicative questions like “how to call abroad.” We recommend Comfi calling cards for cheap international calls both landline and cell phones. It helps us to get more affordable calls (up to 98%) worldwide. Calling card is a perfect solution for travellers and everyone with relatives abroad who aren’t familiar with mobile phones. It is not incredibly innovative, but Comfi calling cards help to do international calls cheap, easу and fine. So it can help you travel a bit easier and don’t depend on tariffs.  Also, Comfi has an app, but it’s for someone who’s close to tech.



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