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7 proven health benefits of taking a spa break

The anticipation of an upcoming spa break is almost as medicinal as the break itself. It is the ultimate in me-time and is touted the world over as an opportunity to step out of the rat race and get away from it all, and with this ever-changing, constantly demanding world that we live in, it’s no wonder thousands of people flock to spas on a daily basis. However, there are actual proven health benefits – who knew?

1. They help you cope better with stress

Hardly a day goes by when you don’t hear someone bemoaning the stress in their lives. According to Virginia Sadock MD Professor of Psychiatry at NYU “going to a spa is a way of getting taken care of that is psychologically and culturally acceptable”. Sadock also highlights the importance of physical contact in our daily lives and a bit of pampering at a spa is a great way to get that fix. She outlines that this kind of physical contact relaxes us, combat stress and ultimately, make us feel better.

2. Mud is very therapeutic

For thousands of years people have believed in the healing power of mud and now, in the twenty first century we have proof. It cannot be ignored that regular mud treatments are effective in both staving off ailments as well as having curative effects on the individual. Whether in ‘rasuls’ or ‘serial chambers’ the advantages to being slathered in mud, including a remedy for acne, slowing down the effects of aging, exfoliating dead skin cells, eliminating toxins from the skin and increasing circulation, are innumerable. Notwithstanding the evidence to suggest that they provide relief for inflammation, especially for tired and aching muscles and joints.

3. Massages are good for you

No longer relegated to the luxury, treat category, massages are now a must for everyone. Firstly, massages are key to removing tension and alleviating stress but the technical side is that a massage improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells. All good stuff. Furthermore, a massage stimulates the lymphatic system which, eliminates those pesky toxins. It has also been proven that massages release the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin which, brings the body into a ‘feel good’ state- this highlights Dr. Sadock’s point about the importance of physical pampering to our health. The retail therapy is just not going to cut it anymore ladies!

4. Jacuzzi healing


People have been using a Jacuzzi of sorts for thousands of years for various health problems but it wasn’t until the 1940’s that Candido Jacuzzi developed the submerged pump with the view to helping his son who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, people have been raving about the benefits of whirlpool Jacuzzis for eons. Almost everyone has sunk into an hotel Jacuzzi at some point to feel the therapeutic power of the jets at an aching muscle. The list of ailments that show improvement from time spent in a Jacuzzi is almost endless from various muscle complaints to relief from arthritis, increased circulation, blood pressure maintenance and migraine.

5. Stimulating body polishes

K West Spa

Modern life can take its toll on our skin- stress, pollution, climate. A regular body polish can eliminate the effects of these on our skin by rubbing naturally abrasive products into the skin, thus gently exfoliating. This exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells which, promotes cellular rejuvenation, refined pores and an overall improved appearance, vitality and complexion. Like the standard massage, the body polish also stimulates the blood and lymphatic system. While it is possible to make these polishes from ingredients in your home, don’t forget what Dr. Sadock said about the health benefits of pampering!


6. Different temperatures can benefit your body

Despite being used for centuries as a remedy for various illnesses, the secrets of heat and ice therapy are only just being unlocked. Heat treatments are especially effective for relief from muscle pain and tension. These heat treatments can come in the form of either warm, dry air or warm, moist air with idea being that the body is heated to stimulate blood circulation and initiating the purifying process. Likewise, the application of cold water or ice to the body has been proven to also stimulate the circulatory system as well as the lymphatic and immune systems.

7. Body wraps are good too!

Body wraps are the Swiss army knife of spa treatments, in that there’s one for every occasion. Whether you, fancy a quick fix for losing a few pounds, are focused on improving cellulite, want relief from muscle and joint pain, need exfoliation or simply just want to lie cocooned in a dimly lit room slathered in moisturisers before emerging as a stress-free butterfly, there’s something for you. However, there are exceptional benefits: the all-important 4 R’s; remineralization, rejuvenation, relaxation and relief. What’s not to love?

So there you have it, that long list of treatments at the spa have health benefits. The key to achieving the maximum potential? Regularity. That means they have an optimum effect when experienced regularly. So, make that appointment and get on a course of treatment!

With itchy feet, an inquisitive nature and an ardent wanderlust, Emma Clair has always been a traveller at heart. Hailing from the Emerald Isle she calls a tiny coastal town near Dublin home, but has lived in a few countries including Saigon, Vietnam where she resided for over a year. She counts supping on Bloody Marys on a rooftop in Manhattan, downing Singapore slings at the Raffles Hotel, daring a paraglide on the Grand Cayman, spending an exotic Christmas in Malaysia and exploring the Angkor Wat Tomb Raider-style as her all time favourite travel moments. Although, she’ll always have a special place in her heart for the city where she makes her annual pilgrimages – Paris, her true city of lights.


  • Levi Armstrong

    15 June, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    Becky, thanks for informing me that hear spa treatments are effective in providing relief for muscle pain and tension. I believe I’ve pushed myself too hard with my weight lifting session at the gym last Sunday because my muscles have been so sore since then. Perhaps I should try to go to a spa service soon so I can relax and get rid of my sore muscles. Thanks for this!


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