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Luxury Palma boats

Why luxury means safety when it comes to travel

Having been in lockdowns for so long, many of us have saved up some money and are looking to hit the road again in style. Whilst travel shouldn’t be synonymous with luxury, it’s good to have a range of experiences. It’s also important to recognize why luxury can be the safest way to travel in times of a pandemic. Here are a few different ways you can travel in luxury in 2021.

Charter a jet

Private jet charter

Chartering a jet with JetApp is easier than you might initially think. You can simply hire a private jet online to fly you to, say, Spain, and it will do so with all the VIP lounges, exclusive meals, and limousine transfers to and from the airport. This is the ultimate way to hop across a border with little effort and all the comfort in the world.

The price can often be a few thousand ($) per hour of flying – far from what many imagine the cost to be. With JetApp, it’s relatively fast to get a quote.

Many have also stated that money does buy a negation of the rules – many who travel on a jet report not wearing masks or doing covid tests, for example. Whilst this is far from condoned or recommended, certain procedures are nice to skip, such as long queues and passport checks, and is evidence of getting special treatment. Of course, it’s safer too as you’re as socially distanced as possible.

Charter a yacht

Palma Majorca

We all know AirBnB as being an incredibly useful and democratized way of renting accommodation – well now there are apps that do the same with boats. Chartering a boat can be done with or without experience, and with or without a captain.

Some larger yachts will include staff for cleaning and cooking, whilst others offer an isolated private experience in which you can explore the ocean. If you have never been on a yacht, it’s important to note how much bigger they are in real life than they look, often with several berths and double-sized beds underneath.

Private island

Most beautiful places to visit in Fiji

We’re starting to see a theme here of luxury being synonymous with privacy… Which is convenient in times of social distancing. Hiring a private island is an unforgettable way to spend a summer holiday soaking up the sun in privacy, and enjoying undisturbed wildlife and sea life.

Islands around the Maldives and French Polynesia are often used for luxury rentals, and if you’re not renting the entire island, you can often rent accommodation with its own private beach – which essentially feels like the same thing.

Just be sure you can get to the island easily before hiring anything, as they often have their own logistical challenges in which private boats may have to give you a ride.

Final Word

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Spending above and beyond on a holiday is only up to the individual, but there are some unique advantages. In the times of Covid-19, luxury travel offered fewer obstacles in regards to viruses or their measures. It’s not like mask-wearing rules apply on a deserted island or a private boat, for example, and there’s no risk of your private kitchen being closed like with restaurants. If ever there was a time for luxury travel, it is now…

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