Top 12 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Moab 2023

Gateway to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, the compact Utah city is where most adventure seekers stop and stay before heading off to explore the most stunning red rock landscapes on earth. It’s quite a hip and quirky place with a collection of great eateries, interesting shops, a microbrewery, and a great collection of unique hotels.  Thinking of staying? From quirky inns to gorgeous lodges and cabins, here are some of my favorite cool and unusual places to stay in Moab, Utah…

Best For Location

Hideout at the Rim

Hideout at the Rim - Moab Hideout at the Rim - Moab1

Hideout at the Rim quickly became one of my favorite places during my Moab adventure. Nestled just 17.4 miles from the breathtaking Mesa Arch, it perfectly encapsulates the Moab experience. The rustic charm and the unmistakable sense of a home away from home made this Moab hotel truly special.

While visiting, the proximity to hiking and biking trails right at the doorstep was a game-changer. The hotel seemed to intuitively understand the needs of its guests. The cozy and inviting rooms rejuvenated us after a day of exploring the majestic trails. What amazed me even more was the almost complete absence of external light pollution, creating an awe-inspiring environment for stargazing at night.


Rustic Wooden Architecture

All American Bed & Breakfast

Close to major Attractions

Smoke-free Rooms


No designated smoking area

The Rooms can be a bit noisy

No microwaves to reheat the food

Best For Onsite Dining

Hoodoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton

Hoodoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton - Utah Hoodoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton - Utah1

During my Moab adventure, Hoodoo emerged as one of my favorite spots, conveniently located just a 3-minute drive from Rotary Park. This modern hotel, adorned with sharp lines and natural tones, perfectly complements the grandeur of the Moab rocks, offering a wonderfully comfortable space for relaxation and recovery.

The on-site restaurant, bar, and lounge became my go-to spots throughout the day, especially with breakfast starting as early as 6 am—a perfect perk for those early trail starts. The on-site spa, featuring expert massage facilities provided a much-needed retreat after a day of exploration. 


Desert Theme Spa

Excellent Housekeeping

Drinks Bar

Modern natural tone decor


A little bit Expensive

Room Service needs a slight improvement

Best For Unique Experience

Moab Springs Ranch

Moab Springs Ranch - Utah Moab Springs Ranch - Utah1

Moab Springs Ranch became one of my favorite places, a true desert oasis. Majestic cottonwood trees surrounded me, and the accommodation was simply stunning. I love this place for its flowing waterscape, where I could sit, swim, or fall asleep to the gentle flow.

During my stay, I had the option to choose from standalone luxury bungalows or townhouses with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, providing a home-like feel. The amenities were top-notch, and the views across Moab were breathtaking. While visiting Moab to explore its world-famous bike trails, the bike-in bike-out access made this the perfect place to stay.

What I appreciated most was the eco-friendly construction and operation, allowing me to enjoy my stay in comfort while contributing to sustainability. Knowing that my stay helped keep Moab safe for the next generation of explorers made the experience even more special.


Private Parks and Vineyard

Outdoor Pool and Hot Tub

Eco-friendly Operations


Housekeeping might be a bit sloppy on occasion

Facilities can certainly use a laundry room

Best For Quirky Retreat

Red Moon Lodge

Red Moon Lodge - Moab

Nestled just 5 minutes from the city center, Red Moon Lodge became one of my favorite places. This circular, wooden haven sits amidst the famed red rocks, offering not just accommodation but an experience. I love the seamless access to trails, the daytime vistas stretching across the valley, and the nighttime spectacle of stars in the crystal-clear skies.

While visiting, I explored organic gardens, indulged in natural spring water, and reveled in the fact that the entire lodge runs on 100% solar power. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a sustainable marvel. During my stay, I discovered a yoga barn perfect for meditation and more.


Yoga Barn for meditation and Fitness

Breakfast Bar

Various food options including Vegan and Gluten Free

Prime Location-close to main attractions


Can be a little hard to find

Reservations are to be made well in advance

Best For Elegant Ambiance

Hyatt Place Moab

Hyatt Place Moab - Utah Hyatt Place Moab - Utah1

Perched atop Moab’s stunning red rocks, Hyatt Place Moab quickly became one of my favorite places. The fusion of Hyatt’s top-notch service with Moab’s laid-back vibe was a winning combination.

The rooms were a delight, and exquisitely presented, and the communal spaces fostered a sense of connection as we gathered for meals and shared tales of our trail adventures.

While visiting, I found myself drawn to the outdoor pools and water features, creating the perfect setting to unwind during the warm evenings. Additionally, the on-site fitness center proved invaluable in gearing up for the extensive walks and biking excursions I had planned.


Pet Friendly

Outdoor pool and jacuzzi

Complimentary Breakfast with American and Vegan options

24-hour Fitness Center


Can be a bit expensive

The food can use some elevation

Best For Breathtaking Backdrop

Castle Valley Inn

Castle Valley Inn - Moab Castle Valley Inn - Moab1

Nestled in the heart of Moab’s breathtaking red rocks, Castle Valley Inn quickly became one of my favorite places. From the lush green surroundings to the iconic red cliffs, the bed and breakfast offered a serene escape with convenient access to Moab’s renowned attractions.

During my stay, I fell in love with the tranquil atmosphere and the opportunity to unwind in a garden hot tub. Imagine soaking away the day’s adventures while marveling at the stars in the clear night sky. Alternatively, I spent leisurely hours swaying in a hammock, simply observing the world go by. 


Rustic chic architecture design

Bird Scouting

Complimentary Breakfast Bar


A bit distant from downtown Moab

Cell-phone may be down at times

Best For Nature

Red Cliffs Lodge

Red Cliffs Lodge - Moab Red Cliffs Lodge - Moab1

Red Cliffs Lodge Moab

Red Cliffs Lodge – one of my favorite places ever. Picture this: right on the edge of the Colorado River, surrounded by those breathtaking 2,000-foot red cliffs. I love the options here – you can go for a cozy hotel suite or a standalone cabin, giving you the perfect Moab experience tailored to your taste.

While visiting, I had this rustic yet comfy vibe that just fueled my adventurous spirit. It’s not just a stay; it’s an immersive experience. And oh, the surroundings are a dream.

During my time at Red Cliffs Lodge, I tried it all – explored the on-site Western movie memorabilia museum, went white water rafting, played tennis, and took refreshing dips in the pool. The best part? The hiking and biking trails, calling out for exploration, were conveniently close. 


Moab Film Museum

Rustic Architecture Design

Live Music


A little on the Expensive Side

Food can use some improvement

Best For Pet Friendly

Expedition Lodge

Expedition Lodge - Moab1

Expedition Lodge - Moab

Expedition Lodge, one of my favorite places, is an eclectic, retro motel surrounded by the stunning red rock of Moab. From the moment I arrived, the quirky charm was evident—the full-size jeep suspended under the hotel sign, 15 feet in the air, set the tone for a unique experience.

While visiting, I couldn’t help but appreciate the smart and bright décor that brought comfort and style to the rooms. The Voyager room, a personal favorite, featured two queen-size bunk beds, offering an unusual but delightful sleeping arrangement for up to 8 people.

While at Expedition Lodge, I experienced the welcoming atmosphere, knowing I was in a place that fully embraced mountain biking. The entire hotel is bike-friendly, allowing me to rest easy. This made it an ideal choice for those exploring the nearby trails.

Constructed from reclaimed wood, Expedition Lodge is strategically located near major trails and visitor spots, adding to its allure. The motel is not just a place to stay; it’s a living story shaped by the diverse individuals who pass through its doors.


Retro roadside 50s motel vibe

Gaming Arcade

Celeb theme Food


A little bit expensive

The Lodge Website is quite laggy

Best For Couples

The Gonzo Inn

The Gonzo Inn - Moab The Gonzo Inn - Moab1

Gonzo Inn is one of my favorite places, bringing desert chic to Moab’s heart, just half a mile from the trailhead. While visiting, I loved the boutique, condo-style setup and the understated luxury of the rooms. The bike-friendly amenities, including wash and repair stations, made my stay even more convenient.

While staying at Gonzo Inn, I experienced the saltwater pool, perfect for an evening swim. The hot tub was a lifesaver, easing my tired muscles after a day of adventure. For a more relaxed vibe, I enjoyed drinks around the open fire in the outdoor lounge.


Desert Chic Interior Design

Salt-water Pool

Outdoor Fire Pit and Sitting Area


A tad Expensive

Extra charges for accommodating pets

Best For Vintage-Chic

Sunflower Hill Inn

Sunflower Hill Inn - Moab Sunflower Hill Inn - Moab1

Sunflower Hill Inn became one of my favorite places during my stay. Just three blocks from the town center, this historic cedar home offers six unique units with rustic charm. The soft, comfortable furnishings and uncluttered design created a cozy atmosphere.

While staying at this charming inn, I discovered a pool outside, providing a perfect relaxing spot. The patio offered a stylish setting for outdoor dining, and there was even secure bike storage and a wash facility—an ideal solution after a day on the trails.

I loved the personalized approach to breakfast. The evening meals showcased fresh, local produce, delivering a delightful taste of Moab. 


Bathrooms can be a tad more spacious

Prices can feel a bit steep for some

Best For Trendy Design

Sage Creek at Moab

Sage Creek at Moab Sage Creek at Moab1

I love this hotel – Sage Creek, one of my favorite places in the area. While visiting, I was captivated by its embrace of natural materials, modern design, and innovative thinking. The experience wasn’t just confined to the beautiful rooms; it extended to the outside space, creating a living experience like no other.

While staying at Sage Creek, I found myself at the heart of Canyon Country, where adventure seamlessly met luxury. The accommodation exuded modernity with sleek, minimalist lines and a touch of luxurious comfort that I truly appreciated.

One of the highlights was the spectacular pool area. The open fire lounge added a cozy touch, and the stunning views made it one of the most spectacular places to sit, relax, and watch the beauty of Moab unfold in the evening. If you’re seeking the perfect blend of adventure and modern comfort with a dash of innovative design, Sage Creek has it all.


Heated Pool

Open Fire Lounge

Outdoor Showers


No designated smoking area

A little bit expensive

Best For Personalized Experience

Entrada 632 in Moab

Entrada 632 in Moab - Utah Entrada 632 hotel in Moab

Entrada 632 became one of my favorite places during my visit, just 7.5 miles from the mesmerizing Mesa Arch. The rustic yet cozy decor and the welcoming atmosphere made me feel right at home. I love the blend of convenience for the trails with the luxury of comfortable living.

While staying at this vacation rental, I enjoyed the freedom of self-sufficient living. Each unit is equipped with its own washing machine, kettle, cable TV, and a fully functional kitchen. It was like having my own little haven after a day of exploring the incredible region.

I experienced the joy of having free wifi and access to an outdoor swimming pool, adding to the overall charm of Entrada 632. The on-site services, including bicycle rental, made my stay even more enjoyable.


Rustic-chic Decor

Hot Air Ballooning



A little noisy at times

No in-room microwaves

Hotels in Moab Compared 

The following table classifies the top 12 cool and unusual Hotels in Moab for your convenience.

Hotel NameLocationPrice Range (per night)Fitness FacilitiesDistance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
Hideout at the Rim2534 Roberts Drive$226-$232No9.02
Hoodoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton111 N. 100 W.$321-401Yes19.03
Moab Springs Ranch1266 N Hwy 191$296No18.03
Red Moon Lodge2950 OLD CITY PARK346-446No10.02
Hyatt Place Moab890 North Main St$165-$482Yes18.03
Castle Valley Inn424 Amber Ln$307-$420No14.03
Red Cliffs LodgeMile Post 14 Highway 128$472-$537No14.03
Expedition Lodge168 North Main Street$160-$171No18.02
The Gonzo Inn100 W 200 South$167-$332Yes17.02
Sunflower Hill Inn147 North 300 East$328-$381Yes18.03
Sage Creek 2331 Mesa Rd--No4.05
Entrada 632 at Moab438 W. 600 N.$738-$811Yes17.03

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