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the best cities to visit in Japan

7 of the best cities to visit in Japan

Japan, the small island in Eastern Asia is also home to some of the most impressive places to visit. Japan is a place full of gorgeous buildings, immense forests, and beautiful shrines. The places here have all kinds of different atmospheres and settings that are different from each place that gives you the full experience of Japan. Tokyo aside, here are the best and most beautiful cities to visit in Japan…

7. Miyajima

What is the most beautiful part of Japan?

Also known as Itsukushima, it is a small island with big forests, vast oceans, and tall mountains. The Itsukushima Shrine is famously known for its eye-catching Torii gate floating on water.

Another place to visit in Miyajima is Mount Misen which is the tallest mountain in Miyajima and is full of wildlife and large forests for a shocking view on your way up the mountain.

6. Fukuoka

Fukuoka - best cities in Japan

Fukuoka Wisteria Tunnel

In South-Eastern Japan, Fukuoka has beautiful beaches to spend your days in the sun while seeing the island of Nokonoshima in the distance.

And the island of Nokonoshima is an island full of flowers waiting for you to visit them. The Maizuru park in Fukuoka has the ruins of an old castle from the 17th century and cherry blossoms for a beautiful view.

5. Kyoto

Kyoto - beautiful places to visit in Japan

Bamboo Forest Kyoto

Kyoto is a great place to visit the Fushimi Inari shrine that has thousands of Torii gates and a path that is 2.5 miles(4 km) long, make sure to bring supplies with you since it will take a very long time to walk and to return.

The Byodo-in Temple is another great place to visit in Kyoto because of the vibrant temple and the peaceful setting near a lush pond.

4. Yoshino

Yoshino Japan

Yoshino Blossom

What is a trip to Japan without looking at the country’s national tree? Yoshino has one of the biggest cherry blossom spots in Japan with over 30,000 trees.

And to top it off, Mount Yoshino is a mountain full of cherry blossoms. There are also many temples to visit, such as the Chikurin-in Temple with beautiful gardens, and the Kinpusenji Temple with its elegant pagoda and huge temple.

3. Takayama

Takayama Japan

Takayama Japan

Tired of seeing all the big buildings in your hometown? Takayama has the opposite of new and instead has an old town where you can see the old styles of buildings during the 17th century and feel the past of this town.

Like the old town, the Hida Folk Village is another old rather than new place to visit here, the village is full of fascinating houses with museums inside which have relics that the village people used in the past.

2. Kanazawa

Takayama Japan

Takayama Japan

Kanazawa has an old castle that you can visit along with Kenrokuen that stretches 25 acres. The garden not only has a countless amount of flowers but forests and ponds. The Kanazawa Castle is next to Kenrokuen and is still in great condition despite being over 400 years old.

1. Nikko

Nikko - best cities to visit in Japan

Shinkyo Bridge Nikko

Nikko Japan

The forests and streams of water are unlike any other in Japan, Nikko has the beautiful Kirifuri Waterfall and the Kanmangafuchi Abyss to visit when visiting Nikko. The Kirifuri Waterfall actually has two waterfalls and is small but stunning to look at.

And the Kanmangafuchi Abyss is a long river that you can follow, there are also statues along the river made of stone. Along with those two, the Toshogu Shrine is one of the few shrines that have an incredible amount of decorations to honor the first shogunate to establish order during the Edo period.

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