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Unspoilt places to visit in Kefalonia

Unspoilt places to visit in Kefalonia for travel snobs

Kefalonia is a beautiful Greek island with many tourist spots. It has stunning blue oceans, diverse beaches, and absolute picture-perfect scenery as well as traditional rich Greek cultural hotspots. Kefalonia is a slow-placed and tranquil island, with very few high rise hotels and the peacefulness allows you to experience the authentic Greek way of life. 

Located in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is a gorgeous place to visit. It has a rich history as well as providing a real treat to the eyes. While the islands like Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini grab a lot of tourist attention, Kefalonia has some seriously stunning gems to explore. Here is a list of a few of the best and most beautiful unspoilt places to visit in Kefalonia…

Fiscardo Village

Fiscardo Village

Located on the northern most part of Kefalonia, Fiscardo is the only village that remained untouched by the devastating earthquake that hit the island in 1953. It is 49.5 km north of Argostoli and one of the prettiest when it comes to natural beauty. In fact, the greenery here takes you into an entirely different world.

When you visit Fiscardo, you cannot miss the port. The colorful fishing boats and yachts look lovely making the scene appear like a painting, especially during the summer. If you love nature and want to experience becoming one with it, Fiscardo is the place you should visit. Definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kefalonia. 

Melissani Lake

Melissani Lake -unpsoilt places to visit in Kefalonia

You simply cannot miss visiting Melissani lake when you are on a trip to Kefalonia. Actually, the lake was hidden for hundreds of years and it was discovered only after the roof collapsed. Melissani Lake is quite close to Sami and you can effortlessly reach this incredible spot from any corner on the Kefalonian Island. Once you reach this lake, go straight inside the cave where the boats will be waiting to take you on a memorable ride. You will have a lifetime experience sailing on the crystal-clear water. If you want to enjoy privacy, avoid visiting during the peak season.

Asos Village

Assos Kefalonia - most beautiful places to visit in Greece

If you are looking to explore the least known picturesque village in Kefalonia, pretty Asos village is the place to be. It is close to Mirtos beach, around 15-minute drive from the place. Spend a morning on the beautiful Mirtos beach and then head to Asos where you can experience unique. The village is full of colorful houses and seaside cafes where you can spend your day taking pictures and sipping on the popular local drinks. Love to swim? Head straight to the harbor area and take a dip in the beautiful cool water.

Mirtos Beach

Mirtos Beach Kefalonia

Mirtos is a deep turquoise beach with white pebbles adding to its attraction. Enjoy the view and the breeze as you drive down the cliff to reach the bottom of the beach. It is one of the least explored beaches on Kefalonia and is a must-see if you are keen on visiting the unspoilt places on the island. The beach also houses an affordable and fantastic bar where you can unwind and enjoy the sunset. A lovely beach, the Mirtos, also provides scope for taking mind-blowing pictures. Take a stroll by the beach and taste the local drinks while feeling the calmness of the sea.

Petani Beach

Petani Beach Kefalonia

Surrounded by rocky outcrops and stunning cliffs, the Petani is a fabulous white pebble beach. This Greek beach in fact is popular for soft pebbles that make walking on them a nostalgic experience. You can also find a naturally formed rock ledge from the car park that extends into the sea.

The ledge is a bit slippery but if you walk carefully, getting into and out of the water can be much easier. This beach faces the North-west and offers a nice view of the sunset. If you plan to spend more time on this awesome beach, there are sun loungers available that can be rented. The locals also run a beach bar and serve drinks to the visitors.

Agia Efimia Village

Agia Efimia Village

Located close to Argostoli, Agia Efimia is a beautiful fishing village on the Kefalonian Island. For a long, fishing was the only chief activity in the place however, overtime a wonderful harbor was developed, making it the center of attraction. Small typical Greek hotels and fish taverns add to the beauty of the place while the village serves as the starting point for adventurous excursions around. Visit a Greek-run hotel to taste the local food and hop on to a boat to check out the surrounding unexplored spots.

Skala Beach

Skala Beach - unspoilt places in Kefalonia

This is a beautiful resort area with fabulous poolside bars and many great restaurants on the lovely sandy beach. It’s a fantastic place to visit, regardless of whether you are on the island with your friends or family. Water sports is another attraction in this unspoilt place however, it might be pricey if you are visiting during the peak season. A picturesque beach, the Skala is clean, warm, and friendly.

Sami Area

Sami Kefalonia

Sami is also a pebble beach on the Kefalonian Island. The white pebbles make a perfect contrast with the deep blue ocean, offering a view to remember. Parking is available by the roadside, so if you are tempted to swim on this gorgeous beach, simply put your car aside and dive into the clear blue waters. The place is secluded and offers utmost privacy. You simply don’t feel like coming out of the water, such as the soothing power of nature here. The town area of Sami is full of small eateries while the historic port is a must-see!

If you want to relax and holiday in the most beautiful part of the planet, there’s no better place than the Kefalonian Island. The place has abundant natural wonders and offers the visitors a distinctive experience. The beautiful beaches, lovely colorful villages, stunning lakes, ports, and harbors can leave you fascinated!

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