10 of the best places to take photos in New York

Top 10 of the best places to take photos in New York

New York provides any photographer – novice or advanced – with some of the most picturesque backdrops and opportunities to capture something really special. Pleasing the lens since the invention of the camera, there are many websites dedicated to the photographic beauty of the Big Apple and a lot of devotion to the city’s beauty splashed across tumblr. For example, http://www.newyork-photography.net offers some gorgeous shots but arguably it’s much more fun taking your own.

If you’re only travelling to New York for a limited time, you might feel a sense of pressure to preserve the trip in as many images as possible, seeing as there is so much to capture. Therefore, this is my choices for what I think are the top 10 photo opportunities in New York to not only give you a good guide on what to see, but let you know what pictures you’ll want to come back with. Before that though, first things first, make sure you have decent camera to capture your memories in the best possible detail. Of course there are many great cameras to choose from but I personally have a soft spot for the Canon Eos 5d, it’s a quality camera that will ensure beautiful pictures, although you’ll have to remember to pack the battery charger. You’re going to be taking thousands of pictures and the last thing you want is to find yourself in front a breathtaking vista with no camera battery! Here are our Top 10 of the best places to take photos in New York…

Central Park

Central Park Photography New York

First opened in 1857, Central Park stretches from Midtown to Harlem. Often the picturesque setting of many activities and public events, it has featured in over 200 films and offers photographers countless opportunities to capture the greener side to the city.

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building New York

77-floors of Art Deco architecture stretch upwards 1,046 feet, penetrating the east side skyline with a stunning crown and automobile inspired features. Polished chromium-nickel gleams despite the weather and gargoyles and eagles roost amongst the differing levels. As the lobby is the only part of the building you can visit without an appointment, a great vantage point to capture the building beauty is from the neighbouring Empire State Building.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge New York

My first choice is Brooklyn bridge, not only is the bridge itself photo-worthy, but it provides an excellent vantage point to capture some gorgeous shots of Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Governors Island, and the New York Harbour.

Coney Island

Coney Island New York

The beautiful beachfront amusement park welcomes over 10,000 tourists to its boardwalks throughout the summer, inviting everyone to enjoy the varying thrill rides, themed festivals, circus sideshows, and burlesque designed to entertain and delight. Also, hang around and make the most of this fun place, there are many awesome things to do in Coney Island.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

In 1913, the 49-acre symbol of modern transport was erected to replace the original depot. Whilst the building’s façade offers many beautiful photo opportunities, the interior’s vaulted Sky Ceiling, Roman-inspired ramps and 60 ft. arched windows truly please the eye… and the camera lens.

Times Square

Times Square New York

Famed for its theatres and ability to turn night into day, Times Square is an illuminated beacon that welcomes 30 million visitors a year to enjoy a walk down Broadway, grand New Year celebrations, countless restaurants and even a naked guitar-playing cowboy.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the largest and most eclectic cultural institutions on earth, the Met’s 17 curatorial departments and 30 annual exhibitions offer visitors a glance into the ancient worlds and contemporary art experiences. Taking several hours to walk through the grandeur of the entire building, it is also worth soaking up the beauty of the building’s exterior as you walk up the famous granite steps.

Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park New York

Sitting on a wooded hill-top that offers panoramic views of the Hudson River, Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, the park houses medieval art museum, The Cloisters. Boasting stunning historic architecture and natural beauty, the park remains one of the city’s paramount outdoor pieces of art.


Chinatown New York

Home to the largest community of Chinese people in the Western hemisphere, Chinatown is a colorful exhibition of sights, sounds and smells. From the fresh fruit vendors, market stalls, colorful street decorations and a McDonalds sign in Chinese, there are many undiscovered photo opportunities in this constantly moving neighborhood.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

No trip to New York would be complete without a visit to the most recognisable statue in the world. Standing 305 ft., Lady Liberty has welcomed immigrants and visitors to New York for well over a century and features daily tours to enjoy the outstanding structure, although booking ahead may be a good idea, as it won’t just be you looking to capture a good snap.

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