Top 15 Best Candy and Chocolate Stores in Portland

Whether you are an avid sweet treat fanatic or occasionally indulge in just a vegan chocolate or two, Portland has something delicious for you.

From high-end handmade chocolates to bold, unique candies, Portland is a great place to indulge a sweet tooth. Here are the best sweet, candy, and chocolate stores in Portland, Oregon (in no particular order, they’re all awesome)

1. Rocket Fizz Portland – a popular candy store offering a huge and fun selection

Rocket Fizz Portland

Rocket Fizz is one of the most popular sodas and candies franchises in the US. The company has over 90 locations scattered across the country.

Known for the hundreds of soda flavors and candies they produce, the company is no beginner when it comes to crafting sodas and candies.

Over the years, Rocket Fizz has become a national sensation and extremely popular among kids. The store regularly enjoys media attention and is accustomed to various celebrity visits. We recommend tasting the Bacon Soda when you visit the store.

Address: 535 SW 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204-1532

2. Missionary Chocolates – delicious award-winning dairy-free vegan handmade chocolates

Missionary Chocolates Portland

If you are someone who cannot enjoy regular chocolate then Missionary Chocolate is your best choice. The store serves a wide range of audiences with its dairy-free, vegan,g and gluten-free chocolate options.

You can visit the physical location, or even order from the online shop. From classic chocolate bars to CBD truffles, Missionary Chocolates allows you to enjoy chocolate just the way you want. 

The store also continues to support the local community and makes regular donations. Please note that the store is closed on Saturdays. 

Address: 2712 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232, United States

3. The Meadow – a gourmet food shop selling delicate high end candied treats

The Meadow Portland Oregon

The Meadow is a small, elegant store in Portland that offers salts, spices, and chocolates.

With a heavy focus on creativity and taste, you will find some of the best chocolate treats in this little shop. 

The company also has an online shop that features unique items, chocolate products, spices, and much more. As for physical locations, you can find three stores in Portland, one in New York and one in Tokyo as well. 

Address: 3731 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

4. Creo Chocolate – an artisanal chocolate shop and factory known for its tour where visitors can design their own barsCreo Chocolate Portland Oregon

Creo is a chocolate shop popular for its fresh, hand-crafted chocolates. One of the unique aspects of the store is that it allows you to customize and design your chocolates.

The shop works with local, rural farms to produce the freshest, tastiest chocolates.

Creo Chocolate has been perfecting its recipes for years. From roasting the beans to refining the chocolate, the store employs expert makers that put great care into the products.

If you want to experience a beautiful chocolate-making experience and get a delicious treat at the end then head on over to Creo Chocolate. 

Address: 122 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232, United States

5. Sugarfina at Nordstrom – a gourmet candy boutique for grown-ups

Sugarfina at Nordstrom

Sugarfina offers some of the most premium and delicious chocolate flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth. With unique recipes and bold ideas, the store has become the fan-favorite when it comes to high-quality desserts.

If you are craving a sweet snack then head over to Sugarfina at Nordstrom for a quick, tasty delight. The store has perfected its flavors through years of experience and passion for the craft.

You can also order the treats online for home delivery.

Address: 701 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205, United States

6. Woodblock Chocolate – Portland’s own bean to bar artisan craft chocolate maker with vegan options too

Woodblock Chocolate Portland

Woodblock Chocolate is a family-owned chocolate store on NE 17th Ave. The store was founded by the husband and wife, Jessica and Charley, who had a deep love for chocolate.

The couple met each other on an antique restoration and realized their shared passion for wood and chocolates.

The owners have perfected the recipe after years of work and are excited to share their marvelous treats with the people. The store also has a cafe featuring chocolaty drinks, coffees, pastry, and more.

Address: 1715 NE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97212, United States

7. See’s Candies – candies & chocolates are sold by the piece or box at this old-school stylish chain

See's Candies Portland

See’s Candies is one of the most trusted chocolates and candy makers in the US. Founded in 1921 by the See Family, the company is one of the few that has evolved with the times and continues to thrive today. 

The huge assortment of confectionery and chocolate treats will blow away even the craziest chocolate fanatics. Anyone who wants a simpler option can choose a mixed box to receive a customized treats package.

You can order online, visit the shop at Washington Square and even send a gift.

Address: 9540 SW Washington Square Rd, Portland, OR 97223, United States

8. Moonstruck Chocolate Shop – beautiful handcrafted superior chocolates 

Moonstruck Chocolate Shop Portland

Moonstruck Chocolate Shop has been working since 1993, to provide unique, hand-craft chocolate collections to the residents of Portland. From truffles to hot cocoa, the shop has set up a big menu for chocolate lovers to delight their taste buds. 

The shop has also partnered with Cocoa Horizons to make the process of extracting cocoa beans more sustainable.

They work on improving the lives of cocoa farmers and allow them to create meaningful communities.

Address: 608 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205, United States

9. Azar Indulgences – a chocolate shop specializing in handcrafted Belgian chocolate, wine, and gifts

Azar Indulgences Portland

Azar Indulgences specializes in a special kind of Belgian chocolate from Lebanon. The store takes pride in its generationally passed down recipes and creates creamy, delicious chocolate treats for the residents of Portland.

The customers who frequent the place also love the handmade truffles and chocolate drinks that the store offers.

You can also browse through the wide collection of chocolaty treats available on the company’s online shop.

Address: 712 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205, United States

10. Candy Basket Inc. – four generations of hand-crafted quality chocolates and taffy

Candy Basket Inc. Portland

Candy Basket is the beloved chocolate factory and candy store in town. Specializing in delicious sweet treats, the store offers amazing sweet dishes with recipes passed down from generations. 

With the simple aim of being the best at what they do, Candy Basket has kept its heads down and perfected its craft to become one of the best confectionery producers in the city.

Buy delicious gifts for your loved ones or scroll through dozens of unique candies on the online shop, Candy Basket has something for everyone. 

Address: 1924 NE 181st Ave, Portland, OR 97230, United States

11. Roste Chocolate House – they roast the world’s finest cacao beans, all ethically sourced

Roste Chocolate House Portland

Roste Chocolate House is the dream place for kids and everyone who enjoys the sweet things in life. Mastering the art of preparing cocoa beans, the store has become the ultimate coffee and chocolate spot in town.

With a huge assortment of delicious chocolates and confectionaries, Roste Chocolate House is the best spot to get a quick, sweet bite. The store is from 8-6 every day, so make sure to give it a visit when you are in town.

We recommend getting the hot chocolate churners.

Address: 475 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, United States

12. A Yen for Chocolate – handmade and very pretty artisan chocolates

A Yen for Chocolate Portland

A Yen for Chocolate is known for its bold flavors, unique recipes, and fresh ingredients. They are easily the favorite chocolate spot in town for anyone looking for something more than ordinary chocolate.

If you are feeling braver than usual you can also customize the flavors and have a custom treat. The owner Christina puts great care into her chocolates and also handmakes the treats for gifts and events. 

Address: 915 NW 19th Ave B, Portland, OR 97209, United States

13. Portland Chocolate Laboratory – they make plant-based vegan dark chocolate with a large array of botanical herbs

Portland Chocolate Laboratory

Portland Chocolate Laboratory takes its chocolate-making ventures very seriously. Blending healthy herbs with their plant-based vegan chocolate recipes, these chocolate makers can create unique, flavorful treats that are tough to compete with.

The owner aspires to give you an experience that is not limited to chocolate. Their special herbs with healing benefits will revitalize your soul and satisfy your taste buds.

The store also has an online shop that allows you to conveniently order your favorite snacks. 

Address: 7834 SE 13th Ave #G, Portland, OR 97202, United States

14. Verdun Chocolates – fine handmade and hand-wrapped chocolates imported from Lebanon

Verdun Chocolates

Verdun Chocolates brings traditional Lebanese chocolate recipes and gives it a local touch. From dark chocolates and milk chocolates to caramel treats and confectionaries, Verdun Chocolates has the complete package for every kind of chocolate lover. 

You can also shop from the online store or purchase beautifully-wrapped gifts for your significant ones. If you are a business owner or need to impress a professional client, then you can rely on the Corporate Gifting service that will automate the entire process for you.

Address: The Gregory on 10th Ave, 421 NW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, United States

15. Wild Sweets Chocolate Factory – craft cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate-making 

Wild Sweets Chocolate Factory

Wild Sweets Chocolate Factory has one of the most talented teams of chocolate makers, and designers. Following the highest standards of chocolate-making and mixing arts with their recipes, the team has been able to build a unique, sweet experience that remains unparalleled.

The owners Dominique & Cindy Duby have received numerous awards and acclamations for their talented artistic and chocolate-making skills. Following the vision of creating the most delicious and beautiful treats, the store works hard to create the best recipes to impress its customers.

You can also visit the factory store in Richmond to get a hands-on experience of the handcraft chocolate-making process. 

Address: 1412 SE Madison St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

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