Top 14 of the Best Gyms in Portland, Oregon

Whether you’re looking for aerobic classes, pump iron, spin yourself silly or just work out in cool surroundings the Northwest city is home to an awesome range of gyms. From casual gyms with a retro vibe to high-intensity modern clubs, here are the best gyms in Portland, Oregon…

1. Studio X Fitness – claims to be Portland’s new favorite gym

Studio X Fitness - Portland - Oregon

Studio X Fitness delivers intensity with a smile. This innovative workout space in Portland welcomes fitness freaks of all levels to join group classes or take advantage of the services offered by their personal trainers. Take advantage of the massage therapists on hand to recover from intense workouts; given the pace of some of the classes, you may need them.

Not ready to get back into the gym yet? Studio X Fitness also offers virtual classes.

2. Revocycle – an amazing fitness center with indoor cycling classes

Revocycle - Portland - Oregon

Revocycle is the perfect place in Portland for all the spin-obsessed fitness lovers out there. This modern, clean spin studio offers spin classes that focus on improving technique and following a mindful program. The gym promises to help you improve your physical and mental strength by increasing your energy levels and mental resilience.

Because this is Portland, Revocycle’s classes are not set to your standard pop playlist. Instead, you can hear the latest indie hits as you break a sweat.

3. Barre3 – the perfect place to feel energized and balanced

Barre3 - Portland - Oregon

Barre is the latest fitness craze to hit the nation, and of course Portland, one of the country’s hippest cities. will have one of its premier outposts. Barre3 is a barre fitness studio with several outposts across the city. Their programs focus on mental and physical well-being.

While many fitness studios can seem exclusionary, Barre3 emphasizes that its workouts are open to people of all abilities, sizes, and fitness levels. Instructors offer modifications for most moves to ensure that everyone can follow along.

4. Lloyd Athletic Club – stylish gym that offers modernized equipment and an on-site bar 

Lloyd Athletic Club - Portland - Oregon

Since 1978, Portlanders have been going to Lloyd Athletic Club to stay fit. This small, family-owned gym predates many of the giant national fitness chains and has managed to survive thanks to its range of options and friendly atmosphere. Attendees can work out on their own in the extensive fitness center, take one-on-one or group classes with a personal trainer, or bring a friend and play sports on the different courts.

Because this is Portland, after your workout, you can relax in the Lloyd Athletic Club with an IPA selection that rivals most bars in any other city.

5. Hollywood Fitness 24 Hour Fitness – perfect spot to find unmatched amenities and the best classes

Hollywood Fitness 24 Hour Fitness - Portland - Oregon

For around-the-clock workouts, get a membership at Hollywood Fitness, one of the best gyms in Portland that is also open 24 hours a day. Hollywood Fitness is able to maintain its extensive offerings while retaining its local, friendly feeling; it is an independent fitness center, not part of any chain. The gym cares about its facilities and all employees clean around the clock.

6. PDXstrength – workout facility that offers bootcamp classes

PDXstrength - Portland - Oregon

PDXstrength is a dedicated strength training gym that has been serving the Portland community since 2012. The small, independent center has mighty offerings, including in-person and Zoom group strength and conditioning classes. If you don’t feel like working with others, drop by for the open gym hours.

PDXstrength operates an inclusive environment and wants to make strength training open to all, regardless of gender, ability, and existing fitness knowledge. They also offer free daily workout programs on their website and social media.

7. Foster Fitness Center – locally owned neighborhood gym with a good variety of equipment

Foster Fitness Center - Portland - Oregon

If you like your fitness centers to have a neighborly feel about them, then Foster Fitness Center is the place for you. This gym on Portland’s Foster Street is dedicated to serious fitness enthusiasts in SE Portland. The gym has an extensive free weight collection that is open for use by everyone, in particular people training for weightlifting competitions.

If you are serious about your fitness, take advantage of one of their certified personal trainers to help you push yourself to new limits. One of the best gyms in Portland! 

8. Loprinzi’s Gym – small and family-run gym with flexible payment options

Loprinzi’s Gym - Portland - Oregon

Loprinzi’s Gym is one of the first fitness centers not just in Portland but in the whole country. Since 1948, Portlanders have been staying healthy and getting in shape using the equipment at this family-run institution. This does not mean that the gym is stuck in the past: it offers a full range of weight machines, free weights, cardio equipment, and more.

Loprinzi’s Gym is also one of the best places to go if you are in Portland only for the short term. Not only is it a local institution, but the gym also offers affordable temporary passes for visitors.

9. LA Fitness – famous outstanding gym scattered all of Portland

LA Fitness - Portland - Oregon

For convenience, you can’t beat a reputable gym chain such as LA Fitness. LA Fitness has several locations throughout Portland, meaning that you can access a workout wherever you are in the city. Each location has the top-notch equipment, cleanliness and professionalism that you would expect from this reputable gym chain. If you have a Multi-Club or Multi-State membership at an LA Fitness back home, you can use one of the Portland locations if you are visiting short-term.

10. Orangetheory Fitness – high-intensity gym that provides extensive health programs 

Orangetheory Fitness - Oregon

Orangetheory Fitness is a fitness chain that uses science to develop targeted group fitness classes. It has two outposts in Portland where you can take advantage of their total-body workout classes. Sweat alongside a group while monitoring your heart rate to maximize effectiveness and calorie burn.

If you like your workouts to be cerebral or just want to get the most bang for your buck, then Orangetheory Fitness is the place for you.

11. Cascade Athletic Club – a great gym that offers a family-friendly environment for fitness

Cascade Athletic Club - Portland - Oregon

Cascade Athletic Club, with three locations near Portland and beyond, is a large fitness center with something for everyone. People who like to work out with others can take advantage of group fitness classes and tribe training team programs to help boost accountability.

Find weights boring and prefer to sweat it out through sports? Play tennis, racquetball, basketball and more at the club facilities. Two of the locations outside Portland even have waterparks and swimming facilities. For variety in your workout, check out Cascade Athletic Club.

12. Mt. Tabor CrossFit – one-of-a-kind gym that concentrates on strength and conditioning

Mt. Tabor CrossFit - Portland - Oregon

For extreme fitness enthusiasts, Mt. Tabor CrossFit is one of the best places to go in Portland. This unique CrossFit space focuses on technique and community, which in turn helps attendees build strength. The gym uses CrossFit’s trademark high-intensity fitness training to help clients see results with their fitness and endurance.

However, what sets Mt. Tabor aside is not the rigor of the program but the warm welcome that their community extends to all members. The gym emphasizes growing safely and caring for each other.

13. Fulcrum Fitness MLK – fitness center that offers personalized training both indoor and outdoor

Fulcrum Fitness MLK - Portland - Oregon

Fulcrum Fitness is a small Portland-based chain with a flagship location at MLK. The gym offers team training and small groups to help you find workout buddies as well as two large gym spaces. Keep an eye on your health and recovery with massage, chiropractic services, a 3D body scanner, and other amenities.

14. Firebrand Sports – a fitness studio for fitness revolutionaries 

Firebrand Sports - Portland - Oregon

Firebrand Sports is the place to make gains in a high-tech, revolutionary environment. Class offerings include circuit training, Lagree Fitness full-body workouts, barre classes, and more. You can also use their spin and row machines to turn your body into a well-oiled machine.


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