Top 14 of the Best Markets to Visit in Portland

Portland has been developing over the years with a blend of countryside life and a diverse urban community that are keen to provide their freshly made food and their second-hand items.

Selling everything from produce to vintage goods, here are some of the best markets in Portland, Oregon to go digging for products that make the city unique…

1. Portland Farmer’s Market – said to be Portland’s most popular farmer’s market

Portland Farmer’s Market, Portland, Oregon

The Portland Farmer’s Market, sometimes called the Portland Farmer’s Market at PSU, is the city’s largest farmer’s market and one of the most famous in the country. Every Saturday, 140 vendors take over South Park Blocks, an area of downtown right near Portland State University.

You can find all kinds of vendors at this massive market, from fruit and vegetables grown by local farmers to gift items such as candy and hot sauce.

If you need a break from wandering the stalls, sample some distilled spirits at local stands and have brunch at the food stands, some of which have grown into restaurant staples of the Portland scene.

2. Saturday Market – amazing arts and crafts open-air marketplace

Saturday Market - Portland - Oregon

Portland’s Saturday Market is the largest market in the country dedicated to arts and crafts. Located right in the Old Town, the market receives about 750,000 visitors each year.

The season runs from March to Christmas, staying open long enough for you to stock up on your gifts.

When you visit, keep an eye out for local artists selling everything from jewelry to photography to woodworking crafts. However, the market isn’t just about visual arts.

Don’t forget to stop by one of the food stalls to sample dishes from around the world and pause to listen to local musicians playing their trade.

3. Skidmore Market – Portland’s oldest market with a great variety of vendors

Skidmore Market - Portland - Oregon

The official Portland Farmer’s Market may be the largest farmer’s market in town, but Skidmore Market is the oldest. The market operates around the bronze Skidmore Fountain, which opened in 1888.

Although the fountain is no longer operational, it still provides an excellent historical backdrop to the market.

The vendors at Skidmore Market are usually local artisans selling snacks and crafts. It is close enough to the Saturday Market that you can visit both on the same day, but this market has a more laid-back vibe.

Previous visitors recommend trying out the snacks, ranging from old favorites such as kettle corn to more unique finds such as alligator jerky.

4. The Multnomah French Quarter – a beautiful market with a bit of oh la la

The Multnomah French Quarter - Portland - Oregon

Portland may be thousands of miles away from France, but this indoor-outdoor market perfectly recreates the feeling of La Belle France.

Founded by a homesick Frenchman, the French Quarter painstakingly recreates the feeling of a French town square, down to the street lamps.

Vendors at the French Quarter include food stands specializing in French food as well as other global cuisines.

If you need to work up an appetite first, check out some of the artisanal boutiques selling tea, clothing, and even art.

5. Portland’s Night Market – a funky place with exclusive and diverse businesses 

Portland’s Night Market - Portland - Oregon

Night owls can also get their market fix in Portland by visiting the city’s night market. Located in the Industrial District in a warehouse space, Portland’s Night Market is one of the best markets in Portland, Oregon to see everything that makes Portland unique in one place.

Vendors at the night market include local chefs serving local and global food from their food carts as well as artisans selling unique clothing and beauty products.

The Night Market is more than a place to shop; it is also a cultural meeting place that often hosts live music and other cultural presentations.

6. Moon Market – a great spot that brought the community together

Moon Market - Portland - Oregon

Moon Market was founded with the goal of giving Portland’s makers and crafters a space to share their goods and become part of the community.

The founders are crafters and small business owners themselves, and they’ve made sure that the market remains community-oriented.

Moon Market is hosted in a unique industrial space that still offers plenty of space for vendors and visitors. Move around in the airy space and explore jewelry, gifts, soaps, food items, and more.

7. Cam Gilly Flea Market – best place for shopping vintage items

Cam Gilly Flea Market - Portland - Oregon

Cam Gilly Flea Market, one of Portland’s best spaces for secondhand shopping, has all of the thrills of a good flea market find with less of the chaos. The market is curated, meaning that everything on display is among the best of Portland’s vintage offerings.

Vendors at the Cam Gilly Flea Market are experienced thrifters who know how to find the best at other markets, from vintage video games to band T-shirts, and bring it to the space.

For a unique addition to your wardrobe that’s approved by the Portland fashion-forward set, stop by this market.

8. Portland’s Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market – awesome place to visit on a Sunday

Portland’s Indoor-Outdoor Flea Market -Portland - Oregon

Portland’s indoor/outdoor flea market is true to its name. The market hosts over 100 vendors selling vintage goods at indoor and outdoor tables.

You have to pay a $1 admission fee to get in (kids can browse for free), but it is worth it to check out one of Portland’s largest selection of vintage goods.

Shop everything from durable leather jackets to jewelry. There are even vendors selling food as well as craftspeople offering to repair your jewelry and watches.

9. Portland’s Vintage Market – a great second-hand market with everything you need

Portland’s Vintage Market - Portland - Oregon

On the last weekend of every month, almost everyone in Portland’s vintage community flocks to Portland’s Vintage Market, the largest such market in the city.

Hosted outdoors in a parking lot, the market hosts vendors selling everything from clothing to vintage toys.

Because shopping should never happen in silence, the market also hosts regular live music events showcasing the best of Portland’s local scene.

This market is less curated than some of the other secondhand markets on this list, but it makes up for it in size. You are almost certain to find what you are looking for among their vendors.

10. Beaverton Farmer’s Market -one of Portland’s favorite markets that provides a mix of in-season farm and artisan food products 

Beaverton Farmer’s Market - Portland - Oregon

Located just outside of Portland in the suburb of Beaverton, this farmer’s market is the town’s most famous tourist attraction.

The primary draw is the excellent array of fresh produce sourced from local Oregon farmers. If you are too hungry to wait to get home for lunch, grab some fresh bread or lunch from one of the ready-made food stalls.

Besides feeding the body, Beaverton Farmer’s Market is dedicated to feeding a sense of community. That is why the market hosts regular community events, including live music, for the town and visitors to gather and enjoy.

11. King Portland Farmer’s Market – world-class farmers market that supplies fresh local food 

King Portland Farmer’s Market - Portland - Oregon

The King outpost of Portland’s Farmer’s Market is on the smaller side, but it makes up for its relatively small size with more than enough community spirit to power a lovely Sunday afternoon.

The market is usually home to about 25 vendors selling fresh produce and ready-made food.

This makes it a relaxed place to spend a weekend with the family while still enjoying the curated best of Portland’s food scene. Don’t forget to grab a snack and check out the live music, food demonstrations, crafts for kids, or even cooking classes.

12. Shemanski Park Market – a perfect location to spend your day right in the heart of Portland’s downtown

Shemanski Park Market - Portland - Oregon

You know that a farmer’s market is good when it has a reputation for being the go-to shopping destination for local chefs.

The Shemanski Park outpost of Portland’s Farmer’s Market is a popular destination in downtown for home cooks as well as chefs picking up produce for their next culinary delights.

Besides some of the best produce in the city, pick up some coffee to get you through market shopping and the rest of the day at the popular Exilior Coffee.

Other specialty items include fermented foods, alcohol, and ready-made food to chow down on while you’re at the market.

13. Lents International Farmer’s Market – an adorable little market with a worldwide taste

Lents International Farmer’s Market - Portland - Oregon

For a taste of the world beyond Oregon, there is no better place to go than Lents International Farmer’s Market. The market is dedicated to honoring global food, particularly cuisines belonging to Portland’s many immigrant communities.

Most of the vendors are farmers from immigrant backgrounds or those who are new to the business. Lents International Farmer’s Market is a way to give back to the community, particularly some of Portland’s newest residents.

If you are looking for specialty produce that is still Oregon-grown, you can find everything from Asian pears to traditional Mexican produce to fresh-cut flowers in this market.

Don’t forget to stop for a snack at some of the unique food stalls, including a stand that sells homemade tamales.

14. Hollywood Farmer’s Market – a morning market with great farmers, talented artisans and hardworking ranchers

Hollywood Farmers Market - Portland - Oregon

A taste of Hollywood does exist in Portland. This neighborhood outpost of Portland’s Farmer’s Market is located on Hancock Street.

Like all of Portland’s farmer’s markets, the Hollywood Farmer’s Market has excellent produce in stock. Other popular items include coffee, spirits, and baked goods.

Besides selling food items, Hollywood Farmer’s Market is a vibrant space to gather as folks come to visit with their neighbors and listen to live music.

Sometimes the vendors also provide entertainment, such as the honey seller who brings a real beehive!

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