Top 7 Best Places to See Roses in Portland

Portland isn’t called ‘City of Roses’ for nothing. In many places, you’ll get to see the city’s association with this beautiful flower.

So sit back and get ready to look through a pair of rose-tinted glasses as we take you through some of the best places to see roses in Portland, Oregon…

1. Portland International Rose Test Garden – one of seven beautiful test gardens throughout the world

The International Rose Test Garden

Bagging the title of being the largest rose garden in the United States featuring more than 10,000 roses the Rose Garden stands true to its grandeur.

Historically, it began as a rose test garden to preserve the species of European roses during World War I, making it the oldest and most continuously operated rose test garden in the States to date. 

Generally, roses bloom between May and September but for peak bloom visit towards the end of June.

Interestingly enough, you can find hidden inside this profuseness a special Shakespeare Garden which is filled with roses named after the characters in William Shakespeare’s plays.

Moreover, the Miniature Rose Garden and the Gold Award Garden are among other secreted treasures you can discover in this haven for roses. 

Address: 400 SW Kingston Ave. Portland, Oregon 97205.

2. Peninsula Park Rose Garden – Oregon’s oldest public rose garden

Peninsula Park Rose Garden

A perennial exquisiteness tucked below the street level, Peninsula Park Rose Garden has an underdog status for a reason.

Often cited as a mini version of the Rose Garden, with over 5000 different roses of 60 different species, the park has retained its glory throughout time. 

However, for me, the most promising feature of the park has to be its slowness and all the quiet it has to offer.

Even during the peak bloom months, June through October, you can expect a lesser gathering which allows you to enjoy its elegance and splendor even more. 

Address: 700 N Rosa Parks Way

3. Ladd Circle Park and Rose Gardens – a lovely area for relaxation and beautiful roses

Ladd Circle Park and Rose Gardens

Situated amidst the luscious Ladd’s Addition neighborhood and spreading over an area of 1.62 acres, Ladd Circle Park is home to almost 3,000 roses with 60 different varieties. Its unique design and grid plan are something you wouldn’t normally see in the city.

A street surrounding the central park, with the center circle featuring camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, and a lawn area along with four diamond-shaped rose gardens.

Since the gardens are located at four compass points, if you stand in the middle of the central circle, you can see four rose gardens all at once.

Address: SE 16th Avenue and Harrison Street. Portland, Oregon 97214.

4. Pittock Mansion – the lawn is hedged by heritage roses 

Pittock Mansion Roses

Although, it costs around $12 for an adult to tour the magnificent château, soaking in the sun and strolling around the garden outside the mansion is free.

Here you’ll see plenty of blooms (in season) including plenty of beautiful and colorful roses.

Walking hand-in-hand, steering away from your monotonous life all the while appreciating the views the glorious tower has to offer. A total win-win!

Address: 3229 NW Pittock Dr. Portland, Oregon 92710.

5. Washington Park – a beautiful place to see fragrant roses in full blossom

Roses in Washington Park Portland

Spread across more than 400 acres of land, this public park is home to two museums, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, amphitheater, memorials, tennis courts, soccer fields, playgrounds, 15 miles of trails, and much more.

With such a vast variety of roses, Washington Park is an absolute stunner acting as a one-stop-shop for all your plans.

Visit anytime between May to October, which almost covers the entire year, and you shall be able to witness the best bloom of roses.

Address: 400 SW Kingston Ave. Portland, Oregon 97205.

6. Ladd’s Addition – filled with with roses of every color

Ladd’s Addition Roses

One of the oldest planned neighborhoods in the city, featuring the unusual street and park plan, this charming neighborhood is worth stopping to smell the roses.

Address: SE 16th Avenue and Harrison Street. Portland, Oregon 97214.

7. Arlington Heights Neighborhood – a different way to see the roses in Portland

Arlington Heights Neighborhood

Adhering to its surroundings, many homeowners around the place have grown pretty mini rose gardens of their own making this neighborhood truly a sight to behold! 

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