Top 12 Best Tattoo Shops in Portland

Portland is located in the northeast of the United States and is the largest city in the State of Oregon, the city is steeped in history and surrounded by incredible forests and rugged mountains. The city and state have it all, there is something for everybody. With a multicultural vibe that is represented in its theater, restaurants, and museums. The arts also play a huge part in the city’s life, this includes its famous tattoo parlors. Here are some of the best tattoo parlors the city has to offer if you fancy getting some new ink during your visit! 

1. Scapegoat Tattoo –  a vegan tattoo parlor specializing in custom and walk-in tattoo designs

Scapegoat Tattoo Portland

This parlor has rightly been at the forefront of the industry in Portland for many years. This is due to the talented team of artists that work here, they genuinely enjoy their work and take great pride in what they do. They have painters who Specialize in Black and Grey and American traditional work.

The artists can turn their hand to almost any design you like. Based in SE Portland’s vegan mini-mall they are all practicing vegans and only use animal-free products in their work. Not the cheapest but with good reason, very professional and extremely clean environment to have your ink done.

Address: 1233 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97205

2. Tattoo 34 – home to great artists who do all different styles of tattoos 

Tattoo 34 Portland

This parlor has some of the finest artists in the country and has built a very solid reputation within the community. There are many artists who are devoted mainly to one style of tattoo, you need to make an appointment with the artist that best fits your needs.

Take a look at their Facebook page and then click on the person you think is the artist for you and browse their work before booking. With so many different styles to choose from you may be looking for some time. The store has a great reputation for cleanliness and professionalism.

Address: 4035 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

3. Ritual Arts – the first tattoo and piercing studio in Portland to become green certified


Ritual Arts specialize in a wide variety of tattoo design and piecing. The team doing the piercing is all members of the Association of Professional Piercers. So you can rest assured they really know what they are doing.

The tattoo artists thrive on producing custom designs and are happy to help you with any advice you may need. Well maintained and immaculately clean this is somewhere you can trust for great results.

Address: 2005 NE 42nd Ave #1304, Portland, OR 97213

4. Fortune Tattoo – a destination shop specializing in an array of styles

Fortune Tattoo Portland  Fortune Tattoo is a parlor that is well respected within the tattoo industry in Portland for its innovative designs and experience. They specialize in realism, traditional Americana, dream interpretation, Japanese influenced art, and many more designs.

With a dedicated team that is friendly and always happy to offer advice on any creative ideas, you may have in mind. They are very honest about whether they can do the design you like, unlike many less-reputable stores. Very clean and tidy something that the parlor prides itself upon, look no further than Fortune for professional service.

Address: 1716 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

5. Lady Luck Tattoo – employs many artists from different places and backgrounds and many are award winning

Lady Luck Tattoo PDX

Open in 2002 this parlor has grown into one of the most reputable stores in Portland, with award-winning artists. Extremely talented and very friendly they can meet almost anybody’s expectations, they are always happy to give consultations and free advice.

If you have your own design they will let you know if they can do it or offer alternative designs from their portfolio. Walk-in tattoos are available but it is best to call them first just to check they are not too busy.

Address: 611 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

6. Ever True Tattoo – high quality tattoos in Old Town/Downtown Portland

Ever True Tattoo Portland

Ever True Tattoo has built up a very strong presence on the tattoo scene in Portland over the years. Designs are both Oriental and Western-inspired. Also, excelling in neotrad and old school tattoos there are enough designs and imagination in the parlor to suit anybody.

Constantly attaining a high well-deserved reputation as one of the best tattoo parlors in Portland, a large part of this is the high level of professionalism of the artists and staff. Definitely worth a visit if you are thinking of getting some ink done.

Address: 213 SW Ash St, Portland, OR 97204

7. New Rose Tattoo LLC – Custom tattoos in a welcoming, friendly environment

New Rose Tattoo LLC Portland

New Rose has a very eclectic team of experienced artists that specialize in different styles. You can choose from their extensive portfolio or present your own designs for a customized one-of-a-kind tattoo.

Consultations are available but please call in advance after looking at the New Rose Facebook page to determine which artist you think you may need to speak to. Clean and friendly environment to have your work done, you will not be disappointed with their work.

Address: 4823 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

8. Atlas Tattoo – one of the city’s best tattoo shops

Atlas Tattoo Portland

Atlas Tattoo parlor is one the most well-known in Portland, with its artists inspired by Japanese old-school designs. Of course, they can turn their hand to almost any design and are very well respected not just in Portland but have a large following around the US.

Friendly and with good advice before they start, if you are considering a tattoo in Portland then call in and speak to the artists, they will be happy to show you designs and answer any questions you may have.

Address: 4543 N Albina Avenue, Portland, OR 97217

9. Martian Arts Tattoo – for artists that are “nice guys and cool chicks”

Martian Arts Tattoo Portland

Martian Arts Tattoo is a parlor with some eccentric designs, as the name may imply. Colorful, pop culture, neotrad, and Japanese-inspired tattoos are some of their specialties.

Extremely well-known in Portland and throughout the United States for their attention to detail and friendly artists and staff, they are certainly worth visiting for advice and a detailed consultation before you decide which design will suit you best.

Address: 3352 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

10. Grizzly Tattoo –  creates custom, unique badassery on your skin

Grizzly Tattoo Portland

Grizzly Tattoo is for good reason one of the most famous parlors in Portland, and deservedly so. With its classic old-school designs which often involve skulls, snakes, flames, Japanese-inspired dragons, and roses, there is something for everybody.

With a well-deserved reputation and excellent, fun staff you will not be disappointed by getting a new or cover-up tattoo from Grizzly Tattoo. Also known for its clean and hygienic practices.

Address: 3949 N Williams Avenue, Portland, OR 97227

11. Murder Ink – a cool tattoo Collective in the heart of downtown Portland

Murder Ink Portland

A relative newcomer to the scene Murder Ink has quickly grown to become one of the best stores in Portland and indeed Oregon. With a dedicated team who all excel as artists and have various styles they prefer, it is easy to find the right artist for the job. Friendly and with amazing knowledge of the industry it would suit most people and their design ideas.

Professionally run business that is kept clean and sanitary by the staff Murder Ink is certainly worth consulting with before you get your tattoo.

12. Icon Tattoo – fine tattoo work rooted in time-honored traditions and style

Icon Tattoo Portland

Icon Tattoo Studio is certainly one of the most famous parlors in Portland, specializing in neotrad, black and gray tattoos, and fantastic old-school art. It is possibly best known for its crisp lines, bold ink, and incredibly talented artists.

They also specialize in Minimalist designs which often stand out more than other tattoos that can be over-colored and too complex. With very helpful, talented, and renowned artists they are certainly worth a visit for a consultation on any ideas you may have.

Address: 813 N Russell St, Portland, OR 97227


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