Top 15 White Water Rafting in or near Portland

The US is full of award-winning restaurants, jaw-dropping landmarks, and panoramic nature spots. There is plenty to explore on land, but sometimes it’s more fun to explore the rivers instead, especially with the incredible rapids that you can find in the Northwest. Here are some of the best white water rafting in or near Portland, Oregon…

1. PDX Rafting @ Northwestern Park – a passionate team of professionals who care about the river life whilst having a thrilling day out 

Whitewater PDX Rafting Portland

PDX Rafting consists of a passionate and talented team of whitewater professionals. There is no better way to enjoy rafting than with people who deeply care about the river and fish life. If you are looking for a fun, adventurous, and thrilling day on the restless rivers then book a trip now.

The company performs all its procedures with professionalism. Aside from fun and games, safety is the number one priority of the team so there is nothing to worry about in that aspect. Be sure to stay respectful, follow the guidelines and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. 

Address: 25 BZ-Glenwood Hwy, White Salmon, WA 98672, United States

Drive from Portland: 1 hr 19 min (76.0 mi)

2. Blue Sky Whitewater Rafting – a skilful and friendly team with over 40 years of experience

Whitewater Bluesky Whitewater Rafting Portland

Blue Sky Rafting is one of the leading names in the whitewater rafting industry. The talented and professional staff will surely win you over with their friendliness and skills. With over 40 years of experience in the business, it’s safe to say that they can provide thrilling and adventurous trips without any hassle. 

There are different trips available depending on your age group and experience. Needless to say, you will witness a safe and professional environment on your trip. So what are you waiting for? Book a trip now and create unforgettable memories on the river. 

Address: 27695 SE 5 Oaks Rd, Estacada, OR 97023, United States

Drive from Portland: 43 min (26.8 mi)

3. Wet Planet Rafting and Kayaking – safety and customer service is top of this company’s agenda

Whitewater Wet Planet Rafting Portland

Wet Planet was launched with the aim of revolutionizing the rafting scene. Back when the company was launched there wasn’t much development for rafting in the area. Wet Planet Rafting was built to provide increased safety and better customer service in the rafting business.

The higher standards meant that the employees, coaches, and other members also had to go through professional tests and training. In the beginning, the options were limited, however, today you can choose from numerous exciting rafting and kayaking trips in beautiful locations.

Address: 860 WA-141, White Salmon, WA 98672, United States

Drive from Portland: 1 hr 14 min (76.0 mi)

4. Portland Rafting Company: Ticket Sales – for an adventurous rafting experience

Whitewater Portland Rafting Company Portland

Portland Rafting Company brings the fun and joy of rafting right to our beloved hometown. Experience the best that Portland has to offer and head out on an adventurous river trip. If you love water and appreciate a good adventure, then there is nothing better than a great rafting trip.

Even if you have no previous experience on a raft, you will find yourself at home with the amazing crew. The company also offers other outdoor activities like camping in a safe, secure, and professional environment.

Address: 1339 SE Long St, Portland, OR 97202, United States

5. Oregon River Experiences – choose your river and the trip duration for an exciting journey

Whitewater Oregon River Experiences Portland

Choose the river of your preference and head out on an exciting journey on the Oregon water. Oregon River Experiences offers some of the best rafting trips in the state. Whether you want to explore the Clackamas, Deschutes, or Mckenzie River there is a trip available for you. 

Still not convinced? There is more to choose from. Head over to the Oregon River Experiences website and choose from the many different river trips available. You can go for one day, multiple days, or even special trip options.

Address: 16869 SW 65th Ave # 251, Lake Oswego, OR 97035, United States

Drive from Portland: 16 min (10.6 mi)

6. High Country Expeditions McKenzie Whitewater Rafting – for an incredible opportunity to explore the area

Whitewater High Country Expeditions Portland

With the motto “Love, Love and Live Longer”, the owners of High Country Expeditions have been cruising along with life while providing incredible opportunities to explore the best of Oregon. 

There are tons of different trips available on different rivers and some fishing trips available as well. 

Address: 91837 Taylor Rd, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413, United States
Drive from Portland: 2 hr 42 min (157.8 mi)

7. River Rider – where you can enjoy your favorite water activity in a laid-back atmosphere 

Whitewater River Riders Portland

Enjoy tubing, kayaking, and rafting on your favorite Washington rivers. River Rider provides a laid-back atmosphere to enjoy great food near beautiful rivers. There are seven different spots scattered around town where you can enjoy your favorite water activity. 

You can choose trips based on the age level as kids as little as 10 can take part in some of the trips. River Rider has chosen the most scenic-looking spots for the trips including but not limited to the White Salmon River and Klickitat River.

Address: 10860 US-2, Leavenworth, WA 98826, United States

Drive from Portland: 4 hr 47 min (275.3 mi)

8. Northwest Whitewater Adventures – get reconnected to the real world with an incredible outdoor adventure

Whitewater Northwest Whitewater Adventures Portland

Northwest Whitewater Adventures aims to increase the appeal of outdoor water sports among kids and adults alike. In this modern digital era, people are getting disconnected from the real world and are missing out on incredible outdoor adventures.

Rafting can be a great way to increase the sense of community, get good exercise and enjoy nature. By bringing together a passionate crew, the company has been providing incredible rafting trips for people of all ages.

Address: 14788 S Burkstrom Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045, United States

Drive from Portland: 31 min (22.8 mi)

9. River Drifters – White Salmon River Rafting – beautiful rivers offering unique views and incredible routes

Whitewater River Drifters Portland

River Drifters have been focusing all their time and resources on promoting the beauty of the rivers to the public. You can choose from around ten different rivers each offering unique views and incredible routes.

There are various different difficulty levels as well so you can enjoy the most intense rafting experience as per your preference. The company is built on strong values and principles so you are sure to have a great time with family or friends. 

Address: 856 WA-141, White Salmon, WA 98672, United States

Drive from Portland: 1 hr 14 min (71.7 mi)

10. Wild Spirit River Company – single or multi-day rafting trips for an amazing time

Whitewater Wild Spirit River Company Portland

Looking for something more than just a day of rafting? Wild Spirit River is here to save the day. Built as the ultimate company to spread the appeal of rafting and outdoor adventures among the people, Wild Spirit River adds its unique touch to make the experience even better.

You can book a three-day (two-night) rafting trip where you will receive all the amenities to have an enjoyable time. There is a well-rounded menu in place and you will be accompanied by a rising musician to keep you entertained along the way. 

There are various day trips available as well if you prefer that instead.

Address: 1550 SE 172nd Ave, Portland, OR 97233, United States

Drive from Portland: 23 min (14.3 mi)

11. Columbia River Outdoors – incredible rafting trips in the Columbia Gorge area

Whitewater Columbia River Outdoors Portland

Columbia River Outdoors used to be an outfitting company in Washington providing gears and equipment for outdoor adventures. The company was then bought by two passionate people who redesigned the company’s vision and started providing incredible rafting trips in the Columbia Gorge area.

There are both half-day and full-day trips available on the Salmon and Klickitat River. The crew is trained and professional and there is also a raft guiding clinic available.

12. ShareOregon – exciting rafting trips which bring the beauty of the state to you

Whitewater ShareOregon Portland

ShareOregon has engraved its motto right in the company’s name. By providing exciting trips, ShareOregon is seeking to share the beauty of the state among the masses. Whether you are on a trip to Portland or looking for something to do with your family, these outdoor trips are the perfect solution for your needs. 

Aside from rafting trips, ShareOregon is also known for the countless other activities they provide. From wine tasting and hiking to music events and volunteering, there is some sort of trip waiting for you.

Address: 1536 NE Saratoga St, Portland, OR 97211, United States

13. All-Star Rafting – various trip durations so you can squeeze in a fun journey into any schedule

Whitewater All-star Rafting Portland

All-Star Rafting is a well-rounded rafting company offering trips on the Deschutes, Rogue, White Salmon, and Grande Ronde rivers. There are various multiple days, single day, and even half-day trips available so you can squeeze a fun trip into any schedule. 

The staff is well-trained to handle any emergencies and has tons of experience on the river.

Address: 405 Deschutes Ave, Maupin, OR 97037, United States

Drive from Portland: 2 hr 2 min (123.6 mi)

14. Oregon Whitewater Adventures – enjoy the beauty of the state with exciting trips on various rivers

Whitewater Oregon Whitewater Adventures Portland

Oregon Whitewater Adventures have been working tirelessly to promote water sports and outdoor adventures among the people. By providing exciting trips on various rivers in Oregon, the company has been spreading the beauty of the state to its residents. 

You can choose from numerous different rivers and book a trip based on your schedule at any time.

Address: Springfield, OR 97477, United States

Drive from Portland: 1 hr 48 min (109.6 mi)

15. Sage Canyon River Co – a perfect adventure for daring people who want to witness great views

Whitewater Sage Canyon River Portland

Sage Canyon River Company was founded with a deep appreciation of the beautiful sites in our country. It provides the perfect adventures for daring people who love the river and want to witness great views on their trips.

You can choose from 3 or 6 hours trips as well as overnight and multiple-day trips. 

Address: 509 Deschutes Ave, Maupin, OR 97037, United States

Drive from Portland: 3 hr 25 min (214.3 mi)


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