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7 reasons why you should Belize

The sunrise

Watching the sunrise is a guilty pleasure for many people, even if you’re not a morning person. With the vast differences in landscape and more, you should try to experience the sunrise at least once, wherever you travel. That being said, San Pedro, a small island off of the Belizean Coast, has the most beautiful sunrise, and is not one to be missed. The sun is so close. It’s almost as if you can touch it as it swiftly peaks over the turquoise water. The plethora of colors consists of dazzling blues, dancing oranges and everything in between. This is a stunning experience and is something that everyone should experience there at least once.

The marine life

Diving Caribbean

The array of aquatic animals that you can experience first hand here is simply indescribable. From dolphins to sea turtles to sharks – you get everything in the amazing city’s waters. What is even more worth trip is that the water is so incredibly, crystal clear, that you can’t miss the beauty of this underwater haven. Snorkel, like I did, with a school of Blue Tang, better known as the Dory fish from ‘Finding Nemo’. Or you could do your underwater tour without the help of the friendly fish – the water is perfect and there for you to fully enjoy. Either way being one with this part of the Caribbean sea is well worth the trip.

The food

What is there to say about Belizean food? How about YUM! Please take a second and think about your favorite comfort foods. Next imagine a Caribbean and Spanish style spin on the dish and voila! You have Belizean food. Whether you are somewhat of a timid eater, who sticks to what they know, or if you have more of an adventurous palate, there will definitely be something fresh and tasty for you to dine on here. Belize holds many delicious variations of street tacos, tamales, rice and beans in addition to steaks, stews and more. Just thinking about it will make your mouth water! Do you have food allergies? That is certainly not a problem, as many restaurants are able to easily accommodate most food allergies while still giving a variety of foods to choose from. The Rain Rooftop Terrace is a perfect example of this, and they offer one of the best views in Belize. Oh, and let’s not forget about the adult beverages. If there’s one thing Belizean’s know how to make, it’s definitely the best Peña Colada that you’ve ever set your lips to.

The water activities

With so much water around, I’m sure you can take a guess at just what types of water activities you can get into. Aquatic enthusiasts can go tubing, snorkelling, scuba diving, rafting and more for just a fraction of the price it would cost you to do these activities in other destinations. Traveling to this country during the tourist off-season will really give you a steal on these activities while not compromising your sunny weather experience.

The People

Even the most novice traveler understands that the destination locals heavily influence the overall experience. That is a major positive for Belize. From the initial taxi ride from the airport throughout the entire experience, it was clear the people of Belize understand and appreciate tourism and tourists. When traveling through Belize, whether on an island or the mainland, there is never a shortage of people who are willing to assist travelers with enhancing their experience. The people are very proud of their country and are always eager to show or tell tourists why. Additionally, they speak English, so it is easy to get around and ask for assistance. The Caribbean influence in the local dialect is pretty cool and relaxing to listen to as well.

The Blue Hole

If checking off bucket list items is your idea of a great time, then you should heavily consider visiting the infamous Blue Hole. This scuba diver’s dream is located right off of the Belizean coast. It is also a part of the Belizean Barrier Reef which boasts of beautiful sea life and coral. This treasure is not exclusive to scuba divers. Snorkelers and boaters can visit as well. Not into these water activities? Take a helicopter ride to view the 400 ft. plus abyss from above. Although you can see more aquatic life in other parts of the Belizean coast, you can only check off this super cool, natural wonder of the world in one spot.

The jungle

For those who enjoy the outdoor activities, sans water, the Jungle Tours might be the thing for you. In these tours, you can witness the Mayan Ruins first hand or visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are into wildlife and would like to see the infamously illusive Jaguar, you should definitely consider this for your next visit. This sanctuary is the only jaguar reserve in the entire world! On these guided tours and hikes you will also get to take in the beautiful flora and fauna of the Belizean jungle and bask in the, even more breathtaking, views.

Written by our guest blogger Travasha from As the daughter of parents in the aviation industry, Travasha is no stranger to moving and traveling. She started her international travel journey by traveling solo at the age of 15. She was bitten by the travel bug and geared her future hobby and career choices towards the industry ever since. Whether it was an overseas tour as an NFL & NBA Cheerleader or just leisure travel on her own time, she has always sought out opportunities where she can embrace the world and enjoy its blessings. She counts Egypt, Jordan, Japan and Australia as four of her top favorite countries out of the 15+ that she has visited. With only one continent left to visit, Antartica, she’s on a mission to visit the world and share it with you. Follow her on social media @Lifeofasassystew.


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