Top 15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Bermuda

Famous for its dreamy turquoise waters, its superb dive sites, its mysterious triangle, its pink sand beaches, and for offering a lifestyle which is the envy of the world.

The British island territory also has a mix of British and American culture but with plenty of other cultures thrown in, as well as upscale urban areas and an interesting maritime history. Here are the best and most beautiful places to visit in Bermuda…

1. Horseshoe Bay – a famously picturesque beach with panoramic views

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Bermuda is best known for its beaches, and Horseshoe Bay tops the list. Located in Southampton Parish on the South Shore of Bermuda, the Horseshoe Bay gets its name from its curving shape.

You can feel the beauty and the tranquility of this place only through an authentic experience.

From trademark crystal waters, pink sands to tucked-away coves and hidden caves, the beach gives you the most picturesque environment with various fun activities that would help you rejuvenate.

This place has so much to offer that no one can leave disheartened after visiting Horseshoe Bay. From Art enthusiasts, bird-watchers, craftspersons, believers to adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts, everyone gets what they love.

Moreover, you can also walk the trails connecting you to the adjacent beaches at Chaplins Bay and Warwick Long Bay.

2. Hamilton City – the magnetic capital city and one of the best places to visit in Bermuda

Hamilton City, Bermuda

If you would like to see the heart of Bermuda, Hamilton is the city you need to visit! Enjoy a day exploring and visiting the famous stores, museums, galleries, and town gardens.

To kick start the tour, begin by visiting Front Street, as it is a perfect place to be at night when all the bars sparkle and ready to give you that extra fun.

If you’re a believer or an admirer of cultural and historical places, don’t miss the opportunity to stop by the Cathedral of The Most Holy Trinity, an 1869 Anglican Church which is awe-inspiring as it is built of native stone and imported Caen stone. Here, you can even climb the tower for a view of Hamilton.

Art enthusiasts can explore the City Hall and Arts Centre that houses the Bermuda National Gallery, with exhibits and artifacts from Africa and Europe. Plus, don’t miss the chance to witness the historic fort Hamilton with panoramic views out to the sea. Book up one of the many incredible Bermuda hotels and stay here for a while, you won’t regret it! 

3. Pink Sand Beach – the famous unique beauty spot

Pink Sand Beach Bermuda

Here you can hop onto the carpet of soft pink sand that ranges in color from blush to coral and enjoy the sunset with your loved ones. This place has every color to set your mood right with the turquoise waves, pink beach, and the yellow-orange sunset.

All you need is your favorite drink, some cool sandals/slippers, and a loose beach costume, and there you go– all set to rock the velvety soft pink beach atmosphere!

It is an ideal place for snorkeling and some fun around the waves. Besides, you can enjoy great food after relaxing on the beach at the stores and restaurants around the coast.

4. Flatts Village – a pretty and colorful village to explore

Flatts Village, Bermuda

No, there are no apartments here like in big cities, but it is essential to know that Flatts Village a beautiful place. The small town is full of incredible landscapes with pastel-colored houses, palm trees, local eateries and much more.

Get the best view of this serene village from the famous Flatts Bridge. The little village also offers fun activities, including sailing, kayaking, windsurfing. 

Besides, if you cannot swim and want to experience how it’s like to be underwater, then this is the place you need to visit. It is where the famous Helmet Diving in Bermuda started.

Explore the island’s history is the largest museum in Bermuda, the Bermuda Maritime Museum (BMM), view the manicured gardens of the Palm Grove Garden or nearby Flatts Inlet; the peaceful village is an excellent stop while touring the island.

5. Clearwater Beach – a pristine beach with tranquil waves Clearwater Beach, Bermuda

A relatively secluded beach located at the southeast end of the island, Clearwater Beach offers a private experience away from the hustle and bustle. The vast expanse of white sands, shallow waters, and incredibly pristine stretch makes it a quiet and beautiful gem.

Take a dip, go paddling, snorkel or enjoy a hydro bike ride; this man-made beach remains a hidden paradise.

Besides, visitors can also access the 36-acre Clearwater Park and take a beautiful nature trail. Apart from the beach atmosphere, the fine dining and the family environment that this place offers are ideal for anyone searching for a warm ambiance.

In addition, you can get a beautiful view of the small outer islands and St. David’s Lighthouse from the beach. Next to the Clearwater Beach sits the little Turtle Bay Beach, and a walk further down leads to an array of picturesque bays easily accessible by foot.

6. Crystal Caves – a unique and beautiful place to visit in Bermuda Crystal Caves Bermuda

Nothing can beat the beauty and awe-inspiring look of anything natural and as old as a million years. The wonder of nature, which has preserved and shaped the underground crystal caves, is unparalleled.

The glittering caves housing dramatic stalactite and stalagmite formations and a clear ocean-fed lake never cease to amaze with each visit.

With deep pools of azure blue waters and cave ceilings adorned with delicate and sparkling clusters, the Crystal Caves and the Fantasy Cave is a true hidden Bermudan treasure that captivates you with surreal beauty. Whenever you plan to visit Crystal Caves, wear comfortable footwear- rubber-soled shoes will remain a perfect choice.

The temperature remains as high as 48 degrees Celsius with high humidity rates-hence wear something you feel most comfortable.

7. Kings Wharf  Kings Wharf Bermuda

A premier port in Bermuda and choice for the biggest cruise ships that visit the island, Kings Wharf is a modern tourist complex with many attractions.

Apart from the fine shops and dining areas, don’t miss out on a visit to Bermuda Maritime Museum. The people on the lookout for some hiking can trek up the 200 steps to the top of the world’s oldest cast-iron Lighthouse.

Hence, there’s plenty more to do than just the beach – a trip to the Clocktower Shopping Mall for souvenirs or the Bermuda Arts Centre to check out regional artists and their works.

You could experiment outside King’s Wharf complex to visit the Royal Navy Cemetery and Scaur Hill Fort and its park. All you need is a map and a comfortable pair of shoes to roam around and explore the region.

8. Blue Hole Park – a popular natural tourist attraction in Bermuda

Blue Hole Park Bermuda The literature enthusiasts find something to resonate with everywhere they go. So how can Bermuda stay behind then? Blue Hole Park is where the famous Irish poet Tom Moore wrote some of his greatest works. Hence, it is famously known as Tom Moore’s Jungle.

You, too, can sit there and write a few verses under the influence of the place. Throughout the 12-acre park, there is a network of underground tunnels that connects the pools and caves with a constant supply of water.

Additionally, the Blue Hole itself is a large, deep pool fringed by mangroves. This park is a perfect spot to enjoy the greenery from the forest and the pool’s calm waters. 

9. St Georges – a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site

St George's bermuda

St. Georges is the oldest continuously occupied British settlement in the New World. It is a quiet and picturesque town to spend a day or two under the city’s clear blue skies. Furthermore, the town has several forts and historical sites that form a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The attraction of this place gains from the picturesque cottages, quaint lanes, and narrow alleyways scattered around King’s Square. Besides, tourists love to explore Bermuda Old State House from 1620, The Old Rectory from 1699, and St. Peter’s Church and admire their architecture and sculpting.

Their Majesties Chappell, one of the oldest churches in the Western Hemisphere, remains the most visited and admired place in St. Georges.

10. Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve – an attractive outdoor escape to explore Cooper's Island Nature Reserve

A stunning nature reserve open to the public since 1995, Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is a serene, wooded reserve surrounded by water and is one of Bermuda’s most charming original attractions.

Once a part of the US military & used by NASA tracking station, now a large chunk of this area is under active restoration and is open for everyone to enjoy.

The reserve located at the southeastern tip of Bermuda is known for its unspoiled beauty.

It is home to a peaceful and wholesome park with far-reaching walking tracks, remarkable landscapes of Castle Harbor, and access to numerous gorgeous public beaches, such as Turtle Bay and the famous Clearwater Beach at Annie’s Bay.

This place is a perfect blend of beach and forest. It is an excellent spot for a day of hiking, swimming, picnicking, bird watching, snorkeling, and turtle spotting.

11. John Smith’s Bay Beach – a stunning beach with scenic viewsJohn Smith's Bay Beach

You can find a beach in Bermuda every few kilometers, and one scenic coast you cannot miss visiting is John Smith’s Bay.

Named after Captain John Smith, the man who famously encountered Pocahontas during his tenure at Jamestown, and later created the first map of Bermuda.

Today, the beach provides a peaceful environment with a cozy ambiance where you can spread your beach towels and relax under the sun and enjoy the sound of the waves.

It is perfect for adventure seekers who would not miss a chance to snorkeling on nearby reefs. The best thing to know is that it is safe as there are lifeguards throughout the summer season who will guide you through the ins and outs of the adventure.

12. Tobacco Bay – an attractive snorkeling spot to visit in Bermuda

Tobacco Bay Bermuda

Tucked away in the far north of Bermuda, Tobacco Bay is one of the national parks of Bermuda with marveling natural beauty located close to fort St. Catherine.

Due to its shallow waters and extra clear waters, it is the most desirable for people who love snorkeling. Ironically, you won’t see any tobacco growing here, but you can still enjoy the beauty of its unique rock formations and sheltered sandy cove.

The towering limestone rocks, short trails and unique marine habitat makes for a perfect spot for adventurers.

Therefore, without any fear, dive in and go snorkeling in the calm, turquoise waters to see bright blue parrotfish, grouper, angelfish, blue walruses, sergeant majors, and other unique species.

After a fun-filled day of sunbathing and diving into the sea, grab the excellent dishes offered at the Tobacco Bay Beach Bar & Restaurant against the backdrop of the majestic ocean.

13. Jobson’s Cove Beach – a secluded haven with calm waters

Jobson's Cove Beach Bermuda

This isolated beach might appear tiny, but the pleasant atmosphere and ambiance that it has to offer are unparalleled. A small stretch of pink sand sits between the long arms of a steep, jagged rock cliff that almost completely encircles the cove, creating an idyllic lagoon of calm, turquoise water.

The beach is ideal for families that want their children and adults to enjoy themselves together in a safe and closed space.

The huge cliffs of limestones and hardened volcanic lava prevent the wind’s invasion and make the air on this beach almost motionless. Surrounded by a soft smell of freshwater from the pool, you are most likely to meet Parrot Fish from marine life if you dive into the waters.

14. Fort St Catherine – a historic attraction with gorgeous views

Fort St Catherine Bermuda

Finally, something other than the beach is here, keeping the best for last. Visit this largest fort in Bermuda and take a glimpse of the history of the island nation.

Situated on the northeastern tip of St. George’s, the fort sits between St. Catherine’s Beach and Achilles Bay, towering above pink-sand beaches and granting sweeping ocean views. The fort was constructed in 1614 and houses exhibits and artifacts that showcase 17th-century island life.

An excellent representative of Bermuda’s military architecture, the impressive fort is an ideal spot to capture some memorable sunset pictures of the island’s rugged coastline.

Ideal for Military history buffs, you can learn more about Bermuda’s storied past as a British stronghold in the Atlantic as you explore the fort’s numerous tunnels, ramparts, and towers.

15. Elbow Beach – a quiet and mesmerizing beachElbow Beach Bermuda

Often described as the most exotic and lively beach in Bermuda, Elbow Beach takes its name from the gentle curve which resembles an elbow.

Nestled on the southern coast of Paget Parish, the beach is very close to the city of Hamilton. While the Elbow Beach hotel privately owns a part of the beach, visitors can access the excellent stretch of public beach.

The soothing waters of the beach make it an ideal spot for swimming, kayaking, and paddling. Besides, the beach is an idyllic snorkeling spot for viewing the coral reefs and the Pollockshields shipwreck approx 100 yards from the shore.

Enjoy the long walks, play beach volleyball or enjoy a few drinks at the famous beach bar and restaurant; this charming beach offers the best views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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