Top 15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Saint Lucia

1. Marigot Bay – one of the most stunning places to explore in Saint Lucia

Marigot Bay St Lucia

Another excellent example of what brings people to St. Lucia, Marigot Bay, stands out of all the beautiful Caribbean bays.

Located on the island’s western coast, about 4 miles from Castries, the narrow inlet of the bay, which once sheltered the British fleet from French navies, today attracts all types of boaters.

Towering palms, cozy beach, forested hills, and marinas with colonial-style restaurants and luxury yachts give a complete Caribbean vibe.

Walk around the marina, kayak along the mangroves, watch the boats sail, or grab a fresh coconut and enjoy the sunsets; this beautiful bay is a stunning paradise.

2. Rodney Bay – Caribbean’s largest windward island with scenic sweeping views

Rodney Bay St Lucia

 A horseshoe-shaped bay with an extensive stretch of white-sands, serene beaches, and a manmade lagoon, Rodney Bay is a part of the Gros Inlet quarter in the northwest tip of Saint Lucia.

At the heart of the bay is the Rodney Bay Village featuring a beautiful marina with yachts, eclectic restaurants, boutique shops and much more. Make a splash in the island’s beloved Reduit Beach, just south of the village.

With soft white sands, soothing waters and panoramic views, the beach offers a relaxed vibe in this vibrant destination. Try your hand at various water sports, including kite surfing and snorkeling, take a sunset cruise or sunbathe; the bay makes for an authentic St. Lucia experience.

3. The Pitons – a striking towering landmark of St Lucia

The Pitons St Lucia

A majestic World Heritage Site located near the town of Soufrière, the twin spires of the Pitons are the very essence of St. Lucia.

The pyramid-shaped Gros Piton and Petit Piton peaks rising from the sapphire blue waters are the remnants of heavy volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. Certainly, the island’s best feature, the Gros Piton hike, is an experience unlike any other.

The 3.2-mile trail with colorful wildflowers, plant and animal life is a must for avid hikers.

View the peaks from a different angle as you dive, drive, cruise, hike, or take a guided tour; the scenery of the mighty mountains on this charming island will make you fall in love with its ethereal beauty.

4. Pigeon Island National Park – a historical landmark in a postcard setting

Pigeon Island National Park

A picturesque, 44-acre island reserve joined to mainland Rodney Bay; Pigeon Island is a cultural, historical and recreational treasure of St. Lucia.

The lush green island is full of lovely hills, secluded beaches, nature trails and old ruins. Step back in time as you walk among the preserved remains of British military buildings and 18th century Fort Rodney built by a British naval officer.

A short hike upwards leads you to the tallest summit at Signal Hills, with dramatic coastline views.

Take a nature trail to the beautiful forests with diverse fauna and flora, relish the local cuisines, swim in the warm and inviting waters, or watch the waves crashing into the shore; this tranquil island is a real gem.

5. Anse Mamin – a mystical beach with unparalleled beauty

Anse Mamin St Lucia

A gorgeous beach known for its turquoise waters, towering palm trees and laid-back atmosphere, Anse Mamin is located in Soufrière.

A strolling distance from Anse Chastanet, the exotic beach offers a quiet retreat backed by lush rainforests. Swim along the warm waves or snorkel; the volcanic sands and abundant coral reefs make for a perfect underwater adventure.

Visitors can also take a tour of the sugar plantation next to the beach amid the palms and rainforest foliage and learn about the plants and the plantation’s history.

Relax under the shade or enjoy the picturesque scenery splurging in tasty foods, this dreamy secluded beach is equal parts beauty and allure.

6. Sugar Beach (Jalousie Beach) – a perfect beauty spot to explore Sugar Beach St Lucia

A charismatic landscape nestled between the lofty volcanic peaks of the Gros and Petit Piton, Jalousie Beach offers incredible views of the west coast with sparkling blue waters.

Also referred to as Sugar Beach, this tropical getaway makes for a perfect day to spend under the swooping palm trees and the inviting turquoise waters.

Get astounded by the vibrant marine life beneath the base of Petit Piton as you scuba dive or snorkel deep down. Spend a quiet afternoon in the sun or kayak in the sheltered bay with idyllic views of the jagged peaks, the splendid beauty of the beach is sure to leave a footprint with many fond memories.

7. Castries – a lovely capital city with fantastic heritage sites

Castries - best places to visit in St Lucia

The largest city in St. Lucia, Castries, is a lively and buzzing port located on the island’s northwest coast. From busy cruise ports to vibrant markets and serene beaches, the capital city gives an authentic taste of Caribbean life.

Admire the colorful murals by a local artist inside the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, relax in the Derek Walcott Square surrounding the city’s signature architecture, shop for authentic goods in the Castries Market, or explore Pointe Seraphine for high-end options.

Atop Morne Fortune is the historic Fort Charlotte with panoramic vistas of the city. Take a trip to the nearby stunning shores of Vigie Beach and La Toc Beach for a peaceful day by the waters.

8. Malabar Beach – a mesmerizing beach on the edge of Castries

Malabar Beach St Lucia

A little distance from Castries, you’ll find the longest stretch of white sand along the shimmering Caribbean shore in Malabar Beach.

The two-mile crescent-shaped beach is easy to access from the airport for those staying on the northwest coast.

The tranquil waters, great curve and soft sands make for a perfect day by the sea. Swim along, lounge under the shade, take a walk around the shore or watch the gentle blue waters of the bay; this pristine beach is an ideal getaway to relax and rejuvenate close to nature.

Relish the local foods from various dining spots near the beach or explore the nearby St. Lucia Folk Research Centre to learn more about the area.

9. Sulphur Springs – the world’s only drive-in volcano 

Sulphur Springs St Lucia

The most unusual excursion in the Caribbean, Sulphur Springs comprises numerous hot springs, bubbling mud pools and steam vents. Located near the district of Soufrière, this dormant volcano lets you drive up to the edge of the springs.

Take a guided tour and explore the lunar-like landscape tingled with the scent of sulfur oozing from the fumaroles.

Downstream, the unique bathing pools are known for their healing properties. Indulge in a mud bath rich in dissolved minerals at the famous Black Water Pool, or soak yourself in the clear, warm waters of the Pool of Love.

Visitors can also take a refreshing bath at the breathtaking waterfall nestled in the rainforest.

10. Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef – a slice of paradise on the calming Caribbean bay

Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

A charming black beach tucked away in the edge of Soufrière, Anse Chastanet welcomes you with soft sands, coconut palms & a curving bay while offering lovely views of the Pitons.

A beloved snorkeling spot off Saint Lucia’s west coast, the shores are protected by the marine reserve.

Enjoy snorkeling right off the beach, merely 10 yards beyond the water’s edge in the clear volcanic sands filled with unusual tropical marine life.

Greet a wide variety of colorful fish and coral reefs as you explore the life beneath. Enjoy a soothing swim, go scuba diving, ocean kayaking, or spend lazy days by the clear blue skies and aquamarine ocean; Anse Chastanet Beach adds to your enchanted stay in St. Lucia.

11. Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens – an alluring tropical retreat and one of the best places to visit in St Lucia

Diamond Falls St Lucia

St. Lucia Botanical Gardens, commonly referred to as Diamond Botanical Gardens, houses the oldest botanical garden on the island with a breathtaking Diamond waterfall. Nestled in the town of Soufrière, approx a mile from the town center, the site is equally historic and fascinating.

A true feast for the eyes, the Diamond Falls waterfall is known for its changing color throughout the year due to volcanic minerals.

Visitors can take a relaxing mineral bath built for King Louis XVI atop the hot springs. Wander amid the tropical gardens with beautiful blooms, lush green trees with an array of fauna and flora.

Enjoy the warmth of the tropics as you trail through the Old Mill and Waterwheel, take a refreshing view of the waterfall or explore the fertile vegetation at this enchanted Soufrière estate.

12. Carib Beach – a gorgeous spot to explore in St. Lucia

Carib Beach st lucia

A secluded shore at the foot of Gros Piton in Yukahu Bay, Carib Beach is the most sacred place of the indigenous peoples of St. Lucia.

If you seek a peaceful escape on the quiet beach, exploring the local culture, history and hospitality, a castaway experience on the Carib Beach offers you the authentic St. Lucia day in a lovely unspoiled location.

Learn about the St. Lucian tradition as you live each day hiking through the farms, enjoying freshly cooked meals from local harvest, or take a nature walk in the mystical forests and natural springs.

Relax on the beach or explore the island’s rich history; a trip to Carib Beach will rejuvenate you with a traditional way of living with the Lucians.

13. Tet Paul Nature Trail – a refreshing hike with picturesque views

Tet Paul Nature Trail

A hillside nature trail located only 10 minutes from Soufrière, the Tet Paul Nature Trail is one of the leading attractions in southwest St. Lucia.

A 1.0km relatively easy hike blended with the history and traditions of the area makes it worth visiting. Immerse yourself in the island’s beauty as you the abundant tropical vegetation with amazing views of the Jalousie Beach, majestic Pitons and more.

Step back in time as you visit the Traditional House once used by early St. Lucians, learn about the Cassava production and try your hand or discover the organic farms and medicinal trees as you take a walk in this incredible trail.

Enjoy your lunch at a picnic area overlooking the stunning island scenes of this sublime island.

14. Sandy Beach – a pristine and balmy beach on the Atlantic Ocean

Sandy Beach St Lucia

An incredibly long natural beach away from the hustle & bustle, Sandy Beach is a hidden gem of the southern island. Located in Vieux Fort, the beautiful white sands, crystal clear blue waters backed by a two-mile stretch of the quiet beach, Sandy beach provides the ideal Caribbean experience you need.

Renowned for its stiff breeze, Sandy beach is a hotspot for kitesurfers. Explore the untamed beauty of St. Lucia; as you swim, surf, dive or soak in the views of the south island, you’ll almost have the entire beach to yourself.

Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to see leatherback turtles scurrying back to the sea on an early morning walk.

15. Maria Islands Nature Preserve – a wonderful retreat for the nature lover

Maria Islands Nature Preserve

A pair of windswept and uninhabited islands visible off the coast of Sandy Beach, Maria Islands is easily accessible by boat ride from Pointe Sable.

The 30-acre reserve comprises unique tropical flora and fauna, sheer cliffs, and a small sandy beach. Both Maria Major and Maria Minor are home to some rare reptiles on the earth beside a nesting ground for many tropical birds visiting the Atlantic shore.

Hike along the verdant trails as you experience the rich ecosystem of the tiny islets, watch the exotic birds in their habitat or go snorkeling in the rich coral reefs; this preserved island is a blissful haven for nature lovers.

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