Top 16 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Dominica

An island that seems to attract more intrepid explorers than all-inclusive holidaymakers, Dominica is a beautiful mountainous Caribbean island nestled between Martinique and Guadeloupe.

It’s sometimes known as the “Nature Island” and with good reason, Dominica is covered with lush green tropical rainforests, natural hot springs, gorges, waterfalls, and volcanoes.

It also offers excellent diving, a long scenic hiking trail, a capital filled with colorful timber houses, and plenty of black sand beaches. Here are the best and most beautiful places to visit in Dominica…

Roseau – the capital and one of the best places to explore in Dominica

Roseau - best places to visit in Dominica

Roseau is the capital of Dominica and is a colorful, delightful village that is filled with quaint cottages and market stalls, and you can spend an entire day there and never get bored.

While you’re there, don’t forget to visit St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, which dates back to the 19th century, and the Old Market, which sells everything from fruits and vegetables to baskets and souvenirs made out of seashells.

If you visit nearby Morne Bruce, you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the city, and what a view it is! If you’re interested in seeing something pretty cool while visiting Dominica, this is where you want to be! 

Scotts Head Fishing Village – a famously pretty community

Scotts Head Fishing Village

A lovely village with a population of less than 1,000 people, this beautiful spot is one you’ll never forget. Its most significant tourist attractions are the three lighthouses: Morne Espagnol, Salisbury, and Scotts Head.

In addition, it offers beautiful waters and a giant festival that honors St. Peter, which is held every June or July.

There are lots of places to eat, drink, and stay, and you can visit canyons, go hiking, enjoy the beaches, and go kayaking while you’re there. It also offers some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find in all of Dominica.

Boiling Lake – a unique must-see attraction

Boiling Lake Caribbean

Located in the middle of Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Boiling Lake is one of the most iconic places to visit in Dominica.

The water stays between 180 and nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which means this gray-green lake is constantly bubbling and providing tourists with a very interesting site to see.

Guides are recommended if you’re going to tour the lake, and if it’s rainy you need to be extra careful because it gets muddy and very slick. Nevertheless, this is a great site to visit whenever you’re in this part of the world, even if you do have to hike to get there.

Mero Beach – a beautiful black sand beach

Mero Beach Dominica

The beaches in Dominica are mostly volcanic black-sand beaches, and they are nothing short of spectacular. Mero Beach is popular with the cruise ship crowd, and you can rent umbrellas and loungers if your main goal is to work on your tan.

There are also lovely shacks along the shore to buy snacks and drinks from, and it is located roughly 25 minutes from Roseau, the capital of Dominica.

Whether you stay on the shore and sunbathe or jump in the water to cool down from the heat, Mero Beach is one sandy watery spot you’ll never forget.

Titou Gorge – a stunning beauty spot to visit and explore

Titou Gorge Dominica

If you love the water and you’re visiting Dominica, Titou Gorge is a must-see tourist spot. It is essentially a natural water ride that was created by a rock pool, a river, and two hot springs.

Regardless of what section of the gorge you visit, you can enjoy water at the perfect temperature, large rocks that surround you and will amaze you, and some incredible scenery.

If you don’t want to go alone, you can take a half-day Jeep tour instead, ensuring that you won’t miss anything important. Regardless of how you get there, however, this is one place you won’t want to miss.

Champagne Beach – a popular beach to explore

Best places to visit in Dominica

Champagne Beach is very popular with tourists, not only because it is beautiful but also because it is home to Champagne Reef, which is one of the most popular attractions in the area.

With plenty of shoreline to sunbathe on and lots of beautiful water to swim in, you can spend an entire day here and never get bored.

One word of caution, though: make sure you bring sandals when you visit any of the beaches in Dominica because their black sand can get awfully hot on your feet.

Waitukubuli Trail – the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean

Waitukubuli Trail Dominica

If you wish to go hiking while in Dominica and you’re experienced at the sport, you should give this trail a shot.

You’ll need to bring lots of water because it does get hot while you’re out there, but you’ll be able to enjoy lush greenery, beautiful blue waters, lots of hilly terrain, and some amazing vegetation while you’re there.

Along the way, you’ll be able to view some beautiful flowers and plants, rocky beaches, and even a quaint footbridge that brings you from one spot to the next.

It’s a great place to spend some time if you love colorful surroundings and a great hike.

Emerald Pool – a natural scenic destination

Emerald Pool Dominica

Situated in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, this pool is at the bottom of a 50-foot fall and is gorgeous to boot. All you do to get there is take a leisurely hike, and it’s a great way to cool off after you’ve been hiking for a while.

The fern-filled water is nothing short of spectacular, and in addition to the greenery, you’ll see colors such as blue and even purple depending on where you are while you’re in the pool.

You also don’t have to be an expert to hike to this pool, which is one of the things that makes it such a popular tourist spot.

Soufriere – a scenic bay known for its water activities

Soufriere Bay Dominica

Soufriere Bay is located just south of the capital city of Roseau and is certainly a site to see. It is hilly and filled with lush greenery, and the waters are crystal clear and a gorgeous blue color.

There are historic buildings to see and places to stop and get a snack or something cool to drink along the way.

Soufriere is the perfect place to spend a few hours or an entire day, and the colorful marine life under the water is sure to amaze you. It is one place in Dominica you don’t want to miss.

Cabrits National Park – a great historic attraction

Cabrits National Park

This park is found in the northwestern section of Dominica and consists of black sand beaches, swampland, rain forests, and beautiful coral reefs.

There are hiking trails and beautiful views, in addition to the remains of an 18th-century British garrison named Fort Shirley.

If you love history or just beautiful scenery, this is the place to be. There is even a small museum on the property if you’d like to learn more about it, and it’s a great place to visit if you have a few hours to spare and you want to see some amazing sites.

Campagne Reef – a wonderful place to dive

Champagne Reef Dominica

Champagne Reef lies along the southwest coast of Dominica and offers crystal-clear water and some amazing marine life.

It is one of the top tourist spots in Dominica, and its waters are home to barracuda, trumpetfish rays, squid, seahorses, and batfish.

It is colorful and breathtaking, and if you’re a few feet from shore, be sure to notice the hundreds of bubbles that emerge from beneath the rocks – just an added perk when you’re enjoying the reef and everything it has to offer.

Wavine Cyrique – an extraordinary natural attraction

Wavine Cyrique Falls

This is a tough place to get to (you have to hike here with a local tour guide) but the scenery makes the effort worth it if you’re fit enough.

It’s a unqiue black-sand cove beauty spot where the cliff drops off into the sea and you’ll see pretty falls here too.

Dominica Botanic Gardens – a pretty place to visit on Dominica

Dominica Botanic Gardens

If you love the great outdoors and all of its wonders, this garden is worth a visit. It includes 40 acres of orchid trees, bottle palms, and many others, including some trees that have yet to be identified.

From unique fruit trees to colorful flowers and a nearby town that is lovely to see, the botanic gardens truly offer something for everyone.

It is a one-of-a-kind tourist spot that provides you with more than just the standard tourist attractions, which means you’ll never get bored there.

Morne Bruce – a small mountain offering gorgeous views

Morne Bruce Dominica

Morne Bruce is a wooded mountain that is located close to Kings Hill. If you get to the higher elevations, you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Roseau, the capital of Dominica.

While you’re visiting the area, you’ll come across old cannons, historic cemeteries, hiking trails, and so much more, but the most important reason to visit Morne Bruce is to get the absolute best view of Roseau.

After all, visiting Roseau without seeing it from up high is something you will not soon forget.

Ti Kwen Glo Cho Hot Springs – a top attraction in Dominica

Ti Kwen Glo Cho Hot Springs

If you love hot springs, lush greenery, and colorful plants and flowers, you owe it to yourself to visit the Ti Kwen Glo Cho Hot Springs area. Not only is it a beautiful area, but you’ll be able to enjoy numerous ways to cool off in the nearby waters.

You’ll have lots of choices when it comes to things to do, and best of all, you can enjoy it whether you visit it on your own or take a guided tour with a knowledgeable tour guide.

If you need a respite from the heat, you can visit these springs and cool off a bit before heading to your next destination.

Canyoning Tours – an awesome thing to do on the island

Waterfall in Dominica

If you think canyons are boring and shouldn’t be on your list of must-see tourist spots, think again. These tours are a great way to explore the natural world and get some exercise at the same time.

You’ll experience aquatic river hiking, regular hiking, and lots of time both exploring your surroundings and discovering fun ways to repel, enjoy the water, and so much more.

One of the biggest advantages of participating in this activity is that the tours are geared for both beginners and more experienced canyoners, so regardless of your level of experience, you’ll never feel out of place when you take one of these tours.

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