Best Airstream Rentals in or Near Portland

Portland combines modern-day innovations and nature, and while you should definitely go sightseeing also get out and explore the surrounding dreamy greenspaces too. Getting an airstream rental near Renting an airstream is an excellent way to travel with convenience and comfort while exploring the fantastic coastal landscapes, resorts, and beaches. 

Airstream rentals are essentially super cool campervans with couches, beds, a bathroom, and a kitchen much like a small version of a home.

Renting an Airstream allows you to be on the go and visit different tourist attractions while staying comfortable in a retro-chic home-like setting. Convinced? Here are the best Airstream Rentals located in or near Portland, Oregon…

LivMobil – often mentioned as the best airstream rental provider in Portland

LivMobil Airstream Rentals Portland

LivMobil is the top airstream rental service located in Portland and the Pacific Northwest. Their airstream rentals have a 4-night minimum rental at $320 per day.

Other rental options include $2,200 per week or $4,900 per month. Hence, you can customize your vacation to Portland and live comfortably in your sleeping and relaxing accommodations using an airstream rental. 

Besides airstream rentals being available in Portland, there are rentals available in four other popular metros including Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver. 

  • Telphone number 303-668-4064

Distance from Portland — Located in Portland. 

The Vintages Trailer Resort – a unique trailer vacation destination

The Vintages Trailer Resort Portland

The Vintages Trailer Resort has 36 trailers available-all with their unique names-presented in 23 different styles so you can choose which one fits your desired way to feel like you are at home. 

Most trailers can comfortably sleep two adults or two adults and one child. Each available trailer listing will specify how many adults and children can comfortably sleep in the accommodation.

There is an added fee for extra persons in one campervan rental, but infants and toddlers aged 3 and under are excluded from this fee. 

Address: 16205 SE Kreder Rd, Dayton, OR 97114

Distance from Portland — 50 minutes

Portland Airstream Adventures – the world’s largest Airstream dealer group

Portland Airstream Adventures 

Portland Airstream Adventures has travel trailers available and touring coaches available for sale for you to finance and eventually own. 

While you cannot rent the actual travel trailers and touring coaches, you can rent the vehicle that you use to tow a travel trailer using their Tow Vehicle Rental Program.

Just enter your personal information, the year, make, and model of your trailer, and note if you have had towing experience or not.

As long as you have a trailer that is 11,000 pounds or less, the Portland Airstream Adventures towing vehicles can handle towing your trailer. 

Address: 16250 SE Evelyn St, Clackamas, OR 97015

Distance from Portland — 22 minutes

Escape Campervans –  a pick up and return rentals in Portland

Escape Campervans Portland Oregon

Escape Campervans offers airstream rentals close by for you to explore the surrounding areas of Portland and Washington, D.C.

If you are coming from the Portland Airport, it’s only a 10-minute drive to arrive at Escape Campervans for you to begin your adventure. 

Since you cannot park a personal vehicle at their location after renting a campervan, you should use MAX red line, Uber, or Lyft to get to Escape Campervans. 

Their rental location is only hours away from key locations such as the Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood, Smith Rock State Park, and Crater Lake State Park. 

Address: 5241 NE 89th Ave, Portland, OR 97220

Distance from Portland — 16 minutes from Portland entry area. 

J&S RV Services, Inc. – a great choice of motorhomes

J&S RV Services, Inc. near Portland

J&S RV Services, Inc. is a family-owned and operated motorhome rental service that has been around since 1995. 

Whether you want a towable tent trailer to attach to your vehicle for your vacation or to rent a full-size RV, J&S RV has everything you need to plan your next getaway.

Most rentals are as low as $75 per night and can sleep up to 8 people total, which depends on the type of airstream rental and its accommodations. 

If you own an RV and need maintenance, they also provide repairs and services to fix RVs. Maybe you have a trip coming up but the RV you own is not in working condition. While your owned RV is being repaired, you can utilize one of their rentals so that you do not have to postpone your trip. 

Address: 17437 SE Kendall Ct, Portland, OR 97236

Distance from Portland — 23 minutes from Portland entry area

1976 Airstream Land Yacht

1976 Airstream Land Yacht

Bathe, relax, cook, and eat in this evocative masterpiece of American history as you explore Oregon’s West Coast. This Airstream features a spacious living and dining room for all your relaxation and eating needs.

It has a top-tier kitchen with a purified water system to serve all your cooking and bathing needs. Also, it features a furnace heater that offers you warmth should temperatures fall. This means you can visit even the coldest places in Portland without being scared of freezing.

Furthermore, this Airstream has a convertible dinette and a sleeping area. As a result, the land yacht offers adequate space to accommodate four adults. This Airstream is available for rent at Outdoorsy and Glamping Hub.

1970 Airstream Overlander

1970 Airstream Overlander

Suppose you are the type of vacationer who loves camping and modern-day comforts. The Airstream Overlander is all you need to rent and camp around Portland in style.

This Airstream brings your camping fantasies to reality while offering mod cons like a comfy queen-sized bed, full bathing with multiple shower essentials, and an air conditioner.

It features a kitchenette, enabling you to prepare your favorite meals in style.

This motorhome is available for rent at various platforms, including Glamping Hub and Outdoorsy. You can rent it at Outdoorsy for as low as $135 per night.

2018 Airstream Flying Cloud

2018 Airstream Flying Cloud

Tired of booking costly hotel accommodations in Portland? If yes, why not try the Airstream Flying Cloud. This airstream rental is ideal for any outdoor lover and can hold up to four people.

It features various cooking appliances. Therefore, you only need to purchase food ingredients and make your favorite daily meals.

Also, when renting this stylish Airstream, you can ask the owner for other tools like sports gear and fishing rods. Alternatively, if you love off-grid camping, you can request the renter to include a generator in your rid.

With Airstream Flying Cloud, your vacation is much better and more satisfying.

2005 Airstream International

GoCamp Camper Van Rentals Portland 

The best words that can describe this Airstream are comfort and style. It’s a perfect choice for any adventure-seeker who wishes to explore Portland with ultimate convenience.

It features a modest-sized span that can accommodate a maximum of three. Also, it welcomes pets on board.

Additionally, it has a convertible table that transforms into a bed, a kitchen, and a double bed. When renting this Airstream from Outdoorsy or Glamping Hub, check the various terms imposed by different websites.

2018 Airstream International Serenity

2018 Airstream International Serenity near Portland

This Airstream helps you connect with nature with your friends or family. It can accommodate up to five guests and 2 dogs. Also, it features air-conditioning facilities, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a sleeping area.

Rent this stylish Airstream and enjoy an inch-perfect tour around Portland city.

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