Top 10 Best Bike Tours in Portland, Oregon

It’s one thing to explore a city by bus to see all of the sights or take a self-guided tour in your car, but taking a bike tour is a fun, sociable and healthy way to explore! Not only do you get exercise, but you also get to see the sights more up close and personal. Gear up with your helmet and protective gear before hopping on to one of the best bicycle tours in Portland, Oregon (in no particular order)…

1. Bike Portland: Bridges, Neighborhoods, Poetry, and Roses – see the best of the city

Bike Portland- Bridges, Neighborhoods, Poetry, and Roses

Take an adventure throughout Portland’s Willamette Valley on a provided bicycle for the Bike Portland: Bridges, Neighborhoods, Poetry, and Roses

The tour starts with about a 7-10 mile bike ride throughout Southeast Portland where you will cross over two notable bridges in the area. Along the way, you will discover hidden beaches and different types of transportation unlike what you are used to seeing. 

You will feel inspired during your bike ride because of the poetry written throughout the neighborhood on sidewalks, murals, and other fixtures. Enjoy the smell of the roses that will complement the airy emotions you feel witnessing the poetry in the neighborhood. 

Meeting Point: 833 SE Main St #121, Portland, OR 97214

2. Portland: Food Carts of the Eastside Bike Tour – a fun bike tour for foodies

3td Avenue Food Cart Pod

If you’re a foodie, jump into the Portland Food Carts of the Eastside Bike Tour

The total bike ride spans 8-12 miles with stops in between at the notable food cart pods in the area. This tour’s first stop will be at Portland’s first food cart pod. The group will also stop at three other popular food cart pods. 

You will also explore the Hawthorne neighborhood and have the chance to sample coffee from one of the popular food carts. Explore with an open mind and try new foods from different regions whether Thai, Vietnamese, Irish, and more. 

Meeting Point: 833 SE Main St #121, Portland, OR 97214

3. Portland: Cannabis Culture Guided Bike Tour – feel immersed in the city’s unique culture

Cannabis Culture Guided Bike Tour

Whether you are an avid cannabis user or you are thinking about trying it for the first time, the Cannabis Culture Guided Bike Tour will have you chill while learning about the culture. 

The 9-mile bike ride throughout Portland’s designated hippie central area exposes you to local cannabis dispensaries with representatives that will explain what it takes to make the product before hitting the shelves. 

A couple of the dispensaries handpick the cannabis plant before processing it into pre-rolls, CBD gummies, capsules, and more.

Meeting Point: 833 SE Main St #121, Portland, OR 97214

4. Around Portland Tours – one of the best bike tours in the city

Around Portland Tours

Around Portland is your go-to destination for bike tours in Portland. This bike tour company hosts the three popular tours offered above. 

Some hybrid tours involve hiking and biking like their one featuring sightseeing throughout the Columbia Gorge. 

While a guided tour takes the guesswork out of planning, Around Portland Tours understands that some people want to see many different places outside of an original itinerary. You can suggest a custom itinerary bike tour and they will give you a rate as your tour guide. 

If you do not prefer biking, you can also book hiking and walking tours with a designated representative as your tour guide. 

Meeting Point: 833 SE Main St #121, Portland, OR 97214

5. Pedal Bike Tours – offering awesome sightseeing tours via bicycle

Pedal Bike Tours Portland

Pedal Bike Tours hosts popular bike tours such as Intro to Portland, Oregon Brewery Trail, the Columbia Gorge Tour, and the Donuts of Portland Tour. 

The Introduction to Portland Tour is great for first-time tourists. It lasts for about 3 hours with stops at Henry Weinard’s brewery that’s over 140 years old and notable spots throughout the Old Town and Chinatown neighborhoods. 

The most relaxing part of the tour will be biking down the path near the Willamette River without having to deal with vehicle traffic. 

Meeting Point: 133 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204 

6. LifeCycle Adventures –  specializes in working with couples and small groups to create custom cycling vacations

LifeCycle Adventures Portland

LifeCycle Adventures originated in 2004 and offers self-guided tours and custom guided bike tours. 

What separates LifeCycle Adventures from other bike tour companies is that all tours are private. If it’s just you in the group, your tour guide will focus on your needs. If you have a few family members and/or friends, this would be considered your private group. 

Customize your bike tour by telling the business how many miles you would like to go whether 20 to 30 or 40 to 50. Destinations include Hawaii, San Juan Islands, California, and other parts of Oregon. 

Hence, LifeCycle is the best for Portland bike tours to different states. 

Meeting Point: 6022 SE 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

7. Everybody’s Bike Rentals & Tours – cool and fun bike tours in Portland

Everybody's Bike Rentals & Tours

Everybody’s Bike Rentals & Tours lets you pick from a variety of bicycles for your bike tour. Choose from mountain bikes, e-bikes, and city or road bikes. 

This company is the best in bike selection for Portland bike tours because there are about 100 different bikes available to rent when you go touring. 

When you are not embarking on a bike tour, you can browse the company’s bikes for sale or take a bike maintenance class so that you know how to properly care for your bicycle. 

Meeting Point: 305 NE Wygant St, Portland, OR 97211

8. BrewCycle Portland – West – combines Portland’s love of handcrafted beer and biking

BrewCycle Portland - West

What’s different about BrewCycle is that you do not have to drive the bike yourself. You and your friends can sit on a multi-seater group touring bike as someone pedals for you. 

The 2-hour ride includes stops at local popular brewpubs in Portland. You can purchase your favorite beers during each stop at the local brewpubs. Choose the West Side Route, East Side Route, or the East Side Challenger Route. 

Bike tours run no matter rain or shine, so be sure you plan and dress based on the weather forecast. 

Meeting Point: 1425 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97209

9. Street Art of Portland Bike Tour – combines biking with unique and striking murals

Street Art of Portland Bike Tour

Around Portland Tours also hosts the Street Art of Portland Bike Tour. 

Indulge in a couple of hours of eclectic and unique street art during the 6 to 8-mile bike tour through Portland’s inner eastside area. 

During your journey, you will learn the basics of graffiti culture, the artists behind each piece highlighted in the tour, and Portland’s protest scene. 

Plus, you will receive a recipe for wheat paste once the street art tour is finished. 

Meeting Point: 833 SE Main St #121, Portland, OR 97214

10. Bridge Pedal – a non-competitive, community bike ride over Portland’s Willamette River bridges

Bridge Pedal Portland

The Bridge Pedal event is an annual Portland bike tour that takes place every year in August. It’s one of the largest community biking events worldwide. 

You get to bike through or walk Portland’s streets and bridges which do not have car traffic including Freemont and Marquam bridges along the Willamette River. 

Start the event with a light-on-your-stomach breakfast while watching the sunrise at Fremont Bridge. If you prefer to walk instead, you can sign up for the Bridge Stride rather than the Bridge Pedal. 

Meeting Point: 1631 NE Klickitat St, Portland, OR 97212


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