Top 10 Best Moroccan Restaurants in Portland

From mouth-watering Couscous to aromatic simmering Tagine, Moroccan cuisine is characterized by innovative ingredient combinations, flavorful seasoning, and fantastic variety. Morocco might be famous for its diverse geography, complex history, rich culture, traditional music, and imperial cities, but the iconic Moroccan food attracts foodies from all around the globe. Moroccan cuisine is a splendid amalgamation of Arabic, Berber, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines, with a somewhat European flair. Here is a list of the top 10 Moroccan restaurants in Portland, Oregon…

1. Marrakesh – authentic Moroccan cuisine serving the Northwest since 1989

Marrakesh Portland Oregon

The Marrakesh restaurant was opened in 1989. This confectionary restaurant specializes in African and Moroccan food. The baked lamb and lentil soup are highly recommended here. Lemon dessert and pudding are also good as sweet dishes. A cup of ginger tea or rose tea before having the meal is also recommended.

The spectacular décor and the hospitable staff make this restaurant a very good place to celebrate any events. Marrakesh has been given a rating of 4.5 on Google so you know you can count on having a wonderful meal here.

Address: 1201 NW, 21st Ave, Portland, Oregon

2. Tangier Mediterranean and Moroccan Cuisine – an eatery offering Moroccan with plenty of great vegan and vegetarian options

Tangier Mediterranean and Moroccan Cuisine

The Tangier restaurant serves Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Moroccan food. The restaurant is owned and operated by two women. Try the perfectly cooked Moroccan chicken, chicken shawarma, and lentil soup.

It is better to go with friends to enjoy and spend a nice time. The baklava, pudding, and creamy hummus at Tangier are also worth trying. It’s recommended to finish off your Moroccan meal with a nice cup of black mint tea.

Address: 221 SW, Pine St, Portland, Oregon

3. Taste of Casablanca – a restaurant which began from privately arranged home-based cooking classes with great vegetarian options

Taste of Casablanca Portland

This restaurant began from privately arranged home-based cooking classes with Christine Benlafquih, a Moroccan food expert. The owners aim to show off Moroccan food and culture, as experienced by the locals in Casablanca. It is a family-style restaurant.

Whether you like meat or you are a vegetarian, they have multiple delicious options at very affordable prices. They have also arranged an outdoor dining setup. The Casablanca wraps, salads, and hummus are extremely popular.

Address: 1112, SE Tacoma St, Portland, Oregon

4. Dar Essalam – for tajines, kebabs, couscous & other Moroccan dishes served in a dining room with exotic decor

Dar Essalam Restaurant Portland Oregon

This restaurant has the vision to create such an environment where the diners can experience the real Moroccan culture. The hummus, chicken skewers and lamb shanks are very delicious. As a sweet dish, you can have baklava, ice cream, or yogurt. Also try mint tea, Moroccan tea, or Moroccan lemonade.

The taste is uncompromised even at such low prices. The cozy environment of the restaurant allows the customers to relax after a hectic day. This place is a must-visit because of its incredible food as well as the modern décor. This restaurant has a rating of 4.8 on Google which clearly shows that their clients really enjoy it.

Address: 29585 SW Park Place, Suite A, Wilsonville, Oregon

5. La Camel – offers outstanding Moroccan food from a Food Cart 

La Camel Portland

The La Camel restaurant specializes in Moroccan cuisine and is known for preparing authentic Moroccan food, fast. People usually like their tajine, lamb shank, chicken paella, and baklava. 

The taste is amazing, and the overall quality of the food is excellent despite the fast delivery which you would expect to be on the same level of quality as a food truck. Visit La Camel and leave full and satisfied.

Address: Sellwood Corner Food Carts, 7875 SE 13th Ave, Portland, Oregon

6. Kasbah Moroccan Café – a family-owned and operated restaurant that offers home-cooked Moroccan

Kasbah Moroccan Cafe

The restaurant was established by chef Naji. He is a Moroccan and was raised in incense and a very essential oil merchant. As a child, he spent a lot of time with chefs in King Hassan II’s palace. Afterwards, he cooked for cruise ships, non-profit organizations, and sports teams.

Using his experience and expertise, he opened this Moroccan restaurant in which he cooks with his wife and mother. It is the perfect place for authentic traditional Moroccan food. The Moroccan chicken is a must-try and mint tea will add more refreshment. The quality of the food and service is very good.

Address: 201 NW Davis St, Portland, Oregon

7. Gamila Café – a unique cafe which blends traditional Moroccan dishes with American fare with vegan choices too

Gamila Cafe Portland

Gamila cafe is a wonderful example of blending and suiting Moroccan cuisine to American likeness and flavor. Lamb Merguez, reindeer, Kosher, and vegan choices are all loud mixes of Moroccan seasoning with a touch of American zest.

It is a food cart where people stop and grab tasty Moroccan food. This place is famous for its sausages and steaks and their signature sauce is said to add serious flavor to their meals.

Address: 28 NW 4th Ave, Portland, Oregon

8. Zaalook – for handheld Mediterranean & Moroccan comfort foods served at a food cart window

Zaalook Portland Oregon

It is a food truck in which you can find Moroccan and Mediterranean food. The perfectly cooked lamb kabobs, steak burgers, and Angus burgers are very impressive.

The olive pastry and French pastry are also a must-try. People also visit this truck to have some good French coffee or tea, or some French beer. The service is very quick, and the staff is very kind and hospitable. 

Address: 12 SW 4th Ave, Portland, Oregon

9. Mediterranean Exploration Company – a trendy upscale Mediterranean-Middle Eastern fare with some Moroccan inspired dishes

Mediterranean Exploration Company Portland

One of the Sesame Collective’s flagship restaurants located in the center of Portland’s industrial Pearl District, Mediterranean Exploration Company (MEC) has a menu that is not just limited to Mediterranean cuisine but also a wide variety of other options. MEC is known for serving food on very small plates.

It also has a great variety of Moroccan based recipes which the clients rave about. The quality of the food is spectacular and the prices are affordable. The happening and exciting ambiance, wonderful collection of beverages and the delicious food, MEC is set to steal your heart.

Address: 333 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon

10. Mummy’s Restaurant and Bar – a Mediterranean restaurants with a few Moroccan inspired dishes

Mummy’s Restaurant and Bar

Mummy’s Restaurant and Bar offers Mediterranean cuisine with a few Moroccon inspired dishes. The must-try items are salads, meatballs, Baba Ghanoush, and hummus. The staff is very hospitable, and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

Guests especially highlight the terrific service in their comments. The divine décor also adds to the beauty of this place. The food is very delicious and the prices are very reasonable.

Address: 622 SW Columbia St, Portland, Oregon


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