15 of My Favorite Picnic Spots in Portland (tested)

In such a green and beautiful city, there are plenty of great spots to eat al-fresco, often accompanied by some seriously beautiful views. I personally love going for a picnic, especially in scenic surroundings, and if it’s a spot that has great views too that’s a huge bonus. From parks on top of history, such as extinct volcanoes and torn-down amusement parks, to ones with playgrounds and splash pads nearby, here are my personal favorite picnic spots in or near Portland, Oregon…

Top 3 Best Picnic Spots in Portland
Mount Tabor Park Portland l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Covered Picnic Areas
Mt. Tabor Park
George Rogers Park l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Sandy Beach
George Rogers Park
Laurelhurst Park Portland 1 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Beautiful Pond
Laurelhurst Park
Best For Covered Picnic Areas

Mt. Tabor Park

Mount Tabor Park - Portland

I love picnicking at Mt. Tabor Park as it’s one of the most scenic spots in the city. Located in the Mt. Tabor District of Portland, the forest area throughout the park covers an extinct volcano. The park offers ADA-accessible picnic sites, including a covered picnic area, restrooms, and play areas.

When you are done with your picnic, I’d recommend a game of tennis on the tennis courts. If you have children, you can watch them play on the playground as you take a quick rest on the bench nearby.

If you have a dog, take them to one of the designated off-leash areas for some quality bonding and playtime. 


Covered picnic area for all-weather enjoyment

Tennis courts for recreational activities

Scenic forested setting for picnics

ADA-accessible facilities for convenience


The parking spaces are limited

It can crowded during peak seasons

Nearby Attractions

Rain or Shine Coffee House

Reservoir Number 5 Building

The Zymoglyphic Museum

Must Do Things

Enjoy a picnic at Mount Tabor Park's covered area

Play a game of tennis at the park's tennis courts

Bond with your dog in the designated off-leash areas


Various slides and swings for children

Houses a tennis court and a basketball field

Best For Sandy Beach

George Rogers Park

George Rogers Park Oregon

The George Rogers Parks measures 26 acres of spacious land with wonderful amenities, making it one of the best picnic spots near Portland.

Known as Lake Oswego’s first community park, you will be sitting at a piece of history when you go for your picnic. 

Once you have finished eating your picnic, have a small game of baseball or soccer at one of their on-site fields. Browse the memorial garden or take your children to the playground nearby.

Walk one of the trails or visit one of the natural areas for a taste of nature at its finest.


It is ideal for sunbathing with a stunning river view

Lovely sandy beach

Ample sun exposure for health benefits

Scenic picnic spot with historical charm


Beware of sunburn

A 20-minute drive from Portland

Weekends can be busy with families

Nearby Attractions

Roehr City Park

Nicoletta's Table and Marketplace

Oswego Park Playground

Must Do Things

Check out the historic 1886 Oregon Iron Company Furnace

Savor history in Lake Oswego's first community park


Multiple sports fields and playgrounds for recreation

The park is pet-friendly so bring your furry friends

Best For Beautiful Pond

Laurelhurst Park

Laurelhurst Park - Portland

Laurelhurst Park is located in the Sunnyside District of Portland. Set up a delicious picnic at this park to get views of the nearby pond and the ducks that live there. 

If you want to do a large outdoor event at one of their picnic areas, such as a wedding or a family reunion, you must make a reservation with the Laurelhurst Park customer service. 

Public art is nearby for your viewing pleasure once you have finished eating. Play sports at the park, such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and volleyball, at their on-site courts. Be sure to check out the horseshoe pit before you leave. 


Scenic biking trails with cardio benefits

Diverse outdoor activities for the family

Reservable picnic areas for events

Beautiful pond and duck views


Limited shade on sunny days

Dogs must be well-behaved

Nearby Attractions

The Laurelhurst Club

Electric Castle's Wunderland

Blair Community Garden

Must Do Things

Bike through trails and spot duckweed in the park

Visit the nearby Brassworks Gallery to enjoy local art


Offers various kif-friendly hikes

It also houses a skate park for skaters

Best For Scenic Location

Westmoreland Park

Westmoreland Park Portland Oregon

Westmoreland Park is home to an interesting nature play area where children can go under wooden canopies, play in the sand, and climb the small boulders stationed throughout the play area.

Located in the Sellwood-Moreland District, there are picnic tables, a baseball field, a softball field, a soccer field, a basketball court, and a separate playground different from the nature play area. 

On a nice spring or summer day, you can enjoy a picnic near Crystal Springs Creek, which is inside the park. 


Picnic tables by Crystal Springs Creek

Scenic location in Sellwood-Moreland District

Nature play area for kids


Limited shade for picnicking

The restrooms are limited

Nearby Attractions

Portland Murals LLC

PDX Sliders

Eastmoreland Golf Course

Must Do Things

Enjoy a family picnic along Crystal Springs Creek

Let the kids explore the unique nature play area


Nature play area featuring sand canopies and boulder climbing

Best For Mountain Views

Council Crest Park

Council Crest Park - Portland

What makes Council Crest one of the best picnic spots in Portland is that you are eating on a piece of Portland history because it used to be home to the Council Crest amusement park in the early 1900s. 

The amusement park operated from 1907 to 1929. It shut down for business and was later torn down in 1941 for it to become the Council Crest Park everyone knows today. 

Walk the paths throughout the park for a transcendentalist experience of nature viewing. On your way, you may see a mother and child statue built by Frederick Littman in 1956. He was an associate professor who worked at Portland State College. 


Stunning views of five snow-capped mountains

Historic charm and nostalgia

Ideal for a picnic with your partner

Tranquil surroundings and romantic vibe


Potential crowd during events

Some facilities may be limited

Nearby Attractions

Friends-The Historic Columbia

Healy Heights Park

Must Do Things

Learn about the history of Council Crest Park

Explore nature paths and discover the iconic mother and child statue by Frederick Littman


Various picnic tables for families

Dog park available for your furry friends

Best For Dog Friendly

Wilshire Park

Wilshire Park Portland Oregon

Wilshire Park is located in the Alameda District of Portland. This is one of Portland’s smaller parks, measuring only 14 acres.

However, you get access to many amenities in this area, including a designated picnic shelter, nature patch, playground, dog off-leash area, and on-site courts for volleyball, softball, and soccer. 

Be surrounded by the sweet sounds of nature as you eat your picnic and go on a nature exploration to see the local wildlife after your lunch at the nature patch. 


Picnic shelter for outdoor dining

Various outdoor amenities are available

Dog off-leash area for pet owners


The park size is a bit small

The recreational facilities are limited

Nearby Attractions

Alberta Rose Theatre

Frank Barnes House

Must Do Things

Enjoy nature's tranquility and explore the nature patch

Enjoy a picnic in the designated shelter


Nearby bus stop for easy transit

Nearby soccer field

Best For Beautiful Sunsets

Skidmore Bluffs

Best picnic spots in Portland Oregon

Formally known as Skidmore Bluffs, the locals call this place Mocks Crest. 

Set up your picnic here as you enjoy the views of the Willamette River nearby. Don’t forget to taste one of the apples on a tree nearby that one Yelp reviewer mentioned. 

Because of the Willamette River’s location, this is a great place to have an evening picnic to be able to look at the sunset at the same time during your meal. 


A perfect setting for a tranquil evening picnic

Opportunity to taste fresh apples from nearby trees

Breathtaking sunset views over the Willamette River


Limited parking options might be a challenge

Weather conditions may affect plans

Nearby Attractions

Lindbergh's Beach

Anna's Island Cafe

Must Do Things

Enjoy a serene evening picnic with river views

Witness a stunning sunset over the Willamette River


Nearby Lindbergh's Beach

Free apples from nearby trees

Best For Relaxing Vibe

Clackamette Park

Clackamette Park Oregon

Oregon City’s Clackamette Park is near the Willamette River and Clackamas River. 

Measuring 25 acres, you have access to not only a picnic area but also an RV park, skatepark, beach access near the two rivers, horseshoe pits, and even a boat ramp. 

If you plan a picnic at Clackamette Park, you can turn your day adventure into a camp stay if you own an RV. 

A fun fact about this park is that it was a reserved location to film Grimm, an American drama series. 


Beach access along two rivers

Offers boat ramp for water enthusiasts

Riverside picnic with stunning views

An RV park for extended stays


Park amenities may get crowded

The RV spaces may be limited

Nearby Attractions

Dahl Beach City Park

Coastal farm and ranch

Clackamette RV Park

Must Do Things

Explore the park's role as a filming location for the TV series 'Grimm

' Partake in kayaking to create some families


Offers fishing spots to catch some fish while picnicking

Various areas for birdwatching to observe wildlife

Best For Beautiful Flowers

Peninsula Park Rose Garden

Peninsula Park Rose Garden Oregon

Peninsula Park Rose Garden is in the Piedmont District and is known as Portland’s oldest public rose garden.

Since Portland is known as the City of Roses, visiting Peninsula Park Rose Garden will round out your trip if you are a tourist. 

Besides picnic areas stationed near the rose garden so that you can view it while you are eating, there are other amenities such as a free splash pad, playground, and even a wedding site that’s available for reservation. 


Ideal for tourists in the City of Roses

Oldest public rose garden in Portland

Picturesque picnic spot with beautiful flowers

Amenities like a splash pad and playground


Wedding sites may lead to occasional closures

It can get crowded during peak seasons

Nearby Attractions

McMenamins Chapel Pub

Polaris Hall

Must Do Things

Explore the free splash pad and playground for family fun

Enjoy a tranquil picnic amidst colorful roses


Various benches and splash pads for children

Offers a picturesque wedding site for your memorable day

Best For Activities

Cully Park

Cully Park Portland Oregon

Cully Park measures 25 acres and has a wonderful background story for its origination. Cully Park is part of the Let Us Build Cully Park! Project in Portland that turned a former landfill into a fun and diverse park in the neighborhood that was deprived of a local park venue. 

If you need Wi-Fi connectivity during your picnic, you can access the free public Wi-Fi service right from the picnic pavilion. Play soccer at the on-site field or take Fido for a fun time at the dog off-leash area. 

Their playground includes musical instruments, a sand and water table, a slide, a transfer station, a teeter-totter, and more. 


Diverse playground with musical instruments

It is a landfill turned into a community park

Offers a wide variety of fun activities

It houses a soccer field for sports enthusiasts


The park might have limited shade options

Limited food options on-site

Nearby Attractions

Colwood Golf Center

Taqueria Los Tres Hermanos

Must Do Things

Explore the Let Us Build Cully Park project's inspiring story

Enjoy a dog-friendly picnic with your furry friend


Offers free public Wi-Fi and playground for children

Various recreational facilities like sand and water table

Best For Unique Spot

Tanner Springs Park

Tanner Springs Park Portland

Tanner Springs Park is located in the Pearl District of Portland. Get a view of the scenery of the wetland as you sit on a nearby bench to eat your picnic lunch. You can set up a blanket on one of the grass steps to enjoy your picnic, too. 

The wetlands portion of Tanner Springs Park has become a refuge for the local wildlife to thrive and a haven for people as well. 

GreenWorks in Portland and Atelier Dreiseitl of Germany worked in a collaborative relationship to design the unique look of Tanner Springs Park. 


Peaceful and urban picnic oasis

Abundant greenery for a serene atmosphere

Distinctive park design crafted by experts

Enjoy picturesque views of the wetland


Limited seating arrangements

The park size is relatively small

Urban environment won't suit all

Nearby Attractions

Ovation Coffee & Tea

The Fields Offleash Park

Jamison Square

Must Do Things

Explore the unique park design by GreenWorks and Atelier Dreiseitl

Set up a blanket on the grass steps for a cozy picnic


Houses a unique art wall for art lovers

Various coffee shops nearby for a quick cup

Best For City Views

Overlook Park

Overlook Park Portland Oregon

Overlook Park is stationed in Northern Portland and is almost 11 acres. Set up a picnic at one of the tables nearby for views of the lush greenery, including fields and trees. 

The nature patch at this park is under renovation, with it almost being ready to receive seeds in its soil to grow beautiful plants as part of Portland’s Nature Conservancy projects. 

After your picnic, be sure to visit the Overlook House that the Raven couple built back in 1955. They were owners of Raven’s Creamery back then. 


Historic Raven's Creamery house to explore

Scenic picnic benches with lush greenery

Upcoming nature conservation project


Offers limited amenities

Ongoing renovation may disrupt tranquility

Nearby Attractions

The Palms Motel

Greeley Forest Garden

Historic Overlook House

Must Do Things

Explore Overlook House's fascinating history and architecture

Picnic amid scenic greenery

enjoying serene views


It houses a baseball field

Offers ample parking space for all

Best For Romantic Picnic

Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion Portland

Not only will you get a great piece of Portland history visiting Pittock Mansion, but you will also be able to enjoy an awesome picnic venue. It’s known as Portland’s finest historic museum. 

Henry and Georgiana Pittock were the owners of Pittock Mansion in the early 1900s. He was a typesetter at The Oregonian and was eventually given ownership in exchange for back wages. 

Located in the West Hills District, you can set up a picnic near the rose garden outside of Pittock Mansion for a lovely lunch experience. 


Ideal for nature and city enthusiasts

Stunning view of Mount Hood

Unique French Renaissance architecture

Romantic picnic spot with scenic views


The hike might not be accessible to all

Closes early at 5 pm

Nearby Attractions

Pittock Mansion Historic Viewpoint

Witch's Castle

Must Do Things

Explore the historic Pittock Mansion and its beautiful surroundings

Capture some memorable photos at the Pittock Mansion Historic Viewpoint


Historic mansion with a lot of historical information

Offers various hiking trails of varying difficulties

Best For Instagrammable Views

Rocky Butte Natural Area

Rocky Butte Natural Area Portland

The Rocky Butte Natural Area has its home inside the Boring Lava Field throughout Oregon and Washington State. The Boring Lava Field is made up of various lava flows as well as volcanic vents. 

While there are no picnic tables in this area, you can get a more rustic picnic experience when you set up for your meal nearby to get a view of the Rocky Butte itself. 

When you’re done, visit Joseph Wood Hill Park within the natural area to view public art. 


Art at Joseph Wood Hill Park

Spectacular views of Rocky Butte

Stunning natural views for picnics

Unique rustic picnic experience


It doesn't have any picnic tables

Limited recreational facilities for children

Nearby Attractions

Escape Bar & Grill

Koi Gardens Vietnamese Cuisine

Must Do Things

After your picnic

take a stroll through Joseph Wood Hill Park

Enjoy a scenic picnic with breathtaking views of Rocky Butte


Nearby climbing area for some fun

Best For Boating

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Sellwood Riverfront Park Portland

The Sellwood Riverfront Park is located in the Sellwood District of Portland and is 8 acres, which makes it the smallest park on this list. 

Enjoy a picnic near the Willamette River when you visit Sellwood Riverfront Park. Take in the scenery of the river and the nature paths as you eat. 

When it’s summertime, you and your family can swim in the river. Go walking on some of the paved or unpaved nature trails. Go kayaking or floating on the river in a raft. 


Summer river swimming

boating and kayaking

Peaceful and intimate park setting

Nature paths for leisurely strolls


The park is a bit small

River activities are seasonal

Nearby Attractions

Oaks Park Roller Skating Rink

Oaks Amusement Park

ScareGrounds PDX

Must Do Things

Try kayaking or floating on the Willamette River

Visit the Oaks Amusement Park for a memorable experience

Share a romantic meal by the Willamette River


The park is dog-friendly and contains many recreational facilities

There are summer concerts and various other events

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