Top 12 of the Best Vineyards near Portland

Portland may be the most famous for its micro-brewing culture, but the city also sits right in the middle of Oregon wine country dotted with fine vineyards nestled in gorgeous surroundings.

From Pinot Noir to Chardonnay and plenty in between, here are some of the best vineyards to explore near Portland, Oregon…

1. Elk Cove Vineyards – Oregon’s iconic vineyard known for its aromatic wines

Elk Cove Vineyard - Oregon

Elk Cove Vineyards was the first winery in the Yamhill-Carlton area. Since 1974, this vineyard, named after a local herd of roaming elk, has been producing delicious cold-weather vintages.

The vineyard’s Pinot Noir is its most famous wine, but the Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Riesling are also worth tasting.

Elk Cove Vineyards is worth the trip out of Portland for the delicious wine made out of the estate-grown grapes, but the tasting room itself is just as spectacular as the wine it serves.

The room offers gorgeous views of the estate’s vineyards that are nestled in the foothills of the Coast Range Mountains.

2. Cooper Mountain Vineyards – Oregon’s pioneer in producing organic and biodynamic wines

Cooper mountain Vineyard - Oregon

Located in the Willamette Valley, Cooper Mountain Vineyards specializes in organic and biodynamic wine. Biodynamic wine uses organic farming methods as well as an astrological planting calendar that centers around the earth as a living organism.

Cooper Mountain emphasizes a strong relationship with the land in all of the vineyard’s products.

While making wines that are good for the earth, the vineyards also make products that are delicious. Be sure to taste their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, two of the most popular vintages for a reason. Cooper Mountain Vineyards also makes delicious balsamic vinegar so that no fruit goes to waste.

3. Villa Catalana Cellars – inspired Catalan estate for garden lovers

Villa Catalana Cellars - Oregon

While many Oregon wine growers take inspiration from cold weather vintages in Europe, Villa Catalana Cellars chose to bring a splash of sun to Oregon City with its Spanish-inspired grounds and wines. The building was even modeled after a 12th-century Catalan church and is a popular event and wedding venue.

If you are visiting in search of wine, not gorgeous architecture, you’ve also come to the right place. Villa Catalana Cellars makes award-winning wine, including prized Pinot Noir.

Besides wine, the cellars also have wine liquor as a unique offering.

4. Archer Vineyard – the perfect spot for wine tasting with a breathtaking view

Archer Vineyard - Oregon

The Archer Vineyard is one of the closer vineyards to Portland, which is part of the reason why it brands itself as “the gateway to Oregon’s Willamette Valley.”

The cozy atmosphere and friendly community, which is open to experienced wine enthusiasts and beginners alike, are another reason why this vineyard is so popular with city dwellers.

If you are looking to escape Portland and get away in nature, Archer Vineyard’s tasting room, which is nestled on the edge of the estate, is the perfect place to do so.

Try the famous Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, made from old-vine grapes. If you like the place so much you want to be a frequent visitor, sign up to be a club member for exclusive access to creative events ranging from lectures to yoga.

5. Helvetia Winery – the most outstanding place for a wine tour 

Helvetia Winery - Oregon

Helvetia Winery is one of the best vineyards near Portland, Oregon and also conveniently located near the tech hub of Hillsboro. Like most wineries in the area, Helvetia Winery offers cold-weather varieties such as Pinot Noir as well as delicious Merlots and Rosés.

Besides a tasting room, Helvetia Winery also offers the opportunity to tour the vineyards if you want to get up close and personal with how the wine is made.

Learn about the winemaking process as well as the local soils, which affect the final product in ways that amateurs don’t realize.

6. Hamacher Wines – divine wine blended with fresh fruits

Hamacher Winery - Oregon

Hamacher Wines is one of the closest tasting rooms to Portland, but that doesn’t mean that the convenient location is the only draw. Winemaker Eric Hamacher has been making quality wines, particularly Pinot Noir, for 22 years.

Besides the delicious wines, take in the gorgeous landscape of the tasting room, particularly the imposing Douglas firs.

7. Ponzi Vineyard – One of Oregon’s oldest vineyard estate

Ponzi Vineyard - Oregon

The historic Ponzi Vineyard is now home to the Hamacher Wines tasting room, but it is also a home to delicious, quality wines in its own right. Since 1970, the location has been the home to dedicated winemakers.

In fact, Ponzi Vineyard helped put the Willamette Valley on the map as a center for American wine.

The two best wines that the Ponzi Vineyard produces are the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The tasting room is so much more than a tasting room, but an experience. Besides delicious wines, you can enjoy spectacular views of the valley and small bites prepared by an expert chef.

8. Hawks View Winery – wine producers with an extensive family tradition

Hawks View Winery - Oregon

Hawks View Winery lives up to its name with spectacular views of Mount Hood and the surrounding countryside. The terraced tasting room is the perfect place to take in the natural beauty of the state.

However, Hawks View Winery is not just about views, it also provides a substantial experience in the form of delicious Pinot Noirs and other wine varieties.

The Ponte family, which took over from the original owners the Kemps, is dedicated to giving back to the community as well and building a network of Oregon wine growers.

9. Apolloni Vineyards – a vineyard with an Italian foundation

Apolloni Vineyards - Oregon

Apolloni Vineyards brings a taste of sunny Italy to Oregon. Besides the Pinot Noir beloved by many Oregon winemakers, Apolloni also serves seasonal rotations of Italian-inspired wines, including sparkling Muscat and Sangiovese.

If you are looking to explore the Oregon wine scene with a four-legged friend, Apolloni Vineyards is one of the most dog-friendly wineries in the area. They welcome dogs to tasting reservations, where your pooch can chow down on Barkuterie Boards, and even have a dedicated Canine Club.

10. Abbey Creek Vineyard – not your average vineyard with its own style

Abbey Creek Vineyard - Oregon

Abbey Creek Vineyard was founded by Bertony Faustin, the first black winemaker in Oregon. The vineyard is dedicated to expanding the wine-growing community to People of Color and others from underrepresented backgrounds by uplifting other winemakers.

The tasting room, The Crick, is a laid-back area with bumping hip-hop music designed to appeal to wine enthusiasts that may be intimidated by the exclusive feel at traditional tasting venues.

Be sure to try the excellent Chardonnay as well as the port, named after Port-au-Prince, and the table beers.

11. Fullerton Wines – exquisite craft wine for all tastes

Fullerton Wines - Oregon

Fullerton Wines is a family-owned winery dedicated to using the power of wine to help bring people together. The winery’s strongest offerings are its Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays that differ from the European varieties because they take inspiration from a strong sense of place.

Fullerton Wines makes seasonal vintages that are inspired by autumnal scents, floral notes, and even light hints of local fruits.

The Fullerton Wines wine bar and tasting room is the perfect getaway for an elegant wine-tasting experience. You can go for the basic tasting experience of a few tasting flights or sit down for a chef-curated menu paired with excellent vintages.

12. Ardiri Winery and Vineyards – a boutique winery with great quality wine

Ardiri Winery and Vineyards - Oregon

Ardiri Winery is located just west of Portland in the Chehalem Mountains. The vintages they produce are limited in quantity but high in quality as each batch gets the attention of the dedicated producers.

The Tasting Flight is free to Winery members and available to visitors at an affordable price. Be sure to check out the Pinot Gris and other seasonal offerings.

Besides the wine, Ardiri Winery and Vineyards is worth a trip for the spectacular grounds. Enjoy your wine while looking out at Mount Hood.

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